Norton, Derbyshire

Norton, Derbyshire is situated approximately 4 miles from Sheffield.   In 1841 Samuel Staveley and his wife Mary are found residing in Norton.  Samuel's exact origins are not yet known.  In 1841 he reports that he was born outside of the census county of Derbyshire, in 1851 he reports his place of birth as Blackrod, Lancashire.  Blackrod is near Horwich, but more research is required to determine exactly which line Samuel descends from.  At the moment the most likely parentage for Samuel is that of Francis Staveley and Sarah READS of Blackrod, Lancashire.  There is an entry of birth for Samuel Staveley born July 5, 1799 at St. Katherine's church, Blackrod.  Two years later a son Francis was also born to Francis and Sarah at Blackrod.  After the birth of Francis however, we lose track of Francis and Sarah completely.  Son Samuel appears to have first married Hannah OATES and raised his family in Dore, Derbyshire.  Sometime after Hannah's death in 1839, Samuel took a second wife, Mary, is found living in Norton in 1841:

1841: Bradway, Norton, Derbyshire

STAVELEY Samuel M 40 Lab   Born Outside of Cenus County
STAVELEY Mary F 40   Derbyshire
STAVELEY Francis M 15 Ap Derbyshire
STAVELEY Samuel M 5   Derbyshire
STAVELEY Sarah F 8   Derbyshire
STAVELEY Joshua M 1 Month   Derbyshire
MULLINS George M 10 + Derbyshire
MULLINS Sarah F 15 + Derbyshire


Son John is not living in the household in 1841, but appears to be apprenticed to a local Mason:

1841: Greenhill, Norton, Derbyshire

BIRTLES John M 75 Mason   Derbyshire
STAVELEY John M 15 Ap Derbyshire
MITCHEL Elizabeth F 15   Derbyshire
MITCHEL Ann F 9   Derbyshire


1851: Bradway, Norton, Derbyshire

 Samuel STAVELEY   Head   M   Male   51  Blackrod, Derbyshire, England  Labourer 
 Mary STAVELEY   Wife   M   Female   54  Holmesfield, Derbyshire, England  


In 1851 son Thomas is employed as a farm servant by the SEDDON household  in Norton.

Son Samuel is a farm servant in the LISTER houshold, also in Norton.

Son Francis married Amelia Ann SHAW in Sheffield in 1846.  Amelia died in 1847 after the birth of her son Joseph Francis Staveley.  In 1851 Francis is staying with his in-laws, the SHAW family, in Sheffield.  Son Joseph Francis, aged 4 years, is a lodger in the LAITHWAITE household in Horwich, Lancashire.

In 1851 daughter Sarah appears to be residing at the Manor Yard School for the Blind, in York St. Olave, aged 18, and employed as a basket maker.  By 1861 Sarah is living at home:

1861: Bradway, Norton, Derbyshire

 Samuel STAVELEY   Head   M   Male   60  Blackrod, Derbyshire, England  Stone Mason   
 Mary STAVELEY   Wife   M   Female   65  Holmesfield, Derbyshire, England    
 Sarah STAVELEY  Daur  S  Female   28  Dore, Derbyshire, England    Blind from Birth


Note that Samuel and Mary's daughter Sarah is found residing as a pupil at the Hardman School for the Blind in 1871 and 1881 in Birkenhead, Cheshire.

Samuel died at the age of 64 years and was buried at St. James, Norton on June 7, 1863.  Samuel's wife Mary has not found in the 1871 census, and as Sarah was placed in the School in Birkenhead, it is presumed Mary also died prior to 1871.

Samuel and Mary have a son Francis residing in Beighton, Derbyshire in 1861, and a son John living in Sheffield.  Two other sons, Samuel and Thomas, are living closer to their parents in Norton in 1861:

1861: Woodseats, Norton, Derbyshire

 Thomas STAVELEY   Head   M   Male  30  Dore, Derby, England   Milk man
 Elizabeth STAVELEY   Wife   M   Female  20  Norton, Derby, England  


1861: Greenhill, Norton, Derbyshire

 Samuel STAVELEY   Head   M   Male  25  Dore, Derby, England   Agricultural Labourer
 Mary STAVELEY   Wife   M   Female  32  Highlane, Derby, England  
 Arthur STAVELEY  Son  S  Male 1  Greenhill, Derby, England  


Samuel (b. 1836) and Mary above had a son Hedley John Staveley born in 1857, but Hedley died when he was 15 months old and was buried at St. James, Norton on March 15, 1859.

In 1871 both Samuel and Thomas are still living in the vicinity of Norton.

1871: Woodseats, Norton, Derbyshire

 Thomas STAVELEY   Head   M   Male  30  Dore, Derby, England   Farmer & Carter 5 Acres
 Elizabeth STAVELEY   Wife   M   Female  20  Norton, Derby, England  


1871: Woodseats, Norton, Derbyshire

 Samuel STAVELEY   Head   M   Male  38  Dore, Derby, England   Labourer
 Mary STAVELEY   Wife   M   Female  43  Highlane, Derby, England  
 Arthur STAVELEY  Son  S  Male 11  Greenhill, Derby, England  
 Hedley John STAVELEY  Son  S  Male 9  Greenhill, Derby, England  
 Jesse STAVELEY  Son  S  Male 7  Sheffield, Yorkshire, England  


In 1881 Thomas and Elizabeth have moved back to Sheffield.  Unfortunately none of Samuel and Mary's family has been located in the 1881 census, but they do reappear in Norton in 1891:

1891: Marshall Road, Norton, Derbyshire

 Samuel STAVELEY   Head   M   Male  59  Dore, Derby, England   Stone Waller Mason
 Mary STAVELEY   Wife   M   Female  63  Ridgeway, Derby, England  
 Arthur STAVELEY  Son  S  Male 31  Norton, Derby, England  Stone Waller
 Jesse STAVELEY  Son  S  Male 27  Sheffield, Yorkshire, England  Stone Waller


Samuel's son Hedley John Staveley married Harriet in 1884.

1891: Abbey Lane, Norton, Derbyshire, Yorkshire

 Hedley STAVELEY   Head   M   Male  29  Norton, Derby, England   Stone Mason
 Harriet STAVELEY   Wife   M   Female  27  Ecclesall, Yorkshire, England  
 Edley STAVELEY  Son  S  Male 5  Norton, Derby, England  


In 1901 Samuel is widowed and found living with his son Arthur in Norton.  Arthur married Matilda in 1892.

1901: 29 Mitchell Road, Norton, Derbyshire

 Arthur STAVELEY   Head   M   Male  41  Dore, Derby, England   Shop Keeper Grocer
 Matilda STAVELEY   Wife   M   Female  39  Ridgeway, Derby, England  
 Winnifred STAVELEY  Daur  S  Female 7  Woodseats, Derby, England  
 Gladys STAVELEY  Daur  S  Female 5  Woodseats, Derby, England  
 Arthur C. STAVELEY  Son  S  Male 3   Woodseats, Derby, England  
 Samuel STAVELEY  Visitor  W  Male 69  Dore, Derby, England  Road Labourer on Highway


Arthur's brother Jesse is married and found living in Sheffield in 1901.  His father Samuel died in 1906 aged 74 years.


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