Failsworth, Lancashire

John Staveley was born to George Staveley and Dorothy Wray in Aysgarth in 1822.  He married Mary Ann WALMSLEY on November 14, 1852.

1861: Lodge, Failsworth, Lancashire, England

 John STAVELEY   Head   M   Male   38   Aysgarth, York, England   Engine Driver 
 Mary STAVELEY   Wife   M   Female   34   Salford, Lancashire, England   
 Elizabeth A. W.  STAVELEY   Daur   U   Female   9   Salford, Lancashire, England   Scholar
 William W. STAVELEY  Son  U  Male  6  Ardwick, Lancashire, England  Scholar
 Ellen STAVELEY   Son   U   Male   3   Ardwick, Lancashire, England   
 Henry STAVELEY*   Son   U   Male   17   Horwich, Lancashire, England   Mechanic


Note: Henry Staveley is listed in the 1861 census as John and Mary's son.  However, not only is Henry 17 years old (born in 1844) and therefore born approximately eight years before John and Mary were married, but in 1881 Henry is actually listed as John and Mary's nephew.  It turns out that the notation of nephew in 1881 is more correct. Henry's mother was John's sister Jane Staveley (Henry was born out of wedlock, and hence retained the Staveley surname). His mother Jane died in Ardwick in 1851 when Henry was just 6 years old. Jane's mother was ill at the time, and so it seems her brother John took Henry into his household to raise with his own family.

By 1871 John and Mary have moved to Salford, and in 1881 they are found residing with their nephew Henry in Salford.


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