Aberdeen, Scotland

Marianne Fyfe Staveley (b. 1841) was the daughter of Richard Staveley (b. 1807) of St. Albans Wood St, London, and Agnes Jane Carter.  Marianne was born in Liverpool, and married a minister, Matthew GALBRAITH, on May 18, 1869 in Liverpool.  Marianne and her husband moved to Aberdeen before the birth of their first child Agnes in 1871, and this is where she stayed until her death sometime between the 1891 and 1901 Scottish census.

1881: 2 Dee Place, Aberdeen Old Machar, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

 Matthew GALBRAITH (Rev.)  Head   M   Male   38   Edinburgh, Scotland  Minister Charlotte St U P Ch M A (Edinbro Univ)
 Marianne F. GALBRAITH  Wife   M   Female   40   England    
 Agnes S. GALBRAITH  Daur   U  Female   10  Aberdeen, Scotland  Scholar
 Jessie L. GALBRAITH  Daur  U  Female  8  Aberdeen, Scotland  Scholar
 Henrietta GALBRAITH  Daur  U  Female  7  Aberdeen, Scotland  Scholar
 Richard W. S. GALBRAITH  Son  U  Male  4  Aberdeen, Scotland  Scholar
 Harry GALBRAITH  Son  U  Male  3  Aberdeen, Scotland  
 Edith M. S. GALBRAITH  Daur  U  Female  1  Aberdeen, Scotland  
 Barbara BROWN  Serv  U  Female  48  Midmar, Aberdeen, Scotland  Nurse (Dom. Serv.)
 Chris J. GAMMACK  Serv  U  Female 24  Inverittie, Aberdeen, Scotland  General Servant


1891: 13 Devanha (sp?) Terrace, Ferryhill, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

 Matthew GALBRAITH (Rev.)  Head   M   Male   48   Midlothian, Edinburgh, Scotland  Minister of U P Church
 Marianne F. GALBRAITH  Wife   M   Female   50   England    
 Jessie L. GALBRAITH  Daur  U  Female 18  Aberdeenshire, Aberdeen,  Daily...(English and Music)
 Henrietta GALBRAITH  Daur  U  Female 17  Aberdeenshire, Aberdeen  
 Harry S. GALBRAITH  Son  U  Male 13  Aberdeenshire, Aberdeen  
 Edith M. S. GALBRAITH  Daur  U  Female 11  Aberdeenshire, Aberdeen  
 Frederic W. S. GALBRAITH  Son  U  Male 8  Aberdeenshire, Aberdeen  
 Barbara BROWN  Serv  U  Female  58  Midmar, Aberdeenshire  General Servant


Son Richard is absent from the household, and it is presumed he died in childhood.  Agnes is also absent, but as her age should be about 20 in 1891 it is possible she has married and left the household.  It is likely that Marianne named her youngest son after her brother Frederic Winbolt Staveley.  Marianne died before the 1901 census, but we find her widowed husband and children still residing in Aberdeen...

1901: 19 Dee Place, Ferryhill, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

 Matthew GALBRAITH (Rev.)  Head   W   Male   58   Midlothian, Edinburgh, Scotland  Minister of Charlotte U P Church
 Jessie L. GALBRAITH  Daur  U  Female 28  Aberdeenshire, Aberdeen,  Teacher of Music at home
 Henrietta GALBRAITH  Daur  U  Female 27  Aberdeenshire, Aberdeen  Domestic Servant
 Edith M. S. GALBRAITH  Daur  U  Female 21  Aberdeenshire, Aberdeen  University Student of Arts
 Frederic W. S. GALBRAITH  Son  U  Male 18  Aberdeenshire, Aberdeen  University Student of Arts
 Barbara BROWN  Serv  U  Female  68  Midmar, Aberdeenshire  General Servant


Harry is not present in the household in 1901, and was not located the 1901 Scottish census.  A search of the England census for that year however revealed he was boarding with a family in Bootle, Lancashire (near where his Uncle Frederic is living at the time).

 Author: Clare M. Staveley


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