Prestwich, Lancashire

William Staveley was born in 1844, the son of William Staveley and Bridget REGAN of Worsley, Lancashire.  He married Caroline SCHOFIELD in 1867 at Manchester, St. John, and is found in Prestwich by 1871:

1871: Shearburn St., Prestwich, Lancashire

 William STAVELEY   Head   M   Male   26   Irlams Oth Height, Lancashire, England   Sorter General Post Office 
 Caroline STAVELEY   Wife   M   Female   22   Bristol, Somersetshire, England    
 Emily STAVELEY   Daur   U   Female    2   Salford, Lancashire, England   
 Frederick W. STAVELEY   Son   U   Male    1   Salford, Lancashire, England   


An additional child born to William and Caroline appears to be Reginald Schofield Staveley, born a few months after the 1871 census was taken.  Reginald died however when he was less than a year old, in 1872.

1881: 22 Salisbury St, Crumpsall, Prestwich, Lancashire, England

 William STAVELEY   Head   M   Male   36   Bristol, Somerset, England*   Letter Sorter Post Office 
 Caroline STAVELEY   Wife   M   Female   32   Salford, Lancashire, England    
 Emily STAVELEY   Daur   U   Female   12   Salford, Lancashire, England   Scholar 
 Frederick W. STAVELEY   Son   U   Male   11   Broughton, Lancashire, England   Scholar 
 Edith A. STAVELEY   Daur   U   Female    6   Cheetham, Lancashire, England   Scholar 
 Annie C. STAVELEY   Daur   U   Female    2   Crumpsall, Lancashire, England    
 Charles H. STAVELEY   Son   U   Male    1   Crumpsall, Lancashire, England    


For some unknown reason, the place of birth for William and Caroline was swapped on the enumerator's transcript in the 1881 census, but by 1891 he is again recorded as born in Irlams Oth Height.

William's wife Caroline died in Prestwich in 1886 at the age of 37 years.  In 1887 William remarried, this time to Jane Sheriff CHEETHAM, and moved to Ancoats by 1891.


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