Douglas, Isle of Man

"Margaret (Staveley) born 13 Dec 1815; she seems to have been a head-strong girl and ran away with one James John Wood of Ramsey, Isle of Man and married him. Wood subsequently took the name of Staveley, he was groom at Croyden Park, used to go out riding with Margaret, who was looked upon as a proud, stand-off girl and great was the consternation when she ran away. There were two daughters by this marriage: (1) Maria Butler Staveley who married in 1844 Henry Shaw of Corber Hall and Whitehall, Buxton, England (2) Jemima Staveley, who married Robert Shortt of Dublin." -- Robert Staveley V.

Presumably John's wife Margaret died between 1851-1861. John below appears to have remarried, and has retained the Staveley name, to which, as suggested above, he is NOT entitled.  Technically this 'Staveley' family in the 1861 census should have the last name of WOOD.

1861: Bucks Road, Douglas, Onchan, Isle of Man

 John STAVELEY  Head   M   Male   50   Ireland  Fund Holder
 Susan STAVELEY  Wife  M  Female 48  Ireland  
 Maria STAVELEY  Daur  U  Female 16  Ramsey, Isle of Man  Scholar
 Jemima STAVELEY  Daur  U  Female 12  Ramsey, Isle of Man  Scholar
 Catherine HAMPTON  Serv  U  Female 18  Onchan, Isle of Man  House Servant


1871: 54 Bucks Road, Douglas, Onchan, Isle of Man

 John J. W. STAVELEY  Head   M   Male   63   England  Annuitant
 Susan STAVELEY  Wife  M  Female 48  Ireland  
 Jemima STAVELEY  Daur  U  Female 22  Andreas, Isle of Man  Annuitant


The 1871 census has a couple of differences when compared to 1861.  The first is that John here gives his birthplace as England, not Ireland.  The second is that wife Susan has apparently not aged since the prior census.  As this family has not been located in 1881, it is unknown at this time which of the two census entries may be in error.

Gussaa Stavely below is found in the 1881 census, also living in Douglas.  It is unknown who she is, except that she is apparently an Aunt to the head of household, Eliza Ann Durval.  Whether or not she holds any relation to the family above is unknown.

1881: 14 Rose Mount, Douglas, Onchan, Isle of Man

 Eliza Ann DURVAL   Head   U   Female   42   Ireland   House Holder 
 Eliza Ann DURVAL   Mother   W   Female   72   Ireland    
 Gussaa STAVELY   Aunt   W   Female   70   Ireland    
 Madeline DURVAL   Niece      Female   3   Ireland    
 Elizabeth CROWE   Ser   U   Female   16   Isle of Man, England   Gen Ser Domestic 
 Ruth MELBURN   Lodger   U   Female   42   Cheshire, England   Lady 
 Jane Ellen LEES   Lodger   W   Female   32   Cheshire, England    


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