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-- by Peter Staveley

The book is intended to give as accurate and interesting a picture as possible of the evolution of the Staveley family lines – from its earliest origins prior to the Norman Conquest, through to the late 20th century.  Indeed, if I tell you that I discovered Staveley lives entwined with William the Conqueror, Robin Hood, King John and the Magna Carta, Agincourt, The Wars of the Roses, Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, right through to James II, Wellington, the Battle of New Orleans, the American Civil War, Gordon of Khartoum, Balaclava, Ypres, the Allied invasion of Italy and much more besides, then you might understand how it has been a delight, a revelation and at times (as my wife Juliet can certainly vouch for), a bit of an obsession! Whilst endeavouring to make it a ‘good read’, it was also my wish to make it a serious genealogy thesis. (In other words, it does get a bit heavy in places but you can always skip over those bits and there are lots of nice pictures to keep up the interest.) However, I hope that some Staveleys – maybe now or in the future, will find relevance in the more painstaking details!

I also make it clear from the start that in no way does this book intend to record every Staveley that ever lived (ie a so-called One Name Study), although at times it has felt like I have! Once the 19th century is reached and Staveleys, like many other families, spread their wings geographically, I make no attempt to chart all the resulting family groups in any precise detail. There are exceptions to this: my own family line (for which I trust you will excuse me) and three or four other of the most significant Staveley trees.

However, if you subsequently find the subject of interest and need assistance to research your own 20th and 19th century origins more thoroughly, then I suspect that I (together with other researchers I know) may be able to point you in the right direction!

I had originally intended to produce hard copies of this book, but as might be imagined from the number of trees that would have to be felled to achieve this I have, in deference to global warming, instead turned to an innovation of modern science…the CD Rom.

In addition to the main book, I am (like any self-respecting marketing man!) giving away two additional free ‘papers’ that I have written. Both are, perhaps surprisingly, based in the first century of the last millennium.

The first one is entitled ‘Blood Feud’ and charts the story of the only blood feud (of which I understand there were many) that is detailed in the Anglo Saxon Chronicle. It involves a variety of early pre-Norman Conquest characters – mostly entwined with the families of the Northumbrian Earls – who, somewhat amazingly, were Staveley related!

The second is altogether somewhat more fanciful, but a lot of fun, and is entitled ‘The Real Robin Hood – A Staveley?’. It is my take (and that of others, I hasten to add) about the possible identity of the original Robin Hood who may, just possibly, have had Staveley blood in his veins!

These are just bonus extras to the main event. In order to give you a flavour of the main book, view the:

from which you will get a general idea of the coverage I have achieved. 

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