Easingwold, Yorkshire

An early record in the Easingwold register for the death of a Margareta Staveley in 1599 reads:

Margareta Staveley filia Henrici Stavleey sepulta erat ultimo die Aprilis Anno p'dicto


There is then a gap in the registers for some 30 years until the entry of marriage for Robert Staveley who married Margaret CUNDALL in Easingwold on January 18, 1630.  The following children were christened to Robert Staveley in this parish:

Robert Staveley b. May 1, 1631 Easingwold, Yorkshire
John Staveley b. February 23, 1634 Easingwold, Yorkshire


Robert Staveley's wife Margaret died shortly after her son John was born.  Margaret was buried in Easingwold on February 28, 1634.

Henry Staveley of Easingwold, perhaps a brother to Robert above, married Barbara LEATHLEY on June 11, 1640.  They had the following child in this parish:

Richard Staveley b. November 7, 1641 d. September 9, 1642 Easingwold, Yorkshire


Richard died before his first birthday, and Henry's wife Barbara was buried in Easingwold on September 12, 1642, just three days after Richard.  Henry remarried on February 7, 1643, to a Margaret SMITH, and had the following children:

Mary Staveley b. November 12, 1643   Easingwold, Yorkshire
Henry Staveley b. December 23, 1644 d. February 14, 1645 Easingwold, Yorkshire
Katherin Staveley b. March 15, 1646   Easingwold, Yorkshire
Thomas Staveley b. January 2, 1648   Easingwold, Yorkshire


The following child was christened to John Staveley of Easingwold, possibly the son of Robert and Margaret above:

Margaretta Staveley b. July 17, 1669 Easingwold, Yorkshire


The following were christened to Thomas Staveley of Easingwold:

George Staveley b. October 25, 1685 Easingwold, Yorkshire
Thomas Staveley b. December 2, 1687 Easingwold, Yorkshire
Matthew Staveley b. March 22, 1691 Easingwold, Yorkshire
Mary Staveley b. April 2, 1693 Easingwold, Yorkshire
Joanne Staveley b. February 28, 1697 Easingwold, Yorkshire


Daughter Joanne Staveley married William CARTER on January 1, 1729 in Easingwold.

An Elizabeth Staveley married Christopher JACKSON of Sutton on November 13, 1705.

A son William was christened to George Staveley on October 5, 1707.  It is unknown who William married, or when, but there is a burial for a Joshua Staveley, son of William, in Easingwold on February 4, 1730.

Thomas Staveley, possibly son Thomas listed above b. 1687, married Ann BARKER on April 7, 1713 and had the following children:

Elizabeth Staveley (Twin) b. April 23, 1715 Easingwold, Yorkshire
Margaret Staveley (Twin) b. April 23, 1715 Easingwold, Yorkshire
William Staveley b. 30 August, 1717 Easingwold, Yorkshire
Thomas Staveley b. December 2, 1719 Easingwold, Yorkshire


Ann's husband Thomas died in 1729 and was buried in Easingwold on December 15.   Ann herself died a few year later, and was buried in Easingwold on November 22, 1736.

Son William's christening entry in the parish register shows that his father Thomas was a "weaver" by trade.

Son Thomas was also a weaver and married Elizabeth BALDECK in Easingwold on February 21, 1738.

Ann Staveley b. July 21, 1739 d. August 29, 1741 Easingwold, Yorkshire


The parish register for Easingwold shows numerous deaths occurred due to a smallpox outbreak between June and September of 1741. Unfortunately, Thomas and Elizabeth's young daughter Ann fell victim to this disease and died during the epidemic.


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