Chelmsford, MA

Benjamin Armitage Staveley was born in Fixby, Yorkshire in 1869 to parents Benjamin Staveley and Harriet Armitage.  In 1888, Benjamin's family emigrated to the United States, and in 1900 his parents are found living in Tewksbury, Massachusetts. Benjamin married Elizabeth THORNTON in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, before arriving in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. 

1900: Chelmsford, Middlesex, Massachusetts

 Benjamin A. STAVERLY   Head   M   Male   31  England   Carriage Blacksmith
 Elizabeth STAVERLY   Wife   M   Female   30  England   
 Ernest T. STAVERLY  Son  U  Male  8  Massachusetts   
 Beatrice STAVERLY  Daur  U  Female  6  Massachusetts   
 Norris STAVERLY  Son  U  Male  5  Massachusetts   
 Wilford STAVERLY  Son  U  Male  3  Massachusetts   
 Frank STAVERLY  Son  U  Male  1  Massachusetts   


1910: Smith Ave., Chelmsford, Middlesex, Massachusetts

 Benjamin A. STAVELY   Head   M   Male   41  England   Blacksmith
 Elizabeth STAVELY   Wife   M   Female   40  England   
 Ernest T. STAVELY  Son  U  Male  18  Massachusetts   
 Beatrice STAVELY  Daur  U  Female  16  Massachusetts   
 Horise STAVELY  Son  U  Male  15  Massachusetts   
 Wilford STAVELY  Son  U  Male  13  Massachusetts   
 Frank STAVELY  Son  U  Male  11  Massachusetts   
 Alice STAVELY  Daur  U  Female  8  Massachusetts   
 Hilda A. STAVELY  Daur  U  Female  6  Massachusetts   
 Sarah H. STAVELY  Daur  U  Female  4  Massachusetts   
 Elise M. STAVELY  Daur  U  Female  2  Massachusetts   


Benjamin's brother Henry Staveley was born in Fixby, Yorkshire in 1877.  We find Henry with his new wife Jeannie, living in Chelmsford in 1910:

1910: Acton Street, Chelmsford, Middlesex, Massachusetts

 Henry STAVELEY   Head   M   Male   33   England   Blacksmith (Own Shop)
 Jeannie W. STAVELEY   Wife   M   Female   27   Massachusetts    
 Edna M. STAVELEY  Son  U  Male  10 Months  Massachusetts   


On September 3, 1914 Benjamin, a Wheelwright by trade, and his wife Elizabeth arrive from a trip to England in Boston on board the Arabic (see Immigration Records). Benjamin and Elizabeth (nee THORNTON) move to Lowell by 1920.  Benjamin's brother Henry remains in Chelmsford:

1920: Acton Road, Chelmsford, Middlesex, Massachusetts

 Henery STAVELY   Head   M   Male   45  England   Blacksmith (Own Shop)
 Jeannie W. STAVELY   Wife   M   Female   36  Massachusetts    
 Edna M. STAVELY  Son  U  Male  10  Massachusetts   
 Horace M. STAVELY  Son  U  Male  7  Massachusetts   
 Burton STAVELY  Son  U  Male  5  Massachusetts   
 Eleanor G. STAVELY  Daur  U  Female  1 3/12  Massachusetts   


By 1930 this family has moved to Fitchburg, Massachusetts, where Henry becomes the owner of a Delicatessen Store.


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