Geelong, Victoria

George Staveley was born in 1826 in Cork, Ireland to parents Edmund Staveley and Isabella RUSSELL.  George emigrated to Australia where he married Sarah KIMBER on September 9, 1854 in Geelong, Victoria.

George and Sarah had the following children in Victoria:

Edmond George Staveley b. July 10, 1855   Geelong, Victoria, Australia
Isobela Sarah Staveley b. December 25, 1856   Geelong, Victoria, Australia
Newbold Staveley b. 1857 d. 1921 Geelong, Victoria, Australia
Herbert Staveley b. 1859  

Geelong, Victoria, Australia

Blanche Staveley b. February 2, 1863   Ashby, Victoria, Australia
Reginald Staveley b. 1864   Ballarat, Victoria, Australia


Son Newbold Saveley returned to England and married Ellen Evelyn HOWITT in Wandsworth, Surrey in 1908.  Shortly after they were married, they had a son Reginald Newbold Staveley.  Newbold died in 1921 in Brighton, Sussex. Reginald Newbold Staveley died in 1983.

George Staveley of Cork died in Victoria on October 31, 1873.

Daughter Blanche emigrated to Toronto, Canada, where she died in 1912.


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