Ingleton, Yorkshire

Henry Staveley was born July 4, 1785 in Horton in Ribblesdale, the son of George Staveley and Ellen ROBINSON.  Henry is believed to have had a total of three marriages.  The first marriage was to Mary HARRISON in 1806.  He then married Nanny MIDDLETON in Dent on October 2, 1819.  Henry and Nanny had the following two children baptized in Dent:

Jude Stepley b. May 27, 1820 Dent, Yorkshire
Edward Stepley b. October 19, 1823 Dent, Yorkshire


On November 11, 1830 Henry married his third wife Betty GOTH.  They had a son George born in Dent in 1832, and by 1841 they are found residing in Ingleton:

1841: ?, Ingleton, Yorkshire, England

STAVLEY  Henry  55  Farmer  Yorkshire
STAVLEY  Betty  45    Yorkshire
STAVLEY  Edmund  15    Yorkshire
STAVLEY  George  9    Yorkshire
GOTH  Anis  15  F S  Born Outside Census County


Son George (b. 1832) first married Ellen WAINMAN in Ulverston on April 24, 1853. A daughter Elizabeth was born later that year, but died in infancy.  George's wife Ellen died the following year in 1854.  George remarried in Kendal in 1856 to a Barbara REDMAYNE, and briefly resided in South Shields, Durham prior to the 1861 census, but the family eventually settled in Ambleside, Westmorland.


Henry's brother, Robert Staveley, was born in Dent/Horton in Ribblesdale, also the son of George Staveley and Ellen ROBINSON and married Mary LISTER in Ingleton Fells in 1810.  Robert and Mary had the following children baptized in Ingleton:

Anthony Staveley b. October 25, 1813 Ingleton, Yorkshire
Rose Staveley b. November 2, 1817 Ingleton, Yorkshire
Henry Staveley b. May 7, 1820 Ingleton, Yorkshire
Leonard Lister Staveley b. September 13, 1828 Ingleton, Yorkshire
Margaret Staveley b. November 6, 1831 Ingleton, Yorkshire


There is a notable gap in the baptisms for this family between 1820 and 1828.  A daughter Judith was found baptized at Horton in Ribblesdale in 1823.  A number of other likely children have been discovered through careful analysis of the census records:

A George Staveley was born in abt. 1812 in Ingleton and is presumed to be Robert and Mary's son.  George, like his father, was a gamekeeper, and moved to Rothwell in Settle by 1851, Giggleswick by 1861, and to Everton, Lancashire by 1881.

A William Staveley b. 1816 in Ingleton is living in Hawes between 1861-1881.

In Lancaster in 1851 there is an entry for a John Staveley of Ingleton, aged 26.  This would put John's date of birth about 1825, and it is thought likely that his parents were Robert Staveley and Mary LISTER.

The 1881 census for Preston, Lancashire, also shows a James Staveley of "Black Burton" (0.8 miles southeast from Ingleton) born in 1827.  These references from the census help to fill the gaps between some of Robert and Mary's children.

1851: Wind Shaw, Ingleton, Yorkshire, England

 Robert STAVELEY   Head   M   Male   64   Selside Horton, Yorkshire, England   Gamekeeper 
 Mary STAVELEY   Wife   M   Female   65   Greenfield, Horton, Yorkshire, England   
 Margaret STAVELEY  Daur  U  Female  19  Ribblehead, Horton, Yorkshire, England  
 Richard STAVELEY   Grandson   U   Male   2   Ireby, Lancashire, England    
 John SANDERS     U   Male   48  High Gayle, Ingleton, Yorkshire, England   Shepherd


Robert Staveley died in Lancaster in 1853.

Robert and Mary's son Henry Staveley listed above (b. 1820) and his wife Elizabeth are found residing in Ireby, Lancashire in 1851.  After the death of his father, Robert Staveley, Henry and his wife Elizabeth returned to Ingleton to reside at the family home.

1861: Winnshaw, Ingleton Fells, Yorkshire, England

 Henry STAVELEY   Head   M   Male   41   Bentham, Yorkshire, England   Gamekeeper 
 Elizabeth STAVELEY   Wife   M   Female   38   Clapham, Yorkshire, England   
 Richard STAVELEY   Son   U   Male   12   Tunstall, Lancashire, England   Scholar 
 Robert STAVELEY   Son   U   Male   9   Bentham, Yorkshire, England   
 Mary STAVELEY  Mother  W  Female  78  Buckdern, Yorkshire, England  


1871: Winshaw, Ingleton Fells, Yorkshire, England

 Henry STAVELEY   Head   M   Male   50   Ingleton Fells, Yorkshire, England   Gamekeeper 
 Elizabeth STAVELEY   Wife   M   Female   47   Ingleton, Yorkshire, England   
 John SAUNDERS   Boarder  U   Male   70  Ingleton Fells, Yorkshire, England   Shepherd 


In 1871 son Richard is servant residing in Glusburn in the Boocock household.  Son Robert has not been located in the 1871 census.

1881: Winshaw, Ingleton, Yorkshire, England

 Henry STAVELEY   Head   M   Male   60   Ingleton, Yorkshire, England   Gamekeeper 
 Elizabeth STAVELEY   Wife   M   Female   37*   Clapham, Yorkshire, England   


Elizabeth's age was handwritten as 37 on the enumerator's original transcript for 1881 (but is expected to be 57).  As the place of birth has not changed from Clapham, we presume this is an enumerator's recording error.

Henry and Elizabeth's son Robert married Ann HUNTER in 1875, and is also found living in Ingleton in 1881:

1881: Cottage, Clapham Cum Newby, Near Ingleton, Yorkshire

 Robert STAVLEY   Head   M   Male   29   Ingleton, Yorkshire, England   Gamekeeper 
 Annie STAVLEY   Wife   M   Female   29   K Stephen, Westmorland, England   Gamekeepers Wife 
 Henry STAVLEY   Son      Male   4   Ingleton, Yorkshire, England   Scholar 
 John STAVLEY   Son      Male   3   Clapham, Yorkshire, England   Scholar 


Son John was registered as "John Hunter Staveley" in the June quarter of 1878.

Robert's mother Elizabeth is residing next to her son in 1891:

1891: No 2. Windshaw, Ingleton, Yorkshire, England

 Elizabeth STAVELEY   Wife   M   Female   67   Clapham, Yorkshire, England  Living on Own Means


1891: No 1. Windshaw, Ingleton, Yorkshire, England

 Robert STAVELEY   Head   M   Male   39   Ingleton, Yorkshire, England   Gamekeeper
 Annie STAVELEY   Wife   M   Female   39   Ingleton, Yorkshire, England   
 John STAVELEY   Son   U  Male   13   Ingleton, Yorkshire, England   
 Richard STAVELEY  Son  U  Male  9  Ingleton, Yorkshire, England   
 Robert W. STAVELEY  Son  U Male  7  Clapham, Yorkshire, England  
 Leonard F. STAVELEY  Son  U  Male  1  Ingleton, Yorkshire, England   


Son Henry is absent from the household in 1891.  He appears to be visiting the household of Alice HILDMAN in Moss Bank, Giggleswick, but rejoins the family in 1901:

1901: Gearstones Inn, Ingleton, Yorkshire, England

 Robert STAVELEY   Head   M   Male   49   Whinshaw, Yorkshire, England   Gamekeeper, Innkeeper and Farmer
 Annie STAVELEY   Wife   M   Female   49   Kirkby Stephen, Yorkshire, England   Pub
 Henry STAVELEY   Son   U  Male   24   Whinshaw, Yorkshire, England   Farm Servant 
 John STAVELEY   Son   U  Male   22   Whinshaw, Yorkshire, England   Plate Layer on Railway 
 Richard STAVELEY  Son  U  Male  19  Clapham, Yorkshire, England  Plate Layer on Railway 
 Robert W. STAVELEY  Son  U Male  17  Clapham, Yorkshire, England  Plate Layer on Railway 
 Lister STAVELEY*  Son  U  Male  11  Whinshaw, Yorkshire, England   At School
 George STAVELEY  Son  U  Male  9  Whinshaw, Yorkshire, England   At School
 Arthur STAVELEY  Son  U  Male  5  Whinshaw, Yorkshire, England   At School
 Annie E. STAVELEY  Daur  U  Female  5  Whinshaw, Yorkshire, England   At School
 Bella COATES  Niece  U  Female  26  Kirkby Stephen, Yorkshire, England  General Servant (Domestic)
 William BLAND Boarder  U  Male  26  Derby, Derbyshire, England  Railway Signalman


*Son Lister is recorded as Leonard in the 1891 census, and based upon age this should be the same child.  The GRO index shows that he was indeed registered as Leonard Lister Staveley in the June quarter of 1889.

Leonard Lister Staveley registered for military service on June 24, 1916.  He wasn't called for service however for some time, and finally enlisted in the Coldstream Guards on April 29, 1918 at Halifax.  He gives his address as Wilson Wood, Ingleton, Yorkshire. At that time he is 28 years and 350 days old, and a miner by trade.  Leonard lists his next of kin as as his wife.  In the enlistment records it shows that Leonard Lister Staveley married Margaret Ann STABLES in Mansfield on June 8, 1908.  At the time of enlistment Leonard and Margaret have two daughters, Florence Eleanor born September 18, 1908 in Mansfield, and Nancy born May 14, 1910 in Settle.  Leonard was enlisted for the duration of the war, and subsequently discharged from active service on December 6, 1918.

A unique record survives regarding Robert and Annie's son George Staveley (b. 1892).  George apparently moved from Ingleton, up to Settle as an adult, and he was recalled by an aquaintence, Fred Inman, during a tape-recorded interview in 1978, and the following is an excerpted transcript of that conversation.


There used to be a fella, it wouldn’t surprise me if he were still alive, a bloke called George Staveley up at SettleGeorge Staveley is a legend up there.  Mind you there's just a possibility he may be dead now but I don't know.  I don't know, they might have him hung up somewhere drying but by God.   He was eighty odd and if you go out of Settle up what they call If Hill, at back, there's a big steep hill goes up at back and comes down into Kirby Malham.  You can either go down to, what's the name of that place between Gargrave and Long Preston?  [Bell Busk]  Anyway you can either drop down on to Gargrave or the Long Preston road or you can turn up left and come down through Kirby Malham, you know.  And George had some land reight up on top there as you're going up out of Settle.  There's a big hill goes up at the back, a big limestone hill and he had a lot of black cattle up there.  Years after he were supposed to have retired, and one day he went missing in middle of winter.  There was a lot of snow on ground and he went missing and they got the bloody mountain rescue out 'cause they knew he’d gone to look these beasts you know and it's blowing a blizzard and he used to walk.  He didn't used to ride up you know, he used to walk up this hill every day, eighty odd years old.   And all he ever wore were them terrible, do you remember them things, they were like short Wellingtons that laced up.
I should think they were about the worst thing that were ever made for your feet. That's all he ever used to wear.  And they found him, he was sat behind three bales of straw watching his beasts and reight enjoying himself and he couldn't understand why they'd come searching for him.

And one day I were down at Cyril Richardson's at Little Stainton and a van pulls up, a little van, and this fella gets out of the passenger seat and it were George Staveley.   And 1 said “Eh, by God, look who’s here, it’s George!  What are you after?”  He said, “Young man, do you know of a fella called Metcalfe round here?”  I said “Aye, just up the road there.”  He said, “I understand he has a Standard Ford tractor for sale, a paraffin tractor.”  Which he had, Wallace had two and he were right attached to them.  He didn’t like new-fangled tractors he used to like one that you could stand on when you were driving it, like the old Standard Ford.  And he said “Wait a minute, would it be Wallace Metcalfe?”  I said “Aye.”  He turned round to this fella who was driving, and he said “Hungriest bugger in Craven, we’re wasting us time!”  And this voice come down from the house. It were Cyril, he must have come out of door you see and realized who it were.  He says “Well, that'll be a bloody laugh.  It’ll be the two hungriest buggers in Craven together when you get up there!!”  And I don't know whether he ever got this tractor bought but he were reight you know.

I'd have given a pound, I said to Cyril, we ought to have walked up there just to eavesdrop on the conversation because I’ll bet it were worth listening to.  Aye,  because they were both same you see, they were both hungry.

Transcript courtesy of the Lancashire Textile Project


In 1891 we find a John Staveley of Dent residing in Ingleton.  John (b. 1854) is the son of Henry Staveley and Ann HARPER of Dent.

1891: Colt Park, Ingleton, Yorkshire, England

 John STAVELEY   Head   M*   Male   34   Dent, Yorkshire, England   Farmer
 Betsy BOWNESS  Sister   W   Female   30   Dent, Yorkshire, England   
 William BOWNESS    Nephew   U  Male   4   Lancaster, Lancashire, England   
 John BOWNESS    Nephew   U  Male   2   Lancaster, Lancashire, England   
 John H. STAVELEY  Nephew  U  Male  18  Dent, Yorkshire, England  


*John is reported as married in the 1891 census, but there is no spouse residing in the household during this census.  John's nephew John, aged 18, is the son of his sister Jane of Rivaling, Dent.  In 1901, nephew John Henry Staveley is married, and residing in Morecambe, Lancashire.

John's sister married John BOWNESS in Kendal, Westmorland in the January quarter of 1887.  Sadly John died just 2 years later, in 1889, in Lancaster, leaving Betsy with two young children to raise.  By 1901, Betsy has returned to Dent and is living with her father Henry and brother Richard at Raw Ridding.


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