Staveley Civil Registration

A centralized Civil Registration of births, marriages and deaths was started on 1 July 1837 in England and Wales. Prior to this date all records were held by the local parish churches and there was no formal requirement to submit this information to a single central location.  The Civil Registration system was expanded in 1927 to include still births, and adoptions in the index.

Included here are the Staveley entries as recorded in the national Civil Registration indexes of births, marriages, and deaths.  Notations have been made where the document was illegible, or entries were missing at the time of transcription.  Use the districts reference to look up volume numbers and determine the district of event registration.

Please be patient, as each births, marriages, and deaths page is connected directly to an online database to facilitate updates and corrections, and as such will take a few moments to query the data, and extract and load the file.  To learn how to best sort and filter data from the Indexes, see the GRO Tutorial

If you cannot display the data, and would like an emailed transcript of the entries you can request a copy through the discussion forum.

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