Horwich, Lancashire

The Staveley family of East Witton and Aysgarth left Yorkshire sometime between 1833 and 1840.  The reason for the move to Lancashire is unknown, but it is presumed the family relocated to find work.  George Staveley and his wife Dorothy had seven sons by the time they left Yorkshire, some of whom were of working age at the time, and no doubt in need of employment.

In 1841 George Staveley, now 67 years old, is found living with his family in Horwich, but was enumerated as Stovely:

1841: Lee Lane, Horwich, Lancashire, England

STOVELY  George  65  Joiner  Born Outside Census County
STOVELY  Dorathy  55    Born Outside Census County
STOVELY  Dorathy  30    Born Outside Census County
STOVELY  Jane  25    Born Outside Census County
STOVELY  Enos  18    Born Outside Census County
STOVELY  Francis  13    Born Outside Census County
STOVELY  James  13    Born Outside Census County
STOVELY  William  8    Born Outside Census County


Note that young William, aged 8 years, is actually the illegitmate son of George and Dorothy's eldest daughter, Dorothy.  William was christened at St. Andrew's Church in Aysgarth on May 19, 1833.

Although George had been a Millwright for many years in Aysgarth, at Yore Mill, his occupation is now that of Joiner. George died in 1845, and was buried at Lee Lane Chapel on June 30th of that year. Sadly, all the headstones have since been removed. George's wife Dorothy is living in Ardwick by 1851, where she died a year later. Her death was registered by her son Enos in 1852.

Also residing on Lee Lane in 1841 is George and Dorothy's eldest son, William Staveley, and his wife Bridget REGAN. They were married in Marske-by-Richmond, Yorkshire on February 28, 1829.  Daughter Mary was born in Marske the same year:

1841: Lee Lane, Horwich, Lancashire, England

STAVELEY  William  30 Joiner  Born Outside Census County
STAVELEY  Bridget  25    Born Outside Census County
STAVELEY  Mary Ann  12    Born Outside Census County
STAVELEY  George  9    Lancashire
STAVELEY  Catherine  6    Lancashire
STAVELEY  John  4    Lancashire
STAVELEY  Thomas  2    Lancashire


Prior to settling in Horwich, William and Bridget's son George was christened June 3, 1832 at St. Laurence's Church in Chorley, Lancashire.

William and Bridget's daughter Catherine was born in Horwich and married William BALDWIN in Barton Upon Irwell in 1853.  By 1861 Catherine is living at 8 Brewerton Street in Salford with her husband, and two sons George aged 6, and James aged 5.

The 1851 census for the Manchester area was heavily damaged by flood, and a number of the members of this Staveley family are unaccounted for in that census. Son James however is still residing in Horwich in 1851:

1851: Lee Lane, Horwich, Lancashire, England

 Jas. DICKINSON  Head   M   Male   37   Euxton, Lancashire, England   Clog and Pattern Maker
 Sarah DICKINSON  Wife   M   Female   38   Manchester, Lancashire, England   
 James STAVELEY  Servant  U   Male   22  Aisgberth, Yorkshire, England   Assistant Clogger


James appears to be lodging in Pendleton in Salford at the time of the 1861 census.  It is believed that James never married.  He later died in Salford in 1866 at the young age of 38 years.

Daughter Dorothy is unmarried and living in Rivington in 1851, where she is a cook in the household of Dorothy Radcliff.  Her son William b. 1833 has not been found in any census after 1841.

In 1851 a record for George and Dorothy's son Enos was found in Ardwick.

Son Thomas married Ann PENDLEBURY in 1844 and is living in Hindley in 1851.

The only other member of George and Dorothy's family that is accounted for in the 1851 census is son George, who married Ellen HARRISON and settled in Wigan by 1851.

By 1861 we find George and Dorothy's eldest son William has moved to Worsley with his wife Bridget REGAN by 1861.

Son Thomas is living in Golborne with wife Ann PENDLEBURY in 1861.

John married Mary Ann WALMSLEY in 1852, and is living in Failsworth in 1861.

Son Francis married Alice DYNLEY in 1853 and is residing in Ardwick by 1861, and later move to Gorton.

Daughter Dorothy married William W. NELSON in 1851 and is found residing in New Cross by 1861.

Daughter Jane had a son Henry born in 1844 out of wedlock. A few months later Jane married a Hugh MCFADDEN in Chorlton Upon Medlock.  This marriage was short however, as Jane died in 1851 in Ardwick, and did not appear to be married at the time of her death.


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