Fledborough, Nottinghamshire

Joseph Staveley was born in Saundby, Nottinghamshire to parents William Staveley and Elizabeth SLATER.  Joseph married Sarah SNOWDEN in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire on May 24, 1743, and had three children, Mary, Eastland and Elizabeth in Swinderby, Lincolnshire prior to living in Fledborough:

William Staveley b. May 11, 1749   Fledborough, Nottinghamshire
John Staveley b. February 25, 1750   Fledborough, Nottinghamshire
Joseph Staveley b. January 7, 1753   Fledborough, Nottinghamshire
Sarah Staveley b. January 4, 1754 d. 1754 Fledborough, Nottinghamshire


Son William went to Knaith in Lincolnshire where he married Frances COX on May 18, 1775, and had a large family in the parish.

John Staveley married Sarah TRAVIS on November 21, 1782 in Lea Lincolnshire (just north of Knaith).  They appear to have had children in Corringham and Spalding in Lincolnshire.

Joseph relocated to Newark, and married Millicent HALLAM on May 16, 1785 in Newark Upon Trent.

Joseph and Sarah's son Eastland Staveley married Mary THOMPSON in 1767 in Newton On Trent, Lincolnshire.


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