Allegheny, PA

William Stavely was born in Antrim, Ireland.  In 1850 William and his wife Margaret are residing in Mineral Point, Iowa County, Wisconsin.  Margaret died in 1858, and in 1861 William moved his family to Allegheny, near Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.  William remarried to Martha KELLY on July 17, 1862.  We find their family as follows in 1870:

1870: Allegheny, Pittsburg Ward, Pennsylvania

 William STAVELY  Head   M   Male   58   Ireland  Corn Trader
 Martha STAVELY    M  Female  44   Ireland  Keeps House
 Jno H. STAVELY  Son  U  Male  18  Pennsylvania*  Law Student
 W. T. STAVELY  Son  U  Male  6  Pennsylvania  
 Alice STAVELY  Daur  U  Female  4  Pennsylvania  
 Jas. A. STAVELY  Son  U  Male  3  Pennsylvania  


*Joseph Hind Stavely's mother was Margaret, not Martha, and he was born in Mineral Point, Wisconsin on June 28, 1851.  He attended the Pennsylvania State University, where he graduated June 3, 1868, as Bachelor of Science. He read law at Pittsburg, and was admitted to the bar December 7, 1872.  In 1878 the family removed to Osage County, Kansas.

William Thomas Stavely married Clara HUMPHREY and briefly settled in Kansas.  By the 1900 census we find him residing with his family in Pottawatomie, Oklahoma.

Son John Adams Staveley eventually married Olive LEFFLER.  John is living with his father in Osage, Kansas in 1880, aged 35.

In 1900 John and Olive appear to be residing in Beaver Falls, although their ages do not appear to be correct.

1900: 1116 4th Avenue, Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania

 John A. STAVELY  Head   M   Male   41   Ireland  Clerk
 Olive L. STAVELY    M  Female  46   Pennsylvania  


John and Olive have not been located in the 1910 census, however, in 1920 we find them living back in Allegheny:

1920: 123 Carrington St., Allegheny, Pennsylvania

 John A. STAVELY  Head   M   Male   78   Ireland  No occupation
 Olive STAVELY    M  Female  68   Pennsylvania  No occupation


In this census, John states he arrived in the United States in 1841, and that he became a naturalized citizen in 1865.

Neither John nor Olive are present in the 1930 census.


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