Eastwood, Scotland

Hugh Stavely is the son of David Stavely of, Antrim, Ireland.  He married Sarah ALLEN on June 7, 1869 in the Ballymena Register Office in Antrim.  Hugh and his wife Sarah moved to Scotland sometime between 1874-1878.

1881: 55 Herriot St., Eastwood, Renfrewshire, Scotland

 Hugh STAVELY  Head   M   Male   33   Ireland  Printfield Stoker
 Sarah STAVELY  Wife   M   Female   35  Ireland    
 John STAVELY  Son  U  Male  16  Ireland  Printfield Worker
 Mary STAVELY  Daur  U  Female  9  Ireland  Scholar
 Sarah Jane STAVELY  Daur  U  Female  6  Ireland  
 Joanathan STAVELY  Daur  U  Female  3  Pollokshaws, Renfrew, Scotland  
 Eliz. STAVELY  Daur  U  Female  1  Pollokshaws, Renfrew, Scotland  
 Jane ALLEN  Visitor  U  Female  22  Ireland  Gen Dom Servt


Additional children born to Hugh and Sarah prior to their arrival in Scotland include:

 David STAVELY  b. May 1, 1870    Antrim, Ireland  
 Robert James STAVELY  b. August 15, 1872    Antrim, Ireland  


Hugh and Sarah are living in Bonhill in 1891.


William Stevely is the son of David Stevely and Elizabeth BROWN.  He married Agnes Ann CATHCART on July 11, 1872 in Ballymena, Ireland.

1881: 53 Herriot St., Eastwood, Renfrewshire, Scotland

 William STEVELY  Head   M   Male   29   Airdrie  Stoker in Printfield
 Agnes Ann STEVELY  Wife   M   Female   34  Ireland    
 Eliz. STEVELY  Daur  U  Female  8  Ireland  Scholar
 George STEVELY  Son  U  Male   6  Ireland  Scholar
 Robert STEVELY  Son  U  Male   6  Ireland  Scholar
 David STEVELY  Son  U  Male   3  Pollokshaws, Renfrew, Scotland  
 Agnes Ann STEVELY  Daur  U  Female  5 m  Pollokshaws, Renfrew, Scotland  
 Robert CARLILE  Boarder  U  Male  20  Ireland  
 John CATHCART  Boarder  U  Male  22  Ireland  Gen Lab


1891: 71 Herriot St., Eastwood, Renfrewshire, Scotland

 William STEVELY  Head   M   Male   38   Airdrie, Lanarkshire, Scotland  Printfield Stoker
 Agnes A. STEVELY  Wife   M   Female   43  Ireland    Printfield Stoker's Wife
 Eliz. STEVELY  Daur  U  Female  17  Ireland  Laundress
 George STEVELY  Son  U  Male   15  Ireland  Apprentice Brass Moulder
 Robert STEVELY  Son  U  Male   15  Ireland  Apprentice Iron Moulder
 David STEVELY  Son  U  Male   12  Pollokshaws, Renfrew, Scotland  Scholar
 Agnes A. STEVELY  Daur  U  Female  10  Pollokshaws, Renfrew, Scotland  Scholar
 Sarah STEVELY  Daur  U  Female  8  Pollokshaws, Renfrew, Scotland  Scholar


Daughter Agnes Ann Stevely married William CROW in Pollokshaws, Renfrewshire on December 5, 1913.

William died in Glasgow on April 30, 1928 of Bronchitis at the age of 75 years.


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