Harpham, Yorkshire

Michael Staveley b. November 19, 1750 is the son of Isaac Staveley and Ann PEIRCY, and was born in Kirkburn, Yorkshire.  Michael later moved to Nafferton, and first married Mary RANSOM in Nafferton, and had a son Michael b. June 9, 1773.  Michael then married Penelope JEFFERSON on January 5, 1776 in Nafferton.  After the birth of their son Isaac in 1776, they move to Harpham and have the following children in the parish:

Frances Staveley b. 21 December 1777 Harpham
Richard Staveley b. November 10, 1779 Harpham
Judith Staveley b. February 14, 1782 Harpham
William Staveley b. March 21, 1784 Harpham
Samuel Staveley b. June 15, 1788 Harpham
Hannah Staveley b. June 10, 1791 Harpham
Mary Staveley b. July 7, 1793 Harpham
Francis Staveley b. September 14, 1795 Harpham
Mark Staveley b. March 13, 1797 Harpham
Penelope Staveley b. May 17, 1801 Harpham


Daughter Judith married Thomas PERCY on May 1, 1804 in Harpham.

Son William married Elizabeth WILSON in Wharram Percy on July 22, 1806 and had the following children:

Mary Staveley b. August 21, 1807   Harpham
Michael Staveley b. November 13, 1808   Harpham
Samuel Staveley b. September 17, 1810   Harpham
Samuel Staveley b. August 21, 1811 d. 1855 Harpham
Wilson Staveley b. July 13, 1812   Harpham
Penelope Staveley b. March 23, 1814   Harpham


William's son Samuel Staveley b. 1811 married Ann GIBSON in Bridlington on February 1, 1835.   By 1851 we find Samuel and Ann residing in Reighton.

William's brother, Samuel Staveley b. 1788, married Esther SNOWBALL August 1, 1820 in Weaverthorpe, and had the following children in Harpham:

Hannah Staveley b. July 21, 1822 Harpham
Jane Staveley b. September 13, 1823 Harpham
Penelope Staveley b. March 31, 1825 Harpham
Mary Staveley b. August 13, 1826 Harpham
Michael Staveley b. September 2, 1827 Harpham
Samuel Staveley b. June 13, 1830 Harpham
John Staveley b. June 13, 1830 Harpham
Isaac Staveley b. December 24, 1833 Harpham


Daughter Hannah married William S. WALKER and is living in St. George Hanover Square, Middlesex, in 1851.  Her sister Jane, and Mother Esther are found residing in the same household. 

Samuel and Esther's sons Isaac, Michael, and Samuel are all in Middlesex during the 1861 census. 


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