Gorton, Lancashire

Francis Staveley is one of twin sons born in Aysgarth, Yorkshire in 1827 to parents George Staveley and Dorothy WRAY.  In 1853 Francis married Alice DYNELY, and in 1861 they are found residing in Ardwick, Lancashire.

1871: 18 Oak St., Gorton, Lancashire, England

 Francis STAVELY   Head   M   Male   44   Town Not Known, Yorkshire, England   Labourer for Mason
 Alice STAVELY   Wife   M   Female   40   Manchester, Lancashire, England   
 Ann STAVELY   Daur   U   Female   12   Manchester, Lancashire, England   Scholar
 Frank STAVELY  Son  U  Male 8 Mo  Gorton, Lancashire, England  
 John EDGAR Boarder  U  Male 18  Manchester, Lancashire, England   Labourer for Brick ?
 George BROCKELHURST Boarder  U  Male 19  Sheffield, Yorkshire, England  Labourer for Brick ?
 William HARTLEY Boarder  U  Male 32  Preston, Lancashire, England  Bolt Maker


By 1881 Francis and Alice have moved back to Ardwick.

Francis' nephew, John NELSON, the son of Francis' sister Dorothy, is found living in Gorton in 1911, having recently moved from Worsley.

1911: 15 Chatham Road, Gorton, Lancashire, England

 John NELSON   Head   M 33 Years   Male   56   Manchester, Lancashire, England   Engineers Foreman  
 Betsy NELSON   Wife   M   Female   54   Swinton, Lancashire, England   
 Enos S. NELSON   Son      Male   30   Swinton, Lancashire, England   Joiner
 Charles F. NELSON  Son    Male  11   Swinton, Lancashire, England   Grocer Assistant
 Dorothy NELSON  Daur    Female  4   Swinton, Lancashire, England   Confectionary Assistant


John and Betsy's son, George Royle Nelson, married Lilian Catherine BARDI in 1908, and settled in Gorton.

1911: 22 Laburnum Road, Gorton, Lancashire, England

 George Royle NELSON   Head   M 2 years   Male   32   Swinton, Lancashire, England   Draughtsman
 Lilian Catherine NELSON   Wife   M   Female   26   Cheetham, Lancashire, England   
 John Clifford NELSON   Son      Male   1   Gorton, Lancashire, England   
 Frank Graham NELSON  Son    Male  6 Mo  Gorton, Lancashire, England   


George's brother, Enos Staveley Nelson, married Maud SMITH in 1914 in Stockport, Cheshire.  They had a son Frank Staveley Nelson born on April 9, 1917. Enos' wife Maud died in 1947, and Enos died the following year.  Frank died in 1991 in Stockport, and is buried with his parents at Norbury Parish Church, grave I193.


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