Gressingham, Lancashire

John Staveley b. 1799 in Grasmere is found as follows in 1851:

1851: Beck Side House, Gressingham, Lancashire, England

 John STAVELS   Head   M   Male   53   Grasmere, Westmorland England   Farmer of 10 Acres of Land
 Margaret STAVELS  Wife  M  Female  46  Gressingham, Lancashire, England  
 Jane STAVELS   Dau  U   Female  17   Gressingham, Lancashire, England  Servant at Home
 Ann STAVELS  Dau  U  Female  3  Gressingham, Lancashire, England  


Also in 1851 we find a Henry Staveley, aged 17, born in Gressingham, working as a Miller in the household of Robert Cannon of Over Kellet, Lancs.

John and Margaret's son William appears to be in the household of William Blackburn of Eskrigg, Gressingham, to whom William is referred as his nephew, and aged 14.  This implies that John's wife Margaret may have been nee BLACKBURN.

1861: Gressingham, Lancashire, England

 John STAVELEY   Head   M   Male   62   Grasmere, Westmorland England   Miller
 Margaret STAVELEY  Wife  M  Female  56  Gressingham, Lancashire, England  
 Elizabeth STAVELEY   Dau  U   Female  29   Gressingham, Lancashire, England  Miller's Daur
 William STAVELEY  Son  U  Male  24  Gressingham, Lancashire, England  Miller
 Ann STAVELEY  Dau  U  Female  13  Gressingham, Lancashire, England  Scholar


It is unknown at this time if John is the brother of Thomas Staveley b. 1805 in Grasmere, that is residing in Lancaster in 1861.

After 1861, most members of this family seem to have accepted the surname as Stables in the census records, rather than Staveley. By 1861 son Henry has moved to Bentham with his wife Margaret, and they, along with their two children now carry the STABLES name. In 1871, daughter Jane is working as a servant in the household of William Becket of Ellel, but she retains the Stavely spelling. Her mother Margaret, apparently now Widowed, is also in Bentham, using the STABLES name.


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