Gate Fulford, Yorkshire

Thomas Staveley was born in Stockton on the Forest on May 29, 1820.  He is the son of Benjamin Staveley and Mary HUTCHINSON.  Thomas married Maria SCOTT, and settled in St. Mary Bishophill Senior, York.  In 1874, Thomas and Maria's daughter Maria, married William Beetham ARMITAGE, and their daughter Susan is found visiting her Grandparents in 1881:

1881: Alma Terrace, Gate Fulford, Yorkshire, England

 Thomas STAVELEY   Head   M   Male   61   Stockton on the Forest, Yorkshire, England   Whitesmith  Blind in One Eye
 Maria STAVELEY   Wife   M   Female   62   Bradford, Yorkshire, England      
 Susan ARMITAGE Granddaughter  U  Female  3   Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England   Shopkeeper Assistant  


Thomas and Maria's son Benjamin is found in Fixby, Yorkshire with his wife Harriet ARMITAGE.


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