Bushbury, Staffordshire

Oxley Manor House

Anne Staveley b. 1784 was born in St. Margaret Moses, London, the daughter of Luke Staveley, a London linen merchant.  She married Henry HILL in Halifax on April 26, 1821, and the family settled in Wolverhampton. The Staveley-Hills did not acquire the Manor of Oxley until 1870.

Although the Staveley-Hills occupied Oxley Manor in Bushbury, it is doubtful that Anne Staveley ever lived in the house.  Oxley Manor was rebuilt by Alexander Hordern in 1854.  Alexander had married Jane Hickman Hill and they resided at the manor until they died.  Jane was the sister of Henry Hill, a local Banker.  Jane died in 1864, and her husband Alexander died a few years later in 1870.  After Alexander's death, the Estate passed to Jane's brother Henry.  By 1871 Henry is a widower, and found residing at Oxley Manor with one of his daughters, and five of his grandchildren:

1871: Oxley Manor, Bushbury, Staffordshire, England

 Henry HILL   Head   W   Male   82   Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England   County Magistrate Deputy Lieutenant and Land Owner
 Henrietta E. S. Pinhorne   Daur  W  Female   47   Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England   Annuitant
 Eveline S. PINBORNE  Grand Daur   U  Female  15  Dorchester, Dorsetshire, England   Scholar
 Fanny M. PINBORNE  Grand Daur   U  Female 10  Carlise, Cumberland, England  Scholar
 Cecil PINHORNE  Grand Daur  U  Female 8  Carlise, Cumberland, England  Scholar
 Adela PINHORNE  Grand Daur  U  Female 6  Carlise, Cumberland, England  Scholar
 Henry J. HILL  Grand Son  U  Male 5  London, Middlesex, England  Scholar
 Elizabeth BURGESS  Governess  U  Female 47  Canterbury, Kent, England  Governess
 Margarett WETHERSPOON  Ladies Maid  U  Female 34  Scotland  Ladies Maid
 Eliza HILLIER  Nurse  W  Female 42  Dorchester, Dorsetshire, England  Nurse
 SARAH PADDOCK  Serv  U  Female 40  Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England  House Maid
 Emma JONES  Serv  U  Female 32  Wellington, Salop, England  Cook
 Hannah HUGHES  Serv  U  Female 23  Ludlow, Salop, England  Serv Domestic
 Margaret GRIFFITHS  Serv  U  Female 15  Oldbury, Staffordshire, England  Serv Domestic
 Thomas MILLS  Butler  U  Male 40  Middlesex, London, England  Butler
 William LOWE  Coachman  W  Male 60  Over, Cheshire, England  Coachman


Grandson Henry is the son of Henry's son Alexander (b. 1825) and his first wife Katherine Cumpstone Florence Ponsonby.  Unfortunately Katherine died on May 14 1868.

Henry Hill died at Oxley in 1872 at the age of 82 years.

No members of the Hill family are in residence at Oxley Manor in 1881.  Margaret Wetherspoon, the ladies maid, is still residing at the manor house, along with two other servants during the census.

Henry's daughter Henrietta Elizabeth S. Pinhorne remarried in 1873 to Algenon CLARKE, and by 1881 is residing in Worfield, Shropshire with her daughters Adela and Florence Pinhorne.

Henry's son Alexander Staveley Hill married his second wife, Mary Francis BAIRD November 25, 1876 in Brighton, Sussex, and in 1881 is found residing with her in Kensington.  Between 1881-1884 Alexander Staveley Hill made regular visits to western Canada, and in 1885 published a book "From Home to Home, Autumn Wanderings in the Northwest of Canada 1881-1884".  By 1891 Alexander and his wife are found residing at Oxley Manor:

1891: Oxley Manor, Bushbury, Staffordshire, England

 Alexander S. HILL   Head   M   Male   65   Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England   Solicitor Barrister MP 2C
 Mary F. S. HILL   Wife  M  Female   52   St. Petersburgh, Russia  
 Margaret WETHERSPOON  Serv  U  Female  52  Drysdale, Dumfrieshire, Scotland  House Keeper (Domestic)
 Charles STRETTON  Serv  U   Male 42  Rugeley, Staffordshire, England  Butler (Domestic)
 James RAGGATT  Serv  U   Male 20  Greywall, Hampshire, England  Footman (Domestic)
 Sarah A. MOUNTFORD  Serv  U  Female 18  Coven., Staffordshire, England  Housemaid (Domestic)


Alexander's wife Mary died at Oxley on August 2, 1897.

By 1901 Alexander is again residing in Kensington, with his son Henry.  Oxley Manor is again empty, except for three servants.  Oxley Manor House no longer stands, as it was demolished in 1929.


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