Burnley, Lancashire - Originating from Askrigg, Yorkshire

This family line descends through George Staveley and Mary Knowles of Askrigg.  In 1861 their son Anthony is found residing in Habergham Eaves, Burnley with his wife Jane, and daughter Margaret. 

1861: Britannia Buildings, Habergham Eaves, Burnley, Lancashire

 Anthony STAVELEY   Head   M   Male   26   Askrig, Yorkshire, England   Coal Miner
 Jane STAVELEY   Wife   M   Female   22   Durham, Lancashire, England   
 Margaret STAVELEY   Daur   U  Female    8 mo  Durham, Lancashire, England   


George and Mary were staying in Coundon Durham "on census night only" in 1861 with daughter Ann THORNTON.  George and Mary moved to Lancashire by the 1871 census and are found living in Nelson with their daughters Mary and Margaret.  Their sons Anthony, George, and Matthias were all living in Durham by this time, son Elijah was living in Burnley.  Daughter Jemima married William CLARKE and is found living in Accrington in 1871:

1871: Chapel St., Nelson, Little Marsden

 George STAVLEY   Head   M   Male   62   Grisdale, Westmoreland, England   Hawker
 Mary STAVLEY   Wife   M   Female   65   Winserdale, Yorkshire, England   Housewife
 Mary STAVLEY   Daur   U  Female   27   Gale, Yorkshire, England   Winder 
 Margret BROADLEY  Daur  M  Female 20  Morton, Yorkshire, England  Winder**
 Grace THORNTON  GDaur  U  Female 16  Felingsbridge, Durham  Winder


**Margaret married James BROADLEY January 28, 1871 in Marsden, Lancashire.  (see 1881 census records below).  It appears that James was staying with his sister-in-law Jemima (Margaret's sister) in Accrington during this 1871 census:

1871: 43 Whalley Road, Accrington, Lancashire

 William CLARKE   Head   M   Male   24  Accrington, Lancashire, England   Clogger
 Jemmima CLARKE   Wife   M   Female   26   Morton, Yorkshire, England   Housekeeper
 James BROADLEY   Boarder   M  Male   20   Accrington, Lancashire, England   Mason 


George and Mary's son George b. 1837 is residing in Coundon, Durham in 1861.  He married Alice HOPWOOD in Burnley later that same year.  They had a son John Thomas Staveley born 9 Sep 1862, Christened 5 Apr 1863, Habergham Eaves, Burnley.   By 1871 George is missing from the census.  Initially it was presumed that he was deceased.  His wife Alice, along with her two children, appears to be staying with her parents at the time of the 1871 census:

1871: Rose Hill, Habergham Eaves, Burnley

 John HOPWOOD  Head   M    Male  60  Great Harwood, Lancashire, England  Carter
 Ann HOPWOOD   Wife   M    Female   63   Padiham, Lancashire, England   
 William HOPWOOD   Son   U    Male 23  Burnley, Lancashire, England Blind from Inflammation
 Alice STAVELEY   Boarder  M   Female 27  Burnley, Lancashire, England  Cotton Weaver
 John T. STAVELEY   Son  U   Male 8  Burnley, Lancashire, England  
 Daniel STAVELEY  Son  U   Male 3  Burnley, Lancashire, England  


By 1881, Alice's husband George is found living in Sedgefield, Durham.  He appears to have remarried, to a Louisa WHITE in 1874. 

George and Mary's son Elijah, prior to moving to Burnley, was located in Coundon Durham in 1861.  He met and married his wife Margaret TATTERSILL in Darlington in 1862.  Elijah's brother Matthias remained in Durham, but by 1871 Elijah had relocated to Habergham Eaves, Burnley.

1871: Stoops Lane, Habergham Eaves, Burnley, Lancashire

 Elijah STAVELEY   Head   M   Male   31   Askrigg, York, England   Labourer Print Works
 Margaret STAVELEY   Wife   M   Female   27   Burnley, Lancashire, England   Labourers Wife


In 1881 George (b. 1808) is staying with his daughter Mary who married John HINDLE. 

1881: Norton St, Hapton, Burnley, Lancashire, England

 John HINDLE   Head   M   Male   42   Rishton, Lancashire, England   Cooper In Chemical Wks 
 Mary HINDLE   Wife   M   Female   37   Newselden, York, England    
 Mary HINDLE   Daur      Female   5   Durham, England   Scholar 
 Catharine HINDLE   Daur      Female   2   Accrington, Lancashire, England    
 Anne HINDLE   Daur      Female   1   Huncoat, Lancashire, England    
 Geo. STAVLEY   Father In Law   M   Male   74   Westmorland, England   Formerly Spar Dealer 


George's wife Mary is visiting the household of Edward HAWORTH. Edward's wife Ellen states she was born in Askrigg. Perhaps Ellen is a family friend, possibly known to George and Mary when they lived in Askrigg previously:

1881: 69 Standish Street, Burnley

 Edward HAWORTH   Head   M   Male   35   Gisburn, York, England   Butcher 
 Ellen HAWORTH   Wife   M   Female   32   Askrigg, York, England   Butcher Wife 
 Emma Ann G. HAWORTH   Daur      Female   10   Liverpool, Lancashire, England   Scholar 
 Walter HAWORTH   Son      Male   7   Burnley, Lancashire, England   Scholar 
 Eleanor J. HAWORTH   Daur      Female   5   Burnley, Lancashire, England   Scholar 
 Mary STAVELEY   Visitor   M   Female   76   Abbottside, York, England   Housekeeper 
 Margaret EVANS   Visitor   U   Female   19   Wrexham, Wales   Waitress Coffee Rooms 


It is interesting to not that George (b. 1808) is visiting daughter Mary HINDLE in 1881, and his wife Mary is visiting Haworths.  As such, it's not clear if George and Mary still had a home of their own in Nelson, or not.  Mary (nee KNOWLES) died in burnley in 1886 at the age of 82 years.  Her husband George died two years later in 1888 at the age of 80 years.

As mentioned above, George and Mary's daughter Margaret married a James BROADLEY and took up residence in nearby Accrington:

1881: 8 Stephenson Court School Street, Accrington:

 James BROADLEY   Head   M   Male   30   Accrington, Lancashire, England   Stonemason 
 Margaret BROADLEY   Wife   M   Female   30   Keighley, York, England   Housekeeper 
 Mary BROADLEY   Daur      Female   9   Accrington, Lancashire, England   Scholar 
 John BROADLEY   Son      Male   7   Accrington, Lancashire, England   Scholar 
 George BROADLEY   Son      Male   5   Accrington, Lancashire, England   Scholar 
 Anthony BROADLEY   Son      Male   3   Accrington, Lancashire, England   Child 
 Adam DERBYSHIRE   Boarder   U   Male   38   Chorley, Lancashire, England   Stone Flagger 
 George DERBYSHIRE   Boarder   U   Male   28   Chorley, Lancashire, England   Stone Labourer 
 John POLLITT   Boarder   U   Male   22   Bradford, York, England   Railway Shunter 


1881: 56 Huntley St, Burnley, Lancashire

 Elijah STAVELEY   Head   M   Male   42   Askrigg, York, England   Green Grocer 
 Margaret STAVELEY   Wife   M   Female   37   Burnley, Lancashire, England    
 Mary Ann STAVELEY   Daur      Female   7   Burnley, Lancashire, England   Scholar 


George and Mary's son George was missing from the 1871 census.  In 1881 he is living with his second wife Louisa WHITE in Sedgefield, Durham.  George's children however are residing with their mother:

1881: 2 Cowper St, Habergham Eaves, Lancashire

 Alice STABLEY  Head   M   Female   37   Habergham Eaves, Lancashire, England   Cotton Weaver 
 Thomas STABLEY   Son   U   Male   18   Lancashire, England   Cotton Weaver 
 Daniel STABLEY   Son   U   Male   13   Lancashire, England   Cotton Weaver 
 John HOPWOOD   Father   W   Male   70   Harwood, Lancashire, England    


For some time Alice was not found in the 1881 census as the enumerator had handwritten the surname as "Stabley".  She was only located accidentally during a search for her father John Hopwood.  It is interesting to note that Alice still states she is married, and yet husband George has clearly remarried by this time.  Alice does not state she is widowed until 1891. 

George and Alice Hopwood's son, John Thomas Staveley, married Hannah Winter July 6, 1884 at St. John the Baptist Church, in Gannow, Lancashire.  Hannah was a soldier's daughter, born to parents Charles and Ann Winter.  Note that Hannah's mother Ann was Canadian by birth, and this may help explain why John Thomas Staveley and Hannah eventually moved their family to Quebec, Canada.

1891: 18 Jockey St, Burnley, Lancashire

 John T. STAVELEY  Head   M    Male   28  Burnley, Lancashire, England   Weaver
 Hannah STAVELEY   Wife   M    Female   28   Burnley, Lancashire, England   
 Ann J. STAVELEY   Daur  U    Female  6  Burnley, Lancashire, England  Scholar
 Charles STAVELEY   Son  M   Male  3  Burnley, Lancashire, England   
 William STAVELEY   Son  U   Male  1  Burnley, Lancashire, England  


John's brother Daniel is still living with his mother in 1891:

1891: 20 Jockey St, Burnley, Lancashire

 Alice STAVELEY  Head   W    Female  48  Burnley, Lancashire, England   Cotton Weaver
 Daniel STAVELEY   Son  M    Male   23   Burnley, Lancashire, England   Cotton Weaver


Alice has finally listed her marital status as Widowed.  Her husband George has not been located on either the 1891 or 1901 census records, and is presumed to have died.

1891: 2 Gannow Lane, Burnley, Lancashire

 Elijah STAVELEY   Head   M   Male   52   Aserig, York, England   Furniture Broker
 Margaret R. STAVELEY   Wife   M   Female   47   Burnley, Lancashire, England    
 Mary Ann STAVELEY   Daur      Female   17   Burnley, Lancashire, England   Scholar 

The General & Commercial Directory of Burnley, 1896 shows the following entry on page 170:

Staveley, Elijah, Cabinet Maker, Upholsterer, and Furniture Dealer, 27 Barracks Road, Burnley

It's not clear if this may have been his home address, or a business address, but it was not uncommon to live above the shop, and this family does appear to move around a lot.  There are additional entries in the Directory on page 222 where he is listed as a "furniture broker", and again on page 250 as a "cabinet maker".

1901: 4 Faraday St, Burnley, Lancashire

 Elijah STAVELEY   Head   M   Male   61   Aserig, York, England   Furniture Broker
 Margaret R. STAVELEY   Wife   M   Female   57   Burnley, Lancashire, England    


Elijah's daughter Mary Ann was married in the September Quarter of 1895 to Arthur Ashworth in Burnley.

1901: 7 Claremont St, Burnley

 Arthur ASHWORTH   Head   M   Male   30   Burnley, Lancashire, England  Sanitary Ware Travel
 Mary Ann ASHWORTH   Wife   M   Female   27   Burnley, Lancashire, England    
 Gertrude Marion ASHWORTH  Daur  U  Female 4  Burnley, Lancashire, England  
 Wilfred Arthur ASHWORTH  Son  U  Male 2  Burnley, Lancashire, England  


Elijah appears to have died in Burnley in the June quarter of 1917, aged 77.

1901: 18 Jockey St, Burnley, Lancashire

 John T. STAVELEY  Head   M    Male   38  Burnley, Lancashire, England   Cotton Weaver
 Hannah STAVELEY   Wife   M    Female   36   Gibraltar   Cotton Winder
 Ann Jane STAVELEY   Daur  U    Female  16  Burnley, Lancashire, England  Cotton Winder
 Charlie STAVELEY   Son  M   Male  13  Burnley, Lancashire, England   Cotton Weaver
 Willie STAVELEY   Son  U   Male  11  Burnley, Lancashire, England  
 Daniel STAVELEY**  Son  U   Male  7  Burnley, Lancashire, England  
 Alice STAVELEY  Daur  U   Female  4  Burnley, Lancashire, England  


Note**: John and Hannah's son Daniel (b. 1894) appears to have joined the Canadian Over-Seas Expeditionary Force on May 21, 1917.  Daniel gives his date of birth as December 17, 1894, and "Burnley" as his place of birth.  He declares himself to be a Clerk by trade.  Daniel gives his next of kin as "Mrs. Annie Staveley" at 311 Magdelen St., Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Although not listed in the census, the Vital Records Index shows one additional daughter was born to John Staveley and Hannah Winter in 1899:

Charlotte Staveley born 9 Nov 1899, Chr 27 Nov 1899, Habergham Eaves

It appears however that Charlotte died shortly after she was born:

Dec Qtr 1899 Staveley, Charlotte Age: 0 Dist: Burnley Vol 8e, Page 168

John and Hannah moved to Canada, and both are buried at Fulford Cemetery, Davis Rd, Brome, Estrie, Quebec.

1901: 20 Jockey St, Burnley, Lancashire

 Alice STAVELEY  Head   W    Female  57  Burnley, Lancashire, England  Cotton Weaver
 Daniel STAVELEY   Son  M    Male   32   Burnley, Lancashire, England  Cotton Weaver


Alice's son Daniel, John Thomas Staveley's brother, died in Burnley in 1941 aged 74 years.  It is unknown at this time if Daniel ever married.


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