Staveley BMD Records

Traditionally records of births, marriages and deaths were kept in local parish church registers.  Copies of these records were sometimes re-transcribed into "Bishop's Transcripts" and kept outside of the parish.  Parish records are still the critical source of original records, and likely to be the most accurate resources available.  A single copy of a parish register however was vulnerable and could be damaged, destroyed or lost.  By 1597 it was decreed that on Sundays the incumbent and churchwardens would make a transcript of the baptisms, marriages, and burials performed in the preceding week, and this copy of the transcript was to be sent to the bishop on New Year's Eve to keep in the diocesan registry.  Note that prior to 1752, New Years Eve occurred on March 24th, the day before 'Lady Day in the Julian calendar'.  The LDS Church has re-transcribed many of the parish registers from England into online searchable databases, and holds copies of the registers on microfilm at the Salt Lake library in Utah.  It is important to note however that not all parish registers were microfilmed or transcribed.

Various other regionally compiled indexes of British BMD data have also transpired over the years including Boyds Index, and Pallot's Index.  These indexes were compiled from original parish registers or Bishop's transcripts, and may contain transcription errors.  As such, original register entries should always be consulted to verify the accuracy of the information contained in these secondary indexes.

The following databases contain Staveley records of birth, marriage and death that were registered with local government record offices.  These indexes are useful for obtaining the necessary references to obtain copies of Staveley birth, marriage, and death certificates from the appropriate agencies.  For instructions on sorting and filtering data in the tables see the GRO Tutorial.

Great Britain:

GRO Index Civil registration index of Staveley births (1837-1924), marriages (1837-1945) and deaths (1837-1950) registered with the General Register Office in England.


World Records:

Australia BMD Staveley births, marriages and deaths registered in New South Wales, Australia.


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