Certificates, Wills and Deeds

The following indexes list available Staveley certificates, wills, family photographs and other miscellaneous documents (including private letters, property deeds etc.) that are privately held by some of our researchers.

To contact one of our members regarding obtaining a copy of any of the documents listed in these databases, please leave a message at our Staveley discussion forum.

The following Staveley and related wills have been transcribed, and appear elsewhere on this website.  Follow the relevant links to read the individual transcripts.  (Note that some wills marked with an [*] have only been partially transcribed.  Complete transcription of these wills is still in process):

Name  Date Resident of  County
Anne Staveley July 28, 1676 Pangbourne Berkshire
John Staveley September 23, 1823 Disley Cheshire
John Staveley May 21, 1867 Hyde Cheshire
Nanny Staveley March 29, 1876 Hyde Cheshire
Anthony Staveleigh * August 20, 1622 Bideford Devonshire
Samuel Staveley September 30, 1765 Sherborne Dorsetshire
Jane Staveley December 11, 1810  Hayton East Yorkshire
Mary Staveley March 29, 1780  Hayton East Yorkshire
Stephen Staveley September 30, 1822  Hayton East Yorkshire
Robert Staveley  June 28, 1771  Hunmanby East Yorkshire
Ann Staveley December 31, 1829 Pocklington East Yorkshire
Isabell Staveley August 30, 1657 Pockllington/Seaton Ross East Yorkshire
Thomas Staveley March 4, 1731 Pocklington East Yorkshire
George Staveley March 13, 1809 Scarborough East Yorkshire
Babington Staveley May 5, 1680 Northaw Hertfordshire
Christopher Staveley November 12, 1819 Leicester Leicestershire
William Staveley September 17, 1722 Medbourne Leicestershire
Eastland Snowden April 9, 1755 Knaith Lincolnshire
Frances Staveley July 29, 1831 Knaith Lincolnshire
Joseph Staveley October 26, 1846 Knaith Lincolnshire
William Staveley September 23, 1850 Lincoln Lincolnshire
Arthur Staveley September 30, 1696 Holborn Middlesex
Barbara Staveley November 29, 1720 Holborn Middlesex
Miles Staveley January 10, 1841 St. Pancras Middlesex
Margaret Moore February 16, 1743 East Witton North Yorkshire
Edward Staveley January 20, 1830 Nottingham Park Nottinghamshire
Willyam Staveley * October, 1498 Bicester Oxfordshire
Luke Staveley March 29, 1819 Halifax West Yorkshire
Nathaniel Staveley March 5, 1742 Pontefract West Yorkshire


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