Staveley Arms of Cheshire

Staveley Arms of Cheshire c. 1380

Burke’s Armoury gives as the first Staveley arms, those granted to the Cheshire family. Although no date is given, and from the research of others, this line is traceable back to the early 13th century. One might guess that this original award relates to Sir Ralph Staveley (born circa 1370) who was steward to Henry Bolingbroke (later Henry IV) in the later part of the 14th c. and who, in 1415, fought with Henry V at Agincourt. There look to have been three generations of this Cheshire line, between about 1380 and 1450, when a number of family members in succession were Knights of Battle and other high officials to four successive monarchs in Richard II and Henrys IV, V and VI.

Oddly, their arms were not dissimilar (and could be thought of as a very early, simple version, without lozenges and stags heads) of the later Yorkshire design being described as: argent, on a chevron engrailed gules.

Author: Peter Staveley


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