Ireby, Lancashire

Henry Staveley was born in Ingleton Fells in 1820, the son of Robert Staveley and Mary LISTER.  During the 1851 census, Henry and his wife Elizabeth are servants in the Langstreth household in Ireby, Lancashire.

1851: Ireby, Lancashire, England

 Jane LANGSTRETH  Head  W  Female  46  Thornton, Yorkshire, England  Farmer of 70 Acres
 Richard LANGSTRETH  Son  U  Male  9  Ireby, Lancashire, England  Scholar
 Anthony LISTER  Serv  U  Male  39  Thornton, Yorkshire, England  Farm Servant
 Henry STAVELEY   Serv   M   Male   30   Ingleton Fells , Yorkshire, England   Farm Servant  
 Elizabeth STAVELEY   Serv   M   Female   27   Clapham, Yorkshire, England   General Servant
 James RIDDING  Serv  M  Male  25  Blackburn, Lancashire , England  Farm Servant
 Alice RIDDING  Daur  M  Female  21  Langstrethdale, Yorkshire, England  Employed at Home
 Mary RIDDING  Grand Daur  U  Female  2 mo  Ireby, Lancashire, England  
 Jane PARKER  Daur  U  Female  15  Langstrethdale, Yorkshire, England  Employed at Home
 John ELLISON  Serv  U  Male  24  Barton, Westmorland, England  Employed on the Farm


Henry and Elizabeth had a son Richard born in Ireby in 1849, but he is absent from this household.  Richard was sent to live with his grandparents, Robert Staveley and Mary LISTER, and is living in Ingleton in 1851.  Henry's father Robert Staveley died in 1853, at which time Henry and Elizabeth returned home to Ingleton.


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