Lancaster, Lancashire

We appear to have a few distinct Staveley lineages that made Lancaster home in the mid to late 1800's.

The first lineage appears to come from Westmorland.  Thomas Staveley married Mary HELM in Garstang on February 13, 1826.  In 1851 we find the family residing in Lancaster:

1851: 13 Mason Street, Lancaster, Lancashire, England

 Thomas STAVELEY   Head   M   Male   47   Grasmere, Westmorland England   Woolcomber
 Mary STAVELEY  Wife  M  Female  50  Barnacre, Lancashire, England  
 Ann STAVELEY  Daur  U  Female  23  Cabus, Lancashire, England  Rover
 Elizabeth STAVELEY   Daur  U   Female  20   Garstang, Lancashire, England   Drawer
 Jane STAVELEY  Daur  U  Female  13  Barnacre, Lancashire, England  Scholar
 Jemima STAVELEY    Daur  U   Female  11  Cattral, Lancashire, England  Scholar


1861: 63 Darnside Street, Lancaster, Lancashire, England

 Thomas STAVELEY   Head   M   Male   56   Grasmere, Westmorland England   Stone Mason's Carter
 Mary STAVELEY  Wife  M  Female  61  Barnacre, Lancashire, England  
 Elizabeth STAVELEY   Daur  U   Female  30   Garstang, Lancashire, England   Silk Winder
 William KEARTON   Son in Law   M   Male   37  Lancaster, Lancashire, England   Soldier
 Ann KEARTON  Wife  M  Female  33  Lancaster, Lancashire, England   Cotton Carder
 Thomas KEARTON  Son    Male  4  Lancaster, Lancashire, England   Scholar


In 1861 daughter Jemima is a servant in the CLAYTON household in Lancaster.

Thomas and Mary have not been located in any other census records.  In 1861 however, there is a family of John Staveley that apparently originated in Grasmere, Westmorland, that is residing in Gressingham, Lancashire at the time of the census.  It is unknown if Thomas Staveley above, and John Staveley also of Grasmere, are brothers.

In 1871 Thomas' daughters Ann and Elizabeth are living just down the street (no Staveleys are residing at number 63 Darnside in 1871):

1871: 58 Darnside Street, Lancaster, Lancashire, England

 Ann KERTON  Head  M  Female 43  Cabus, Lancashire, England   Wife of Soldier
 Thomas Alfred KERTON  Son  U  Male 14  Lancaster, Lancashire, England   Table Baize Painter's Laborer
 Elizabeth STAVELEY  Sister  U  Female 40  Garstang, Lancashire, England   Silk Rorer


In 1881 Ann Kearton's son Thomas is a patient at the Thurnham St. Dispensary in Lancaster.  He is listed as an unmarried painter's labourer, aged 24 years.  Ann has not been located in any subsequent census records.

In 1874 Ann's sister Jemima married James DURHAM in Lancaster.

1881: 27 King St, Lancaster, Lancashire, England

 James DURHAM  Head  M  Female  34  Burton, Westmorland , England   Signalman on Line
 Jemima DURHAM  Wife  M  Male  40  Calder Vale , Lancashire, England   
 Elizabeth STAVERLY  Sister  U  Female  50  Garstang, Lancashire, England   Cotton Mill Hand


The second lineage appears to derive from West Yorkshire.  Although John Staveley's origins have not yet been confirmed, it is thought likely that he is the son of Robert Staveley and Mary Lister of Ingleton, Yorkshire, as suggested by John's marriage entry.  John Staveley married Rebecca KIDD at St. Mary's, Lancaster, on November 16, 1850.  John's father is listed in the marriage record as Robert Staveley, and Rebecca's father was Robert Kidd.  In the 1851 census John is found at the County Lunatic Asylum in Lancaster as follows:

1851: County Lunatic Asylum, Lancaster, Lancashire, England

 John STAVELEY   ATT   M   Male  26  Ingleton, Yorkshire, England  Attendant At Lunatic Asylum


By 1871 John and Rebecca have a son and daughter residing with them in Lancaster.

1871: 25 Upper Thurnham St. Lancaster, St. Annes, Lancashire, England

 John STAVELEY   Head   M   Male   45   Ribblehead, Yorkshire, England   Attendant At Lunatic Asylum
 Rebecca STAVELEY  Wife  M  Female 51  Burton, Yorkshire, England  
 Robert STAVELEY   Son   U   Male   17   Lancaster, Lancashire, England   Pupil Teacher
 Mary STAVELEY   Daur   U   Female   14   Lancaster, Lancashire, England   
 James W. SEED  Lodger  U   Male 21  Tatham, Lancashire, England  Joiner
John COATES  Lodger  U  Male 15  Clapham, Yorkshire, England  Grocer


It seems that John and Rebecca also had a daughter, Betsy Rebecca Staveley, born in 1861.  However, Betsy Rebecca died when she was less than a year old in 1862.  John's wife Rebecca died in Lancaster in 1878 aged 60.

In 1871 there is one other Staveley residing in Lancaster.  Mary Staveley of "Hawes" aged 22 is in the employ of James and Margaret Williamson in Lancaster, and residing at 12 Church St.  It is believed this is John Staveley's niece, Mary Lister Staveley, born in Hawes to William Staveley and Agnes Thistlethwaite.  Mary was married later that year in Hawes to Edward GARLEY.

In 1881 we find John, widowed, residing with his two children as follows:

1881: 13 Upper Thurnham St, Lancaster, Lancashire, England

 John STAVELEY   Head   W   Male   54   Bentham, York, England   Attendant At Lunatic Asylum (Hosp) 
 Robert STAVELEY   Son   U   Male   27   Lancaster, Lancashire, England   Professor Of Music 
 Mary Hannah STAVELEY   Daur   U   Female   24   Lancaster, Lancashire, England   House Keeper 
 Alice Elizth. CRAGG   Boarder   U   Female   22   Long Sleddle, Westmorland, England   Milliner 


John remarried the following year in 1882 to Ann HIGGINSON and is found in Lancaster in 1891 as follows:

1891: 19 Alfred St., Lancaster, Lancashire, England

 John STAVELEY   Head   M   Male   65   Whinshaw, York, England   Retired Asylum attendant
 Ann STAVELEY   Wife   M   Female  52   West Bank, Lancashire, England   


John died aged 62 in Lancaster the following year in 1892.

John's daughter Mary Hannah married James Porter BELL in Lancaster in 1885, but James died before the 1891 census.  Mary is found with her daughter Bessie as follows:

1891: 61 Church St., Lancaster, Lancashire, England

 Mary Hannah BELL   Head   W  Female  33  Lancaster, Lancashire, England  Temperance Hotel Keeper
 Bessie BELL  Boarder   U   Female   4   Lancaster, Lancashire, England   


John's son Robert married Harriet PAGE in 1886.

1891: 24 Thurnham St, Lancaster, Lancashire, England

 Robert STAVELEY   Head   M   Male  37  Lancaster, Lancashire, England   Organist and Music Teacher
 Harriet STAVELEY   Wife   M   Female  32   Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire, England   


In 1901 John's widow Ann has not remarried, and is residing in the same house as she was in 1891.  She is now living with three of her nephews.

1901: 19 Alfred St., Lancaster, Lancashire, England

 Ann STAVELEY  Head  W  Female 61  West Bank, Lancashire, England  Living on Own Means
 Thomas COLTOM  Nephew  S  Male 28  Galgate, Lancashire, England  Mat Shearing Machine Minder
 William COLTOM BELL   Nephew   S  Male 21 Galgate, Lancashire, England  Oilcloth Works Clerk
 Frederick COLTOM  Nephew  S   Male 19 Galgate, Lancashire, England  General Laborer


In 1901 Mary Hannah and daughter Bessie are in the employ of Elizabeth Richardson, and still residing in Lancaster.  Note that one resident in the household, Ann Smith, was once employed as an Asylum Matron.  Perhaps she had known Mary Hannah's father John while he was employed at the Asylum some years before?

1901: 21 Ashton Road, Lancaster, Lancashire, England

 Elizabeth A. RICHARDSON  Head  S  Female 40  Melling, Yorkshire  Living on Own Means
 Ann SMITH  Aunt  S  Female 67  Melling, Yorkshire  Retired Asylum Matron
 Mary Hannah BELL   Serv   W  Female  44  Lancaster, Lancashire, England   Housekeeper Domestic
 Bessie BELL  Daur of Serv   U   Female  14  Lancaster, Lancashire, England   Fancy Goods Shop Assistant


John's son Robert and his wife Harriet have a young son living in the household.  Leonard Lister Staveley was born in Lancaster in 1891.

1901: 24 Thurnham St, Lancaster, Lancashire, England

 Robert STAVELEY   Head   M   Male  47  Lancaster, Lancashire, England   Professor of Music
 Harriet STAVELEY   Wife   M   Female  42   Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire, England   
Leonard L. STAVELEY  Son  U  Male 9  Lancaster, Lancashire, England   


It is believed that Robert and Harriet had another son, Lister Staveley, born in 1888.  However, Lister died at the age of two in 1890 in Lancaster.

In 1891 another Staveley family appears in the Lancaster area.  William Henry Staveley was the son of Adam Staveley of Woolton, Lancashire.  William married his wife Elizabeth VAUGHAN in Prestwich in 1880.  By 1881 his family is residing in Newton just east of Lancaster, Lancashire, and family is found Lancashire in 1891 as follows:

1891: 26 Havelock St., Lancaster, Lancashire, England

 William H. STAVELEY   Head   M   Male   35   Manchester, Lancashire, England   Coach Maker 
 Elizabeth STAVELEY   Wife   M   Female   31   Manchester, Lancashire, England    
 Eleanor STAVELEY   Dau   U   Female   10   Manchester, Lancashire, England   Scholar
 George H. STAVELEY  Son  U  Male 9  Manchester, Lancashire, England   Scholar
 Fredrick STAVELEY  Son  U  Male 7  Manchester, Lancashire, England   Scholar
 Annie T. STAVELEY  Daur  U  Female 5  Manchester, Lancashire, England  Scholar
 Albert STAVELEY  Son  U  Male 3  Manchester, Lancashire, England   
 Willie A. STAVELEY  Son  U  Male 9 mo  Lancaster, Lancashire, England   


By the 1901 census the family has returned to Newton.


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