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Staveley Lineage: Dent, Yorkshire

My great grandfather Anthony Staveley was born in Dentdale, West Riding of Yorkshire, in 1832 and came to Iowa in 1866 (via Ontario Canada from 1857 to 1866). So far the Dentdale family are all farmers (as contrasted with some of the East Riding Staveleys who were tradesmen). There are indications my Staveleys came to Dentdale from Westmoreland in the late 1500s, were there for several generations, and then spread out toward Lancashire in the late 1800s.

The first five are tentative, mainly because of missing parish registers for the mid-1600's.

1. John Staveley (c1595-c1630) and Elizabeth Linzey

Married 16 Oct 1623, Dent WRY Yorkshire. Three children found: Jane, George, and Agnes. (John and his forebearers may have been from Westmoreland).

2. George Staveley (1627-1699?) and Agnes Pettye

Married 03 June 1648 Dent. Three children found: John, Elizabeth and George.

3. John Staveley (c1649-1702) and Miss Unknown.

John is inferred from eight children found: George, Maryan, Agnes, Elsabeth, Willyam, Jane, John, Mary.

4. George Staveley (c 1671-aft1742) married a Hodgson, maybe an Agnes

Married on 11 Jun 1704. George is inferred from seven children found, all bap at Dent: Agnes, John, Mary, Ann, George, Anne, John.

5. George Staveley (1713-Apr1757) and Margaret Hanley.

Married 03 Oct 1743, Dent.  Six children all bap at Dent: Thomas, William, Eleanor, Margaret, George, Edward.


6. William Staveley of Dent (1746-c1819) and Mary Bolland of Bentham parish (c1748-1820).

William and Mary were married 25 Mar 1772 at Ingleton. Six children, all bap at Dent: George, George, Anthony, Margaret, Elinor, Thomas, John.

7. John Staveley (1784-1850) and Ann Howson.

Married 08 Jan 1813 at Cowgill in Dentdale. Ten, possibly eleven children: Ann, William, Elizabeth, George, Fanny, Margaret, Ann, Anthony, John, Ann, (Thomas?).

8. Anthony Staveley (1832-1910) and Jane Bell.

Anthony and his younger brother John emigrated to Peterborough County Ontario in 1857. Anthony married there in 1865 and removed to Tama County Iowa USA in 1866. He's my Great Grandfather.


Seems to split off at John Staveley, son of number 2 / brother of number 3 above.

1. George Staveley (c1658-1687) and Priscilla Willan

Married 07 May 1680 at Dent. Three children: George, William and Thomas. This one (c1658) is hidden by the missing registers.

2. George Staveley (1681-1712).

This George seems to have married Martha Willan in 1706 and had children named Alice, Agnes and John, then died in 1712, following which Martha married Henry Archer and had additional (Archer) children.


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