Stabler & Stabelear

All Stabler and Stabelear IGI entries listed below are grouped by parish, and most are found in north Yorkshire parishes where Staveleys are already well established.  Original registers have not yet been consulted for all records to rule out transcription error.

Last First Father Mother Spouse Event Date Parish
Stabler Elizabeth William Margarite   Christening 1742 Danby & West Witton Rc
Stabler Margarate     Stabler, William Christening 1742 Danby & West Witton Rc
Stabler Ann William Margarite   Christening 1743 Danby & West Witton Rc
Stabler Jane William Margarite   Christening 1745 Danby & West Witton Rc
Stabelear Eneas     Peacock, Elizabeth Marriage 1806 Hipswell
Stabelear Mary Eneas Elizabeth   Christening 1806 Hipswell
Stabler William Robert Mary   Christening 1815 Ingleton
Stabler William Henry Mary   Christening 1816 Ingleton
Stabler Mary Thomas (Plewes) Ann   Christening 1780 Richmond
Stabler William     Cambage, Ann Marriage 1781 Richmond
Stabler Ann     Robinson, Thomas Marriage 1791 Richmond
Stabler William     Wright, Jane Marriage 1802 Richmond
Stabler Anna William     Christening 1806 Richmond
Stabler John     Fryer, Margaret Marriage 1807 Richmond
Stabler Margaret John     Christening 1808 Richmond
Stabler Jane William     Christening 1809 Richmond
Stabler Isabella John Margaret   Christening 1814 Richmond
Stabler Mary     Todd, Nicholas Marriage 1824 Richmond
Stabler Mary Ann     Hayward, William Fortune Marriage 1826 Richmond
Stabler Margaret     Patterson, John Marriage 1831 Richmond
Stabler Isabella     Hall, George Marriage 1836 Richmond
Stabler William William     Christening 1748 Spennithorne
Stabler Henricus       Christening 1548 Wensley
Stabler Marmaduke       Burial 1754 Wensley
Stabler Margarate       Burial 1765 Wensley
Stabler Mary       Burial 1812 Wensley


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