Aysgarth, Yorkshire

George Staveley was born to William Staveley and Mary FIRBY in nearby East Witton in 1774, and decends from the Wensley and West Witton line of Staveleys.  George's occupation as an adult was that of millwright at Yore Mill in Aysgarth, and he married Dorothy Wray, in St. Andrew's parish church on January 13th 1806.

Banns Marriage Register Entry for George Staveley and Dorothy Wray

George Staveley & Dorothy Wray were married by Banns in 1806 (click image to enlarge)

In 1807, George and Dorothy's first child, of eleven, was born. During the course of the next twenty years they had a total of four daughters, and seven sons.  At the age of 44, Dorothy gave birth to her last 2 children, twin sons James and Francis.

William Staveley b. December 25, 1807   St. Andrews, Aysgarth, Yorkshire
Dorothy Staveley b. April 1, 1810   St. Andrews, Aysgarth, Yorkshire
Mary Staveley b. February 2, 1812 d. May 8, 1830 St. Andrews, Aysgarth, Yorkshire
Jane Staveley b. May 22, 1814   St. Andrews, Aysgarth, Yorkshire
Thomas Staveley b. July 14, 1816   St. Andrews, Aysgarth, Yorkshire
George Staveley b. May 24, 1818   St. Andrews, Aysgarth, Yorkshire
Anne Staveley b. October 8, 1820 d. December 30, 1821 St. Andrews, Aysgarth, Yorkshire
John Staveley b. November 17, 1822   St. Andrews, Aysgarth, Yorkshire
Enos Staveley b. April 21, 1825   St. Andrews, Aysgarth, Yorkshire
James Staveley b. December 23, 1827   St. Andrews, Aysgarth, Yorkshire
Francis Staveley b. December 23, 1827   St. Andrews, Aysgarth, Yorkshire


As for George's wife Dorothy WRAY, there is no record of a birth for Dorothy Wray in Aysgarth, despite the fact there are numerous Wrays living in Aysgarth at that time.  It is possible that Dorothy may in fact be from a Burneston line of Wrays, but this has yet to be confirmed.  An entry of baptism for a Dorothy Wray, daughter of Thomas Wray and Dorothy Sisterson of Burneston is the closest match located to date.

George and Dorothy's youngest daughter Anne died in 1821 when she was just a little more than a year old, and daughter Mary died in 1830 at age 18. 

George's eldest son William (b. 1807) was married in Marske by Richmond, Yorkshire in 1829, and in 1841 is found residing in Horwich, Lancashire.

George's daughter Dorothy (b. 1810) is listed as having a son William (b. 1833) in Aysgarth, seemingly out of wedlock according to the parish register notation. Dorothy is living with her parents in 1841 in Horwich, and her son William is present in the household at that time.  Although Dorothy was unmarried at the time of the birth of William, she did marry a William W. NELSON in 1851, and is living in New Cross, Manchester, Lancashire with her sons Joseph and John by 1861.

Between 1833 and 1841 George Staveley's entire remaining family left Aysgarth, and are found residing in Horwich, Lancashire, in 1841.

Author: Clare M. Staveley


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