Cork, Ireland

Robert Staveley (Stevelly) of Cork was born in 1716 in County Antrim, the son of Joseph Staveley and Janet EDMISTON.  Robert was a linen merchant and general trader.  He married Sarah JONES in 1745, and had the following children:

Grace Staveley b. October 27, 1746 d. 1798 Cork, Ireland
Jane Staveley b. April 11, 1748   Cork, Ireland
Joseph Staveley b. April 8, 1749 d. 1781 Cork, Ireland
Thomas Staveley b. March 30, 1750  

Cork, Ireland

Sarah Staveley b. March 19, 1751 d. 1778 Cork, Ireland
William Staveley b. July 19, 1752   Cork, Ireland
Robert Staveley II b. August 19, 1753 d. 1817 Cork, Ireland
Hester Staveley b. August 11, 1754   Cork, Ireland
Mary Staveley b. March 16, 1760   Cork, Ireland
George Staveley b. September 22, 1761 d. 1837 Cork, Ireland
Jones Staveley b. September 22, 1761 d. 1833 Cork, Ireland
Annabella Staveley b. August 13, 1769   Cork, Ireland


Both Robert and Sarah were buried at St. Peter's churchyard (sadly no longer in existence).

Sacred to the Memory of Sarah Stevelly, wife of Robert Stevelly who departed this life the 11th Jan 1789 aged 66 years. Here lieth the body of Robert Stevelly, who departed this life 12th of March 1795, aged 79


St. Peter's Church once had stained glass windows, one of which was dedicated to Robert Stevelly, who was once a church warden. The stained glass windows were removed when the church was deconsecrated in 1949.

Robert and Sarah's eldest son, Robert Staveley II, went to Dublin and several generations later, his descendants were back in England where some remain to this day. 

Robert and Sarah's elder daughter, Grace, married a William SMITH are known to have had at least two daughters, Charlotte, and Harriet.  Grace is the grandmother of William Smith O'Brien (1803-1864), an Irish Fenian 'rebel' whose statue stands in O'Connell Street in Dublin. Grace later married Nathaniel GARDINER in 1764.

Grace's sister Hester married William Smith's brother, John SMITH.

Son Jones Staveley became a High Court Judge in Ireland, and settled in Dublin.

Son Robert was married three times.  First to Jane KIRKPATRICK on May 16, 1782.  Robert then married Margaret Collis DAY on February 4th 1795 in Cork, had three children born in Dublin. In 1805, Robert married Anne TURNER.

Son George married Anne KNAPP on February 17, 1787 in Cork and had the following children:

Anne Staveley b. Dec 14, 1787   Cork, Ireland
Robert George Staveley b. Oct 4, 1789 d. Oct 4, 1789 Cork, Ireland
Edmund Staveley b. Oct14, 1790 d. 1841 Cork, Ireland
George Staveley b. 1792 d. infancy Cork, Ireland
Sarah Staveley b. September 1, 1792  

Cork, Ireland

John Staveley b. June 23, 1795   Cork, Ireland
Joseph Staveley b. July 8, 1797   Cork, Ireland
Dorcas Bousfield Staveley b. January 12, 1799 d. 1871 Cork, Ireland
Jane Staveley b. September 15, 1800   Cork, Ireland
Charlotte Staveley b. January 6, 1802   Cork, Ireland
Henrietta Staveley b. 1805   Cork, Ireland
Hester Staveley b. February 5, 1807   Cork, Ireland


George and Ann's son Edmund married Isabella RUSSELL on November 25, 1825 in Dublin, and had the following children in County Cork:

Mary Russell Staveley b. d. Infancy Cork, Ireland
George Staveley b. July 3, 1826 d. 1873 Drinagh, Cork, Ireland
Newbold Staveley b. August 25, 1828 d. 1857 Drinagh, Cork, Ireland


Edmund and Isabella's son George (b. 1826) emigrated to Australia where he married Sarah KIMBER on September 9, 1854 in Geelong, Victoria.

George and Ann's son John married Mary BUSHELL in Dublin on December 27, 1823.  John was a Professor of Natural Philosophy and Chemistry at Queen's College in Belfast.

George and Ann's son Joseph married Catherine FOWLER on February 4, 1826 and had the following three children:

Helena Fowler Stevelly b. December 4, 1826 Cork, Ireland
Catherine Anne Stevelly b. May 3, 1837 Cork, Ireland
Priscilla Stevelly b. August 10, 1839 Cork, Ireland


Joseph's daughter, Catherine Anne, married her first cousin, Robert Staveley b. 1819 (see below).

Daughter Dorcas Bousfield Staveley married Nicholas Skottowe PARKER on July 27, 1819 in Blackrock, Ireland.

Robert George Staveley, brother of Joseph above, married Ann HODDER on May 21, 1814.

George Staveley b. April 5, 1815 Cork, Ireland
Robert Staveley b. 1819 Cork, Ireland
Michael Busteed Staveley b. September 5, 1821 Cork, Ireland
Jones Hodder Staveley b. September 21, 1826

Cork, Ireland

Sarah Staveley b. March 27, 1827 Cork, Ireland


Robert and Ann's son George married Mary PEARSON in Cork on June 2, 1836, and had the following children:

Eliza Staveley b. Cork, Ireland
Mary Pearson Staveley b. 1837 Cork, Ireland
Ann Hodder Staveley b. 1839 Cork, Ireland
Robert George Staveley b. 1842

Cork, Ireland

George Staveley b. 1845 Cork, Ireland


George's son Robert first married Elizabeth DAY on December 27, 1872 in Wellington, New Zealand.  He later married Emily Maude PITTS.

Robert and Ann's son Robert was a Captain aboard the steam packet Sabrina, and sailed twice weekly to Bristol, England for over 40 years.  Robert married his cousin, Catherine Ann STAVELEY, daughter of Joseph Staveley and Catherine Fowler, and had the following children:

George Hodder Staveley b.   Cork, Ireland
Kate Hodder Staveley b.   Cork, Ireland
Robert Jones Staveley b. May 21, 1857   Bristol, England
Anne Hodder Staveley b. May 13, 1865 d. 1921

Cork, Ireland

Emily Sarah Staveley b. 1869   Cork, Ireland
William Edward Staveley b. December 22, 1869 d. Sep 1875 Cork, Ireland
Mabel Charlotte Staveley b. November 15, 1871   Cork, Ireland
Henry Parker Staveley b. October 15, 1874 d. 1874 Cork, Ireland


1911: Blackrock Town, Blackrock, Cork, Ireland

Anne Hodder STAVELEY S Head of Family Church of Ireland Read and Write  45 Annuity Co. Cork
Mabel Charlotte STAVELEY S Sister Church of Ireland Read and Write  39 Annuity Co. Cork


Daughter Emily Sarah Staveley married William Francis Drew THORNTON in 1902. The couple settled in South Africa, where their descendants still live today.

Kate Hodder Staveley married Nicholas Skottowe Parker WARING, her cousin, and settled in County Clare.

In 1884, Robert Jones Staveley, a solicitor, emigrated from Ireland to Picton New Zealand.  He joined several cousins who were already living there.  He married Helen HAMMOND from London, whom he had met on the trip to New Zealand, on September 16, 1884 in Picton, NZ. Along with his cousin Robert George Staveley, these two families account for a large group of Staveley descendants living in New Zealand today. Another group of cousins from this branch were living in Australia too, but some of them appear to have ended up in New Zealand.  Many of the Australian Stavelys are from the Irish group who originated from Scotland. They usually spell the name 'Stavely' whereas the Antrim group spell it 'Staveley'.


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