Kensington, Middlesex

Thomas Staveley was born in 1792 in St. Saviours, York, the son of William Staveley and Henrietta HENDERSON.  Thomas married Eliza WOWSKI and is living in Kensington, Middlesex in 1851:

1851: 20 Earls Terrace, Kensington, Middlesex, England

 Thomas STAVELEY   Head   M   Male   58   York, Yorkshire, England  Senior Clerk Foreign Office
 Eliza STAVELEY  Wife   M   Female   42   Middlesex, London, England   
 Thomas G. STAVELEY  Son   U   Male   26   Brompton, Middlesex, England    Junior Clerk Foreign Office
 Emily STAVELEY   Daur   U   Female   24  Brompton, Middlesex, England     
 Sarah KNOWLES    Serv   U   Female   30   Ruthin, Denbighshire, Wales  House Servant
 Helen SHIELDS  Serv   U   Female   24   Harrow, Middlesex, England  House Servant
 Mary HASTINGS  Serv   U   Female   22   London, England   House Servant


Other children born to Thomas and Eliza include:

Eliza Rose Staveley b. July 30, 1821 Saint Mary - St Marylebone Road, London
William Staveley b. July 12, 1822 Saint Mary - St Marylebone Road, London
Edmund Staveley b. 1836 Kensington, London


Son Edmund is away at boarding school in Worksop in 1851.  Edmund married Jemima Caroline SMITH of Sydney, Australia on July 15, 1865 and is living in Totnes, Devon in 1891.

By 1861 son Thomas George Staveley is living in Paddington, Middlesex, with his wife Fanny.


Alexander Staveley Hill b. 1826 is the son of Ann Staveley and Henry HILL of Wolverhampton, Staffordshire.  Alexander married his second wife, Mary Francis BAIRD, a Russian national and daughter of Francis Baird of St. Petersburg, on November 25, 1876 in Brighton, Sussex.

1881: 4 Queens Gate, Kensington, Middlesex, London, England

 Alexander STAVELEY HILL   Head   M   Male   55   Wolverhampton, Stafford, England   Barrister At Law QC. MP. JP 
 Mary F. STAVELEY HILL  Wife   M   Female   42   (BS), Russia    
 Henry STAVELEY HILL  Son   U   Male   15   Westminster   Scholar 
 Ann JARRAH   Serv   U   Female   55   Marylebone, Middlesex, England   Housekeeper 
 Caroline CARROLL   Serv   M   Female   50   Marylebone, Middlesex, England   Ladys Maid 
 Emily WOODGAR   Serv   U   Female   22   Crocken Hill, Kent, England   Housekeeper 
 Agnes WOODGAR   Serv   U   Female   18   Crocken Hill, Kent, England   Housekeeper 
 Louisa WEBB   Serv   U   Female   25   St Georges, Middlesex, England   Kitchen Maid 
 Henry WHITEHEAD   Serv   U   Male   25   Kivekholt ?, Kent, England   Footman 
 Ralph HOPKINS   Serv   U   Male   19   Somerset, England   Footman 


In 1891 Alexander is residing at Oxley Manor, in Bushbury, Staffordshire.

1901: 4 Queens Gate, Kensington, Middlesex, London, England

 Alexander S. HILL   Head   W   Male   75   Wolverhampton, Stafford, England   Barrister At Law Solicitor
 Henry S. HILL  Son   U   Male   35   London S. W., England   Barrister At Law
 Harriet E. COKER  Serv  U   Female   39   Chaddesley Corbett, Worcestershire, England  Housekeeper Domestic
 Mary A. NINCE  Serv   U   Female   40  Stoke by Nayland, Suffolk, England   Housemaid Domestic
 Alice E. CARD  Serv   U   Female   24  West Malling, Kent, England   Cook Domestic
 George R. WATERS  Serv  U  Male  43  Chelmsford, Essex, England  Butler Domestic


Alexander's son, Henry Staveley Hill, married Eileen De Grey De Burgh D'arcy in the June quarter of 1901 at St. George Hanover Square.


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