Washington County, GA   

The head of the Washington County Stavelys appears to be a John Washington Stavely. According to the 1850 census, this family seems to have originated in North Carolina, although a definitive connection to that State has yet to be proven. The earliest Stavely in the census for Washington County is listed as Elizabeth Stavely (head of household). It is presumed that Elizabeth below is the same individual, and is likely John's mother, and Jane is John's sister.

1850: Washington, Georgia

 John STAVELY   M   Male   37  N. C.    Farmer
 Elizabeth STAVELY   U  Female   63  N. C.      
 Jane STAVELY  U  Female   45  N. C.      


There is some confusion with the 1860 census. As shown below, the children in the household are listed as WILLIAMS, not as Stavely. However, in each subsequent census they are all listed by the Stavely surname. It is unclear at this time if John Washington Stavely married Mary WILLIAMS (aged 27 below) sometime between 1860 and 1870, after the Williams children were born, and if so, John Stavely would actually be the step-father of some of these children. They may be Stavelys only by marriage, NOT by descent.

1860: Washington, Georgia

 John W. STAVELY   M   Male   45  Georgia   Farmer
 Richard L. WILLIAMS   U  Male  8  Georgia   
 George W. WILLIAMS   U  Male  6  Georgia   
 W. G. WILLIAMS   U  Male  4  Georgia   
 James T. WILLIAMS  U  Male  2  Georgia   
 Mary WILLIAMS  U  Female   27  Georgia   
 Jane STAVELY  U  Female   55  Georgia   
 Angeline WILLIAMS  U  Female   70  Georgia   


Presumably Mattison (aka Joseph Mattison) and Martha Stavely below would be the natural born children of John Washington Stavely and Mary WILLIAMS:

1870: Giles, Washington, Georgia

 J. Washington STAVELY   Head   M   Male   60  Georgia   Farmer
 Mary STAVELY   Wife   M   Female   35  Georgia   Keeping House
 Richard STAVELY   Son  U  Male  19  Georgia   Works on Farm
 George W. STAVELY   Son  U  Male  16  Georgia   Attending School
 Eugen STAVELY   Son  U  Male  14  Georgia   Attending School
 James T. STAVELY  Son  U  Male  12  Georgia   Attending School
 Mattison STAVELY  Son  U  Male  8  Georgia   
 Martha STAVELY  Daur  U  Female   5  Georgia   
 Robert STAVELY  Son  U  Male  2  Georgia   


In the 1880 census John reports that his father was born in England, and that his mother was born in Georgia.

1880: Giles, Washington, Georgia

 John W. STAVELER   Head   M   Male   72  Georgia   Farming
 Mary STAVELER   Wife   M   Female   46  Georgia   House Keeping
 James Thomas STAVELER  Son  U  Male  21  Georgia   Working on Farm
 Joseph M. STAVELER  Son  U  Male  17  Georgia   Working on Farm
 Martha Ann Eliz. STAVELER  Daur  U  Female   15  Georgia   In School


John and Mary's son Richard married Mary (nee?) about 1875 according to the 1900 census. In 1880 we find his family as follows:

1880: Cato, Washington, Georgia

 Norris STAVELY*      U     21  Georgia   Laborer
 Richard STAVELY   Head   M   Male   35  Georgia   Farmer
 Mary STAVELY  Wife  M  Female  20  Georgia   Keeping House
 Hattie STAVELY  Daur  U  Female  3  Georgia   
 John STAVELY  Son  U  Male  7/12  Georgia   


*It is unclear at this time who Norris is, as he does not appear in a prior, nor a later census.

Martha Ann Elizabeth Stavely married James Mathew BRIDGES. In 1900 we find their family as follows:

1900: Cato, Washington, Georgia

 James M. BRIDGES   Head   M   Male   34  Georgia   Farmer
 Martha A. BRIDGES  Wife   M   Female   35  Georgia   
 Mary A. M. BRIDGES  Daur  U  Female   16  Georgia   
 James W. BRIDGES  Son  U  Male  12  Georgia   
 Oscar BRIDGES  Son  U  Male  10  Georgia   
 Matti L. B. BRIDGES  Daur  U  Female   8  Georgia   
 Lettie M. BRIDGES  Daur  U  Female   5  Georgia   
 William W. BRIDGES  Son  U  Male  2  Georgia   
 Evie L. Jones  Ward  U  Female   6  Georgia   
 S? BURLY  Hireling  U  Male  18  Georgia   Farm Hand


Living nearby is Martha's brother Richard:

1900: Cato, Washington, Georgia

 Richard L. STAVELY   Head   M   Male   51  Georgia   Blacksmith
 Mary M. STAVELY   Wife   M   Female   46  Georgia   Farmer
 Hattie B. STAVELY  Daur  U  Female  21  Georgia   Farm Laborer
 Vandella STAVELY  Daur  U  Female  14  Georgia   
 Brooks STAVELY  Son  U  Male  11  Georgia   
 Rufus STAVELY  Son  U  Male  6  Georgia   
 Dora STAVELY  Daur  U  Female  8  Georgia   
 Jack STAVELY  Son  U  Male  4  Georgia   
 Bettie STAVELY  Daur  U  Female  3  Georgia   


By 1910 Richard's family has relocated to Decatur.

Richard and Mary's daughter, Van Della Stavely, married Benjamin Franklin ROBERTS in 1904.

In 1900 Joseph is in Glascock County, Georgia. In 1910, Joseph Mattison Staveley seems be referred to by his middle name in the census.

1910: Davisboro, Washington, Georgia

 Matt STAVELEY   Head   M   Male   48  Georgia   General Farmer
 Maggie L. STAVELEY   Wife   M   Female   31  Georgia   
 Will R. STAVELEY  Son  U  Male  18  Georgia   Laborer Home Farm
 Eddie L. STAVELEY  Son  U  Male  11  Georgia   
 Grover C. STAVELEY  Son  U  Male  7  Georgia   
 Matthew S. STAVELEY  Son  U  Male  3  Georgia   
 Effie L. STAVELEY  Daur  U  Female  3 mo.  Georgia   


On November 10, 1914, a son of Joseph M. and Maggie, Charlie A. Staveley, born August 10, 1886, died in Davisboro.

By the World War I draft registration, son Willie reports he was married with 2 children.  Unfortunately his family has not been located in the 1920 census.

By 1920 we find yet another permutation of John/Matt's name, this time recorded as Joseph:

1920: Davisboro, Washington, Georgia

 Joseph STAVELEY   Head   M   Male   57  Georgia   General Farmer
 Maggie W. STAVELEY   Wife   M   Female   41  Georgia   
 Eddie L. STAVELEY  Son  U  Male  21  Georgia   
 Grover STAVELEY  Son  U  Male  18  Georgia   Laborer Home Farm
 Matthew STAVELEY  Son  U  Male  13  Georgia   
 Effie L. STAVELEY  Daur  U  Female  9  Georgia   


Joseph M. Staveley died November 1, 1926. His wife, Maggie Wilkins Staveley, died July 19, 1950. Both are buried at Davisboro City Cemetery, Washington County, Georgia.

Son Grover is married and has moved to Baldwin County by 1930.

Son Eddie has moved to Duval, Florida, by 1930.

By 1930 we find son Willie with his family in Sun Hill:

1930: Sun Hill, Washington, Georgia

 Willie R. STAVELY   Head   M   Male   34  Georgia   General Farmer
 Ethel L. STAVELY   Wife   M   Female   36  Georgia   
 Elizabeth G. STAVELY  Daur  U  Female  14  Georgia   
 William H. STAVELY  Son  U  Male  12  Georgia   
 Pauline F. STAVELY  Daur  U  Female  10  Georgia   
 Everett L. STAVELY  Son  U  Male  9  Georgia   
 Jewel M. STAVELY  Daur  U  Female  7  Georgia   
 Evelyn L. STAVELY  Daur  U  Female  5  Georgia   
 Atlas L. STAVELY  Son  U  Male  2  Georgia   


Note that an unnamed infant son of Willie's was born, and died, on June 5, 1915, and is buried at Davisboro City Cemetery.

Son Atlas L. Stavely enlisted as a Private in the US Army on July 19, 1946 for the "Panama Canal Department". At the time of enlistment, Atlas was listed as single with no dependents.

Dovie (Ethel) L. Roberson Stavely died April 15, 1965. Her husband, Willie Riley Stavely, died August 2, 1989. Both are buried at Davisboro City Cemetery, Washington County, Georgia.



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