Everton, Lancashire

Agnes Jane Staveley (nee CARTER) is the widow of Richard Staveley of London.  In 1861 Richard and Agnes were residing in Kirkdale. Their three children, Frederick W., Marianne Fyfe and Henry Staveley were all christened at St. Alban, Wood St. in Middlesex.  In 1871 Agnes is residing in Everton with her son Henry and his new wife Jessie Thomson GALBRAITH:

1871: 4 Grove, Everton, Liverpool, Lancashire, England

 A. Jane STAVLEY   Head   W  Female  60  Liverpool, Lancashire, England   Independent
 Henry STAVLEY   Son  M   Male  24  Liverpool, Lancashire, England   Forwarding Agent
 Jessie T. STAVLEY   Daughter in Law   M  Female   25  Edinburgh, Scotland   
 Elizabeth MARTIN  Serv  U   Female  34  Batley, Ireland  Servant
 E. C. ROBINSON   Serv  U   Male   23   Liverpool, Lancashire, England   Servant
 Eleanor HENRICKSON  Aunt  M  Female  69  Kingston, Jamaica  
 Martha DAVIDSON  Serv  U  Female  25  Kirkcowan, Wigtownshire, Scotland  Serv of all Work


Agnes' son Frederick is residing in Bootle in 1871.  Daughter Marianne is living in Aberdeen.  Agnes is found living near her son Henry in Hornsey, Middlesex in 1881.


George Staveley is the son of Robert Staveley and Mary LISTER of Ingleton and married Edith METCALFE in Horton in Ribblesdale on January 4, 1834. Prior to arriving in Everton, this family lived in Giggleswick, Yorkshire.

1871: Everton, Liverpool, Lancashire

 George STAVELEY   Head   M   Male   58   Gale, Yorkshire, England   Coachman 
 Eden STAVELEY   Wife   M   Female   60   Gale, Yorkshire, England    
 William STAVELEY   Son  U   Male  33  Winshaw, Yorkshire, England   Coachman
 Anthony STAVELEY   Son   U   Male   22   Giggleswick, Yorkshire, England   Coachman


George's wife Eden died in Liverpool in 1879, aged 67 years.

1881: No 14 Cecil St, West Derby, Lancashire, England

 Geo. STAVELY   Head   W   Male   69   Ingleton, York, England   Coachman (Hackney) 
 Wm. STAVELY   Son   U   Male   43   Whinshaw, York, England   Coachman (Hackney) 
 Anthony STAVELY   Son   M   Male   32   Giggleswick, York, England   Coachman (Hackney) 
 Ann STAVELY   Daur In Law   M   Female   33   Bettws, Denbigh, Wales   Coachmans Wife 
 Margt. STAVELY   G Daur   U   Female   3   Liverpool, Lancashire, England   Scholar 
 Eden STAVELY   G Daur      Female   9 m   Liverpool, Lancashire, England    

Anthony and his wife Ann are residing in West Derby, Lancashire in 1891, and Laneside, Haslingden in 1901.


A second, unrelated Staveley family resided in Everton in 1861 and 1881, but are found living in West Derby 1871.  Alfred Eldon Staveley is the son of Francis Staveley and Mary FEATHERSTONE of Hull, Yorkshire:

1861: 19 Duke St., Everton, Lancashire, England

 Alfred E. STAVELEY   Head   M   Male   31   Manchester, Lancashire, England  Bookkeeper
 Mary Emily STAVELEY   Wife   M   Female   29   Devenport, Devonshire, England    
 Jessie STAVELEY   Daur   U   Female   10  Hull, Yorkshire   Scholar
 Alfred STAVELEY   Son  U  Male  9  Liverpool, Lancashire, England   Scholar 
 Rose STAVELEY   Daur  U  Female   4   Liverpool, Lancashire, England   Scholar 
 Louisa STAVELEY  Daur  U  Female  3  Liverpool, Lancashire, England   
 Maria ROSE  Sister in law  U  Female  27  Devenport, Devonshire, England  Teacher
 Charles HILL  Visitor  U  Male  11  Liverpool, Lancashire, England   Scholar

By 1871 Jessie Elizabeth married Thomas FLEET in West Derby

1881: 59 Shallcross St, Everton, Lancashire, England

 Alfred E. STAVELLEY   Head   M   Male   51   Hamp (Hunt?)  Commercial Clerk 
 Mary E. STAVELLEY   Wife   M   Female   49   Plymouth    
 Annie STAVELLEY   Daur      Female   16   Liverpool   Tailoress 
 Ada STAVELLEY   Daur      Female   14   Liverpool   Cigar Maker 
 Francis STAVELLEY   Son      Male   10   Liverpool   Scholar 

In 1881 Alfred's place of birth is very difficult to decipher on the enumerator's transcript.  It was once thought the entry read "Hamp" as an abbreviation for Hampshire, however, on closer inspection it is possible to discern "Hunt" as an abbreviation for Huntingdon on the original record...and this would fit more closely with his entry from 1871 where he gives his place of birth as Godmanchester, Huntingdon.  Alfred and Mary's daughter Rose Eliza Staveley married a sailor by the name of William Henry CARVER on December 31, 1875 in West Derby.  In 1881 Rose's family is also living in Everton:

1881: 48 Laith St, Everton, Lancashire, England

 William H. CARVER   Head   M   Male   26   Tranmere, Cheshire, England   Sailor 
 Rose CARVER   Wife   M   Female   25   Liverpool, Lancashire, England    
 Henry C. CARVER   Son      Male   4   Liverpool, Lancashire, England    
 George A. CARVER   Son      Male   2   Liverpool, Lancashire, England    
 Alfred CARVER   Son      Male   2 m   Liverpool, Lancashire, England    


In 1881 Henry Pawson Staveley, son of William Norrington Staveley and Margaret HIGHTON, is residing in West Derby.  Henry married Jane MONTGOMERY in 1882 in Liverpool, and by 1891 we find them in Everton.

1891: 122 Spencer Street, Everton, Lancashire, England

 Henry P. STAVELEY   Head   M   Male   33   Liverpool, Lancashire, England   Cotton Porter
 Jane STAVELEY   Wife   M   Female   32   Liverpool, Lancashire, England    
 Harold E. STAVELEY   Son  S  Male  3  Liverpool, Lancashire, England   
 James A. STAVELEY   Son  S  Male  1  Liverpool, Lancashire, England   
 Janet MONTGOMERY  Sister in Law  S  Female  21  Liverpool, Lancashire, England   Cigarette Maker


Henry's wife Jane died in 1893 in West Derby.  In 1895 Henry Pawson Staveley married Lucy KENYON (nee HOOPS), and the family is found residing in West Derby in 1901.


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