The Staveleys are known to have occupied England for at least a millenium.  The Staveleys are often regarded to be Norman in origin, but early history suggests that several generations settled in Yorkshire and Cumbria during Anglo Saxon times, perhaps as early as 1000 AD.

Since that time Staveleys have occupied many of the counties in England, and those which were not occupied extensively, at least have seen a Staveley or two passing through.

Old Map of England

Although eventually it might be possible to devote a page to each county in England, outlining the pertinent Staveley associations within that jurisdiction, we initially focus on the primary counties of historical interest regarding this family name.  These pages will help guide your journey through more than 1000 years of Staveley history, and will continue to be amended as new material is available.  As families moved from one parish, county or even country to the next, so you will be guided accordingly through the pages of this site.

If you believe you have a Staveley in your tree and would like to learn more about your Staveley origins, we recommend joining the Staveley-Genealogy discussion forum where you can make contact, and share information with others who may be researching your line of interest.


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