World War 1: Medal Cards

The list below shows those Staveleys who served in the First World War and who met the qualifications laid down for each campaign medal. In general, all those who saw service overseas and were awarded a campaign medal.  The possible campaign medals obtained include:

1914 Star: For service ashore in France and Flanders between 5 August and 22 November 1914.

1914/15 Star: Awarded to those individuals who saw service in France and Flanders from 23 November 1914 to 31 December 1915, and to those individuals who saw service in any other operational theatre from 5 August 1914 to 31 December 1915

The British War Medal: Awarded to eligible service personnel and civilians alike. Qualification for the award varied slightly according to service. The basic requirement for army personnel and civilians was that they either entered a theatre of war, or rendered approved service overseas between 5 August 1914 and 11 November 1918. Service in Russia in 1919 and 1920 also qualified for the award.

The Victory Medal:  Awarded to all eligible personnel who served on the establishment of a unit in an operational theatre from 1914-1919.

Territorial Force War Medal: Awarded to members of the Territorial Force only. To qualify, the recipient had to have been a member of the Territorial Force on or prior to 30 September 1914, and to have served in an operational theatre outside of the United Kingdom between 5 August 1914 and 11 November 1918.

The Silver War Badge (SWB): Takes the form of a circular badge with the legend 'For King and Empire-Services Rendered' surrounding the George V cypher. The badge was awarded to all of those military personnel who were discharged as a result of sickness or wounds contracted or received during the war, either at home or overseas.

Example Medal Card:

Enos Staveley, Manchester Regiment. Private 251198. Victory Medal, British War Medal, and Silver War Badge awarded.

Enos Staveley's WW1 Medal Card

Copies of the WW1 Medal Cards, for any of the individuals listed below, may be obtained online from the National Archives.  Additional information is only provided here (date of death, and age at death) through a cross referenced match of Regiment No. and Name with the casualty database maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC).  In cases where only a name was available for reference, or regimental numbers did not match, such information has been omitted from this list, and the CWGC database should be consulted independently.

Name Corps Regiment No Rank Date of Death Age
Staveley Taylor, Emmeline Voluntary Aid Detachment        
Staveley, A G Royal Field Artillery   Major    
Staveley, Albert Army Service Corps TS-9161 Driver    
Staveley, Albert Leicestershire Regiment 19600 Private September 2, 1918 29
Staveley, Alfred E Royal Engineers 446755 Driver    
Staveley, Alfred O Northumberland Fusiliers 244 Acting Corporal    
Staveley, Arnold Army Service Corps M2/082929 Private    
Staveley, Arnold Royal Field Artillery 74776 Driver    
Staveley, Arthur Army Service Corps M/349642 Private    
Staveley, Arthur King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 24835 Private    
Staveley, Arthur Lincolnshire Regiment 20411 Private    
Staveley, Arthur Royal Field Artillery 222233 Gunner    
Staveley, Arthur Royal West Kent Regiment 9417 Private    
Staveley, Arthur West Yorkshire Regiment 4315 Corporal    
Staveley, Arthur Godfrey Royal Field Artillery   Captain March 24, 1920 47
Staveley, Arthur H Army Ordnance Corps 35326 Private    
Staveley, Arthur P Royal Irish Regiment 5235 Private    
Staveley, Arthur S Army Service Corps M2/136618 Private    
Staveley, Charles Hussars 9175 Private    
Staveley, Charles Royal Field Artillery 2917 Driver    
Staveley, Charles A East Yorkshire Regiment 13/472 Private    
Staveley, Charles H Army Ordnance Corps 04761 Corporal 2nd    
Staveley, Charles Russell Staff   Lieutenant Colonel    
Staveley, Charles S Yorkshire Regiment 7714 Colour Serjeant July 2, 1916  
Staveley, Charles W Royal Army Medical Corps 64856 Private    
Staveley, Christopher Border Regiment 213866 Private    
Staveley, Clarence Royal Field Artillery L/45203 Private    
Staveley, Edmund Yorkshire Regiment 28233 Private June 9, 1917  
Staveley, Elijah Durham Light Infantry 33329 Private    
Staveley, Enos Manchester Regiment 251198 Private    
Staveley, Ernest Royal Engineers 43904 Corporal 2nd    
Staveley, Ernest G West Yorkshire Regiment 4907 Private May 27, 1917 26
Staveley, Ernest W Dorsetshire Regiment 26492 Private    
Staveley, Francis G Welsh Regiment TR/3/30915 Private    
Staveley, Francis W Northumberland Fusilers 266423 Private June 11, 1918  
Staveley, Frank Army Service Corps DM2/097268 Private    
Staveley, Frank Royal Army Medical Corps 75572 Private    
Staveley, Frank West Riding Regiment 205621 Private July 20, 1918  
Staveley, Frank Yorkshire Light Infantry 36287 Private    
Staveley, Fred Royal Garrison Artillery 4599 Gunner    
Staveley, Frederick Simpson East Yorkshire Regiment   Lieutenant    
Staveley, Geffrey D Royal Lancaster Regiment 41662 Private    
Staveley, George Machine Gun Corps 29408 Private September 2, 1918  
Staveley, George Middlesex Regiment PW/639 Private    
Staveley, George A Northumberland Fusiliers 3936 Private    
Staveley, George F Cheshire Regiment 3873 Private    
Staveley, George Hendley King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry   Captain April 14, 1917 34
Staveley, H S King's Liverpool Regiment 2755 Private    
Staveley, Harold Army Service Corps T4/142747 Driver    
Staveley, Harold Machine Gun Corps 83240 Private    
Staveley, Harold Royal Engineers 270230 Corporal 2nd    
Staveley, Harry Royal Engineers T2818 Sapper May 13, 1917 24
Staveley, Henry Royal Lancaster Regiment 32731 Private    
Staveley, Herbert Royal Army Medical Corps 76330 Private    
Staveley, Herbert Royal Engineers 58918 Sapper    
Staveley, Hugh Sheardown East Yorkshire Regiment   Temporary Lieutenant May 3, 1917 30
Staveley, J Border Regiment 18746 Corporal    
Staveley, James Yorkshire Light Infantry 7269 Private    
Staveley, James H Royal Engineers 461275 Driver    
Staveley, John Border Regiment 18746 Private    
Staveley, John Loyal North Lancashire Regiment 9257 Private    
Staveley, John A King's Royal Rifle Corps R27109 Private    
Staveley, John H Tank Corps 310343 Private    
Staveley, John R Hampshire Regiment 16779 Private    
Staveley, John T Liverpool Regiment 357568 Private    
Staveley, John W Yorkshire Light Infantry 1361 Corporal August 10, 1916 27
Staveley, Joseph S Royal Engineers 7675 Sapper    
Staveley, Lindsay West Yorkshire Regiment 5418 Private    
Staveley, Lister Machine Gun Corps 29407 Private September 15, 1916 22
Staveley, M Royal Field Artillery   Lieutenant/Temporary Captain    
Staveley, Mark Royal Field Artillery 2506 Driver    
Staveley, Matthias Durham Light Infantry 19/513 Private    
Staveley, Michael W East Yorkshire Regiment 26081 Private    
Staveley, Miles Royal Field Artillery   Second Lieutenant    
Staveley, Muriel Mary Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service   Nurse    
Staveley, Myles Durham Light Infantry 6/2286 Private    
Staveley, Norman Border Regiment 13556 Private July 3, 1916  
Staveley, P F J Royal Berkshire Regiment 52 Private    
Staveley, Percival Training Reserve TR3/9953 Private    
Staveley, R Royal Field Artillery   Second Lieutenant    
Staveley, R Royal Field Artillery   Temporary Captain    
Staveley, R Royal Horse Artillery   Lieutenant    
Staveley, R Henry British Red Cross Society   Volunteer Driver    
Staveley, Richard Royal Lancaster Regiment 265542 Private    
Staveley, Robert Royal Field Artillery   Second Lieutenant    
Staveley, Robert Yorkshire Regiment 28236 Private    
Staveley, Robert A York and Lancaster Regiment 38663 Private    
Staveley, S Lancashire Fusiliers 45047 Private    
Staveley, Samuel King's Royal Rifle Corps 11171 Private    
Staveley, Samuel York and Lancaster Regiment 37479 Private April 28, 1917  
Staveley, Stanley A Rifle Brigade P/1391 Private    
Staveley, Susan Expeditionary Force Canteens        
Staveley, Susan Millicent Expeditionary Force Canteens        
Staveley, Sydney West Riding Regiment 202265 Private September 3, 1916 26
Staveley, Thomas Coldstream Guards 14413 Private    
Staveley, Thomas King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment 37104 Private    
Staveley, Thomas Machine Gun Corps 114841 Private    
Staveley, Thomas Machine Gun Corps 126550 Private    
Staveley, Thomas Royal Engineers 480028 Sapper    
Staveley, Thomas W Loyal North Lancashire Regiment 25814 Acting Serjeant    
Staveley, Tom East Lancashire Regiment   Lieutenant    
Staveley, Ursula J Voluntary Aid Detachment        
Staveley, W Hussars 1566 Private    
Staveley, W Indian Ordnance Department Indian Army   Major    
Staveley, WC Royal Artillery/Staff   Colonel/Temporary Brigadier General    
Staveley, WC Royal Artillery/Staff   Lieutenant Colonel/Temporary Brigadier General    
Staveley, WC Royal Field Artillery   Lieutenant Colonel    
Staveley, WC Royal Field Artillery   Lieutenant Colonel    
Staveley, W E Manchester Regiment 16805 Private Acting Corporal    
Staveley, Walter Durham Light Infantry 53258 Private    
Staveley, Walter Royal Field Artillery 401 Bombardier    
Staveley, Walter Darley Canadian Expeditionary Force Royal Engineers   Lieutenant    
Staveley, William Army Service Corps T4/40196 Driver    
Staveley, William Army Service Corps DM2/169611 Private    
Staveley, William Cheshire Regiment 47937 Private    
Staveley, William King's Shropshire Light Infantry 38654 Private    
Staveley, William Loyal North Lancashire Regiment 19715 Lance Corporal    
Staveley, William Northumberland Fusiliers 37117 Private    
Staveley, William Royal Army Service Corps DM2/224787 Private    
Staveley, William Royal Engineers 102783 Sapper    
Staveley, William Royal Lancaster Regiment 10509 Private May 8, 1915  
Staveley, William Adam Army Service Corps Motor Transport M/2/053820 Private    
Staveley, William Alfred Royal Field Artillery 2475 Driver    
Staveley, William Cathcart Royal Field Artillery   Lieutenant Colonel    
Staveley, William E Manchester Regiment 16895 Private    
Staveley, William E Manchester Regiment 47978 Private    
Staveley, William H Army Service Corps RX4/235004 Private    
Staveley, Winifred C H French Red Cross   Nurse    
Stavely, Albert Henry Liverpool Regiment 4044 Private    
Stavely, Alfred T Royal Garrison Artillery 210031 Gunner    
Stavely, C W Royal Army Medical Corps 64856 Private    
Stavely, Frederick Army Service Corps TS/10138 Private    
Stavely, G H Army Service Corps M1/09267 Private    
Stavely, Herbert S Liverpool Regiment 2755 Warrant Officer Class 2    
Stavely, James W Leicestershire Regiment 7212 Private    
Stavely, Joseph Owen Seaforth Highlanders 10753 Serjeant    
Stavely, William Hussars 1566 Private    
Stavely, William A Army Service Corps M2/0523820 Private    



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