Dublin, Ireland

Robert Staveley II was born in 1753 in Cork to parents Robert Staveley and Sarah JONES.   Robert married Margaret Collis DAY on February 4th 1795 in Cork, had the following children in Dublin:

Robert Staveley III b. Nov 1, 1795 d. May 8, 1854 Dublin, Ireland
Margaret Staveley b. Mar 14, 1797 d. 1822 Dublin, Ireland
Sarah Staveley b. Apr 25, 1799 d. Oct 8, 1799 Dublin, Ireland
Susan Staveley b. d. Infancy Dublin, Ireland


Daughter Margaret married Thomas WILSON in 1817, but the marriage was short as Margaret died in 1822.

Son Robert married Sophia HERBERT on November 18, 1823 in Dublin.  However, Sophia died the following year.  Robert remarried in 1828 to Sarah Francis CROFTON and had the following children

Robert Staveley IV b. Dec 28, 1828 d. 1905 Dublin, Ireland
Henry Crofton Staveley b. May 13, 1830 d. Nov 6, 1887 Dublin, Ireland
Jones Hugh Staveley b. Apr 23, 1831 d. Oct 8, 1836 Dublin, Ireland
John Ffoliot Staveley b. Sep 14, 1832 d. May 31, 1833 Dublin, Ireland
Maurice Collins Staveley b. Apr 28, 1834 d. Nov 26, 1836 Dublin, Ireland
Frances Crofton Staveley b. Dec 11, 1837 d. 1889 Dublin, Ireland
Margaret Staveley b. Aug 16, 1839 d. 1919 Dublin, Ireland
Letitia Staveley b. 1841 d. 1914 Dublin, Ireland


Son Henry Crofton Staveley emigrated to Australia in 1852.  Before leaving he Ireland, Henry was engaged to Maria Augusta LANGTON.  Henry and Maria were married on June 21, 1855 at St. Peter’s Church, in Melbourne, Victoria.

Son Robert Staveley married Sarah Letitia Handfield SINGER on August 2, 1854, the daughter of Joseph Henderson Singer, and had the following children:

Robert Staveley V b. Jun 10, 1857   Dublin, Ireland
Joseph Henderson Singer Staveley b. Oct 9, 1861 d. Jun 6, 1891 Dublin, Ireland
Margaret Frances Staveley b. Jul 1, 1868   Dublin, Ireland


Daughter Margaret married Frederick RAMBAUT on April 30, 1894.

Son Robert Staveley V married Helen Ffolliott SINGER in Belvedere, Kent on November 2, 1887, and had the following children:

Robert Staveley VI b. Feb 28, 1892 d. Nov 23, 1968 Belvedere, Kent
Helen Francis Letitia Ffolliott Staveley b. Oct 2, 1894   Emsworth, Hampshire
Francis Morgan Crofton Staveley b. Jun 25, 1899   Emsworth, Hampshire


Robert's wife Helen is found residing in St. Germans, Cornwall in 1891 with her husband's brother Joseph, and sister Margaret.  By 1901, Helen and Robert are living in Warblington, Hampshire with their three children, Robert, Helen and Francis.


Jones Staveley was born in Cork, the son of Robert Staveley and Sarah JONES, and brother to Robert above.  Jones married Margaret CUTHBERT on May 27, 1790 in County Cork, and had the following child:

Robert Jones Staveley b. Feb 28, 1791 Clontarf, Dublin, Ireland


Jones Staveley was a Judge in the High Court of Ireland, and died in 1833 in Dublin, of cholera.

Jones's son Robert in turn married Maria BUTLER in Dublin on March 4, 1815, and they had the following children:

Margaret Staveley b. Dec 13, 1815   Dublin, Ireland
Jones Butler Staveley b. Dec 13, 1816   Dublin, Ireland
Mary Staveley b. Nov 10, 1817   Dublin, Ireland
Jane Staveley b. Mar 12, 1820   Dublin, Ireland
Robert Butler Staveley b. Dec 5, 1821 d. 1875 Limerick, Ireland
James Eyre Butler Staveley b. Dec 7, 1825 d. Jan 23, 1868 Ireland
Thomas Cuthbert Staveley b. Aug 28, 1837   Ireland


Daughter Margaret ran off with James John WOOD and moved to Andreas in the Isle of Man.

Daughter Mary married a Terrence MURRAY.

Daughter Jane married Plumer John YOUNG in 1844.

The following entry for the birth of son James appeared in the Ennis Chronicle:

Nov 12 1825

At Glanduff, the lady of Robert Jones Stevelly, Esq., of a son.


Son James Eyre Butler Staveley married Sarah Dobson SINGLETON in 1862 in Quin Church, County Clare. At the time of his marriage, James was a Captain in the Donegal Artillery.

Robert and Maria's son, Robert Butler Staveley married Sophia Louisa GREER on June 4, 1859 at St. Peters, in Wexford, Ireland.  Robert and Sophia had the following children:

Robert Ussher Staveley b. June 22, 1860 York, Yorkshire
Lucy Staveley b. February 20, 1862 Glanduff, Ireland
Ida Butler Staveley b. May 19, 1865 Ireland
Arthur McGregor Somerset Staveley b. December 17, 1867 Ireland


Sophia died on March 21, 1872 at Torquay.  At Mount Jerome Cemetery, the following inscription is found on the tomb:

Sacred to the memory of Sophia Louisa Staveley, beloved  wife of Robert Butler Staveley of Glanduff Castle, Co. Limerick.  She died  at Torquay on 21st March 1872 in her 38th year.  Also sacred to the memory of Robert Butler Staveley esq, JP, of Glanduff Castle, Co Limerick, second son of the late Robert Jones Staveley of Croydon Park, Co Dublin and beloved husband of Mary Ann Staveley, who departed this life at Hammersmith on 13th December 1854, aged 54


Son Robert Ussher Staveley moved to Hackney, Middlesex.



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