Scurry, TX

John A. Stavely was born in 1859 in Travis County, Texas, the son of Bryant Stavely and Celia MCCASKILL.  John married Mary Arminda GRIFFITH and settled in Scurry County.

1900: Scurry County, Texas

 John A STAVELY   Head   M   Male   41  Texas   Farmer
 Arminda STAVELY  Wife  M    35  Texas   
 Robert Lee STAVELY   Son  U  Male  18  Texas   Farm Laborer
 Gerta B. STAVELY   Daur  U   Female  9  Texas   
 Kinnith A STAVELY   Daur  U  Female  8  Texas   
 John A STAVELY  Son  U  Male  6  Texas   
 Bryant O STAVELY  Son  U  Male  4  Texas   
 Barney STAVELY  Son  U  Male  2  Texas   
 Celia STAVELY  Daur  U  Female  6 Mo  Texas   


1910: Scurry County, Texas

 John A STAVELY   Head   M   Male   51  Texas   Farmer
 Minnie STAVELY  Wife  M  Female  44  Texas   
 Josie GRIFFITH  Step Daur  U  Female  24    
 Kinnith A STAVELY   Daur  U  Female  18  Texas   
 John STAVELY  Son  U  Male  15  Texas   
 Bryant STAVELY  Son  U  Male  13  Texas   
 Barnie STAVELY  Son  U  Male  12  Texas   
 Celia STAVELY  Daur  U  Female  10  Texas   
 Minnie STAVELY  Daur  U  Female  8  Texas   
 Malcolm STAVELY  Son  U  Male  6  Texas   
 Vera STAVELY  Daur  U  Female  2  Texas   

In 1915, John A Stavely helped start the Fluvanna Mercantile Company.  The following excerpt is from the Texas State Historical Association:

FLUVANNA MERCANTILE COMPANY. The Fluvanna Mercantile Company, a pioneer general store at Fluvanna, Scurry County, sold clothing, fabrics, groceries, hardware, millinery, patent medicines, seeds, and shoes. It also sold quantities of flour, block salt, and other staples. The enterprise was founded in 1915 by D. A. Jones and John A. Stavely, who first settled in dugout homes after they arrived in the area just after 1900. The Jones and Stavely families helped to build the community's first Presbyterian church, a school, and a bank. Original shareholders included J. E. Park, S. P. Smith, and W. R. Craft. Jones was the firm's first president, and Stavely was vice president. The company freighted in its stock on the Roscoe, Snyder and Pacific Railway, which also shipped cattle, and received flour and feed by rail from Sherman. After the tracks were removed in 1942, supplies were delivered by truck. During the Great Depressionqv the company reverted to barter, allowing local people to trade cream and eggs for store-bought goods.

John died on January 24, 1919 and is buried at Fluvanna Cemetery.  We find his widow as follows in 1920:

1920: Scurry County, Texas

 Mrs John A STAVELY   Head   W   Female  54  Texas   Farmer
 Celia STAVELY  Daur  U  Female  20  Texas   Clerk Merc Co.
 Minnie STAVELY  Daur  U  Female  17  Texas   Music School Teacher
 Mac STAVELY  Son  U  Male  16  Texas   
 Vera STAVELY  Daur  U  Female  12  Texas   

Daughter Celia married Wallace Houston JONES, and remained in Scurry County until her death in 1985.

John's son Bryant (b. 1896) married Mary Ellen DAVIDSON on November 7, 1915, and is living close to his mother in 1920:

1920: Scurry County, Texas

 Bryant O STAVELY   Head   M   Male  23  Texas   Farmer
 Ellen STAVELY  Wife  M  Female  22  Texas   


Later that year, Ellen gave birth to a son, but the child died shortly after birth.

John's son, John Allen Stavely, married Ola CRAFT and is found as follows in 1930:

1930: Scurry County, Texas

 John STAVELY   Head   M   Male  36  Texas   Salesman
 Ola STAVELY  Wife  M  Female  29  Texas   
 Rose Nell STAVELY  Daur  U  Female  9  Texas  


John died in 1958, and his wife Ola Craft Stavely died in 1988. Both are buried in Fluvanna Cemetery.

His brother Bryant is found as follows:

1930: Scurry County, Texas

 Boss O STAVELY   Head   M   Female  32  Texas   Truck Driver
 Ellen STAVELY  Wife  M  Female  22  Texas   
 John A. STAVELY  Son  U  Male  7  Texas  
 Francis STAVELY  Daur  U  Female  6  Texas  
 Boss STAVELY, JR.  Son  U  Male  4  Texas  


Bryant (Boss) Stavely died in Colorado in 1963, and his wife Mary Ellen died a few years later in La Junta, Colorado in 1966.

It appears that by 1930 John's wife has moved in with her daughter Josie from her first marriage:

1930: Scurry County, Texas

 Syrus LANDRUM  Head   M   Male  49  Texas   Farmer
 Josie LANDRUM  Wife  M  Female  44  Texas   
 Cyrus A. LANDRUM  Son  U  Male  10  Texas   
 J. C. LANDRUM  Son  U  Male  13  Texas   
 Joe LANDRUM  Son  U  Male  8  Texas   
 Minnie Sue LANDRUM  Daur  U  Female  4  Texas   
 STAVELY, Mary  Mother-in-Law  W  Female  64  Texas   
 STAVELY, Vera  Sister-in-Law  U  Female  22  Texas   Art Teacher

Mary Arminda Griffith Stavely died December 17, 1943 and is buried with her husband John Allen Stavely in Fluvanna Cemetery.


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