Woolton, Lancashire

St. Peter's Church, Woolton

St. Peter's church in Woolton, Liverpool sadly no longer stands.  The last service took place in September 1919, and the church was demolished in 1922.  There is an extensive collection of records available from St. Peter's pertaining to a number of Staveley entries.  However, these records require careful examination as there are a number of Staveley and Stanley entries, some of which appear to intertwine with each other. 

One Staveley family group from this parish is that of William Norrington Staveley and Margaret HIGHTON.  William Norrington Staveley is believed to be the grandson of James Staveley and Ann Norrington of Dover, married November 24, 1769.  However, William's official record of birth in the registers of St. Mary the Virgin, Dover, only lists a date, and not his parents.  It shows William Norrington Staveley b. January 30, 1816, but has no other information.  Records at St. Peter's pertaining to the children of William Norrington Staveley and Margaret Highton are as follows:

Mary Emma Highton Staveley (1850).
William John Staveley (1852)
Robert James Staveley (1854 - 1857)
Henry Pawson Staveley (1857)
Ada Staveley (1861)
Edward Highton Staveley (1862 -1887) (Married in West Derby, Liverpool, Lancs, in 1886)
George Michael Staveley (1865 - 1867)

This family is found in West Derby between 1871 and 1901.

A branch of William Norrington's family ultimately ends up in Dallas, Texas via his son William John


The records of St. Peter's church in Woolton also contain numerous entries regarding an earlier family of 'William Staveley and Mary' but as yet these entries have not been entirely untangled, and actually may pertain to more than one family group.  Thus far the following children appear to have been born to William and Mary in this parish:

William Staveley b. November 24, 1816 St. Peter, Woolton
Martha Staveley b. abt. 1819 (see 1841 Census)
John Staveley b. November 20, 1820 St. Peter, Woolton
Adam Staveley b. April 15, 1824 St. Peter, Woolton
Thomas Staveley b. August 4, 1826 St. Peter, Woolton
Charles Staveley b. January 18, 1828 St. Peter, Woolton
Joseph Staveley b. September 18, 1829

St. Peter, Woolton

Mary Adelaide Staveley b. March 11, 1832 St. Peter, Woolton


1841: Mount Pleasant, Liverpool, England

STAVELY  William  45  Brush M F  Lancashire
STAVELY  Mary  46    Lancashire
STAVELY  Martha  22    Lancashire
STAVELY  Adam  17  Coach M F  Lancashire
STAVELEY  Joseph  11    Lancashire


Son William married Jane BAKER in 1840.  In 1841 they are found residing West Derby.

Son Adam moved to Manchester, and married his wife Sarah SPEAKMAN there in 1853. By 1861 Adam and Sarah are living in Bradford Manchester, and later move on to Newton, and then on to Lancaster



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