Apprenticeship Records

Extracted from the London Apprenticeship Abstracts 1442-1850

Staveley, Edward son of Lawrence Gainsborough, Lincolnshire Brewer to John Stone Sep 11, 1621 Brewers' Company
Staveley, Daniel son of Francis Gainsborough, Lincolnshire Husbandman to John Jackson Nov 22, 1637 Tallow Chandlers' Company
Stavely, Joseph son of Joseph Yateley, Hampshire Mariner to Edward Stroude Apr 3, 1697 Tallow Chandlers' Company
Stavely, John son of Joseph Fleet Street, St Dunstan in the West, London Seedsman to Edward Crace Jul 5, 1758 Painters' Company
Staveley, John son of Paul St. Bride, London Porter to Henry Young Feb 6, 1793 Fruiterers' Company
Staveley, William son of Thomas St Marylebone, Middlesex Broker to his father Jul 2, 1798 Patternmakers' Company


Extracted from the Apprentices of Great Britain (1710 - 1774)

1712 Staveley, Wm of Sawnby, Notts   to Thos Turner of Bawtrey, Yks But ₤10
1714 Staverly, Edw     to Abra Renone of St. Giles Silvsm ₤5
1714 Staveley, Wm     to Rob Cowwood of Hatfield, Yks Carpt ₤2 10/-
1715 Staverly, Ann Thos of St. Clements Vict. to Eliz Sampford of St. Clem. Danes Millin ₤4
1716 Staveley, Edw Jn of Cumberland Esq. to Ric Thomson of Furnivals Inn Gent ₤3 2/5
1716 Staveley, Walt Mich of Yorks Gent to Chris Goulton of Staple Inn Gent ₤100
1719 Stavely, Babington     to Jn Smith   Cit & Gent ₤100
1728 Stavely, Mich Isabella of Bridlington, Yks Wid to Hen Waterland of Hedon Gent ₤20
1729 Stavely, Jn     to Jas Wilkinson of Beedale, Yks Barb ₤3
1730 Stavely, Wm Allison     to Jn Wells of Harmby, York Carp ₤2
1736 Staveley, Jn of Pocklington, Yks   to Thos Hardiisty of Eastingwould Carp ₤9
1740 Stavely, Ralph     to Wm Bennett of Tideswell, Derby Cordw ₤2
1745 Staveley, Thos Fran of Clifton, Yks   to Ric Oddy of Rotherham Groc ₤30
1748 Staveley, Jn of Clifton, Yks   to Mich Carver of Tickhill Merc ₤25
1752 Stavely, Ric     to Nath Pearson of Doncaster Wool Drap ₤80
1753 Stavely, Ric     to Culmr Cockerill of Scarborough Apoth ₤63
1755 Stavely, Fran     to Thos Knowsley of Kingston/Hull, Yks Merc ₤65
1758 Staveley, Jn     to Edw Crace   Cit & Paint Stain ₤50
1761 Staverley, Thos     to Rob Blanchard of Beverley, Yks Tan ₤23 2/-
1769 Stavely, Jos     to Wm Hutchinson of Willoughton But ₤10 10/-


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