Nuncupative Will of Margaret Moor

Margaret Moor (nee Petch) was a Roman Catholic and believed to be the widow of John Moor of East Witton.  Margaret Moor died in the house of Christopher Staveley, then a widower, in East Witton, 1744.  It is not precisely known why she was in residence at the home of Christopher Staveley for the few days preceding her death, nor is it known what her illness was. However it is significant to point out that not only was Christopher Staveley a Catholic, but his daughter Elizabeth Staveley was married to a Thomas Petch the following September, who appears to have been a relative of Margaret Moor's.  This implies the Staveleys and the Petchs/Moors were likely all well known to each other.

Transcript of the Nuncupative Will of Margaret Moore, of East Witton, February 16, 1743 (1744):

"Be it remembered that Margaret Moor late of East Witton County of York, widow, did upon the 13th day of this year make and declare her last will and testament by word of mouth to the following effect that is to say she gave to Christopher Staveley of East Witton taylor, all her household goods and all her linen and wearing apparel to dispose of amongst his children as he thought proper. And she likewise gave to the said Christopher Staveley all her money effects and personal estate whatsoever he paying and discharging her funeral expenses and appointed the said Christopher Staveley her executor, which words were spoken by he same Margaret Moor at the dwelling house of the said Christopher Staveley where she died and had been resident ten days before and in her last sickness, in the presence of William Marshall, Ellen Stockdale and William Staveley, whom she desired to take notice and bear witness that such was her will.

Witness William Marshall, Ellen Stockdale, William Staveley."

Margaret Moor was buried the next day, Feb 17, 1744 at East Witton, St. Martin (National Burial Index).

"30 July 1744 then personally appeared within named Christopher Staveley the executor of the within will and was sworn duly to execute and so forth, and that the effects did not amount to £10"

Christopher's wife Francis died in 1735, and Christopher Staveley himself died in 1749.  Both were buried at East Witton, St. Martin.


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