Kendal, Westmorland

Henry Stavely of Staveley, Kendal married Maryan SHEPHERD on November 24, 1572 in Kendal, Westmorland.  Exactly when Henry was born, or who is parents were is presently not known.  We do know from Henry's will that he had at least a sister Ann, and a brother named John.  Henry had a number of children in the parish of Kendal:

James Stavely b. August 7, 1573 Kendal, Westmorland  
Adam Stavely b. January 27, 1576/77 Kendal, Westmorland  
John Stavely b. January 27, 1576/77 Kendal, Westmorland  
Robert Stavely b. October 15, 1579 Kendal, Westmorland  
Francis Stavely b. November 2, 1581 Kendal, Westmorland  
Dorothy Stavely b. June 24, 1586 Kendal, Westmorland  
Katheren Stavely* b. June 6, 1593 Kendal, Westmorland  
John Stavely* b. March 9, 1594/95 Kendal, Westmorland  
Allan Stavely b. ? Over Staveley, Westmorland  
Maryan Stavely b. ? Westmorland d. June3, 1598


*Note that Henry's wife Maryan died in December of 1586, and it appears Henry remarried to an Elizabeth BIRKHEAD (see Henry's will below) and then had two additional children, Katheren (1593) and John (1595).

Henry died around 1595/6, and a transcript of his last will and testament reads as follows:

In the name of God, Amen, the sixth day of January Anno Domini 1595. I Henrye Staveley of Nether Staveley, in the Parish of Kendall, sick in body, never the less in good and perfect remembrerance, Praise be to God for the same, doe ordain and make this my testament herein remembering, my last will in manner and form following:

First and specially I give and bequeath my Soul to Almighty God my Creator and Maker fully suffering with death, passion and reverance of his earthlaborer sonne Jesus Christ.

Second and important is to be and inherit his everlasting Kingdom of Heaven, my body to be sepulcered and burried within my parish church yard of Kendall as near to my brother John's grave as is possible and I will all duties to be paid to the parish.

Then it is my will that Elizabeth Staveley, my wife shall have the third part of my lands and houses according to my former covenant.

Then it is my will that the other two parts of my lands and houses shall help to bring up my sonns Allan, Francis, John and my daughters Dorathie, Mary and Kathren as my son James Staveley, before witness, hath hereunto given his consent and permission to me, he shall doe for span of six years next after the day of my death or else should have paid forth of my lands to the bringing up of my children aforenamed, for so much as I paid to my sister.

Item, provided if James, my eldest son fortune to marry within the time of six years aforesaid, it is my will that James Staveley shall have six acres of ground, two acres of timber, two being grain, and the rest oyher ground.

Item, it is my will that my son James Staveley, after the end of six years aforesaid, shall enter into two parts of my land and houses and to the third part after the decease of Elizabeth, my wife, as is covenanted in writing, to the said James, allowing to Robert Staveley a chamber for his bed and his clothes, to live there until such time as Robert's fortune to marry.

Item, if James Staveley fortunes to die without issue within six tears aforesaid, then it is my will that my lands bring up my children as aforesaid and Adam Staveley to have my lands as is bequeathed unto James Staveley.

Item, I give five ten (fifteen?) cord tymber to be taken of my lands, one to Adam Staveley and another to Francis Staveley, Then for Allan Staveley to learn the shearman craft, I give to him one cord tymber, then I will noe tymber but for reparation of my house be in my house be in the town or my lands before James comes to the maple land except for the ten cord tymber before given.

Item, I give to Allan Staveley, my son, 20 shillings.

Item, I give to Dorothie Staveley, my daughter , 20 shillings.

Item, I give to Sir William Tomson 3 shillings, 4 d.

Item, whatsoever Thomas Birkhead, my brother in law owes me for a sume of money, 9 shillings 10 d. I forgive him all except 6 shillings 4 d.

Then I give to John Staveley, my sonne, 11 shillings.

Item, I give to Kathren Staveley, my daughter, 10 shillings.

Item, whatsoever the point ours of my wife bros. Shepherd hath to willing direct direct of me Henrye Staveley, I doe take ---- sign, hears, and before almighty god that Mr. Shepheard at the end of his parsonaige, did freely he forgive me all mind of sumes of money I did owe unto him, and said that I should never paid some of it and further he said at the same time he would be better to may his god spared his health than he had remissth heretofore, and me to be a good husband, to raise chidren I had with his sister for he said he never judged God, I should pay any of that I had of him, and these I resolve he spake at the last time I was with him and he died within said week after.

Item, I give to Anne Avery, one of my sisters. one gramer lamb.

Then my debts and funerall expenses discharged all the rest of my goods before not bequeathed, they would bequeath, equallie to be divided amongst my children: Adam, Robert, Francis, Allan, John, Dorothie, Mary and Kathren accept the sume of 14 shillings, 4 denhire, I give to Elizabeth Staveley, my wife, and James Staveley, my sonne, equallie, CoCuration Executors tuition curation fees of 12 S. and makes the said Elizabeth Staveley, my wife, and James Staveley, my Sonne, Executors of this my last will and testament. And my fees 10 s 2d. I doe nominate and appoint William Wilson, Myles Harrojou, Myles Compjou, and Adam Shepherd whom I doe desire gods sake to be my will, reformed land to see that my children have right done them accordinge to my mind here written and then gospel to these right as much as make them best, and I give favor ever and of them for there payments taking leave them 12 s.

Anbrose Warde and William Tomson Sr.

L mc William Towson


Henry and Maryan's eldest son Allan of Overstaveley appears to have married prior to 1618 and had the following children:

Henry Staveley b. August 31, 1618 Kendal, Westmorland
Marian Staveley b. September 7, 1620 Kendal, Westmorland
John Staveley b. March 23, 1621 Kendal, Westmorland
Adam Staveley b. November 1, 1625 Kendal, Westmorland
Elizabeth Staveley b. April 6, 1628 Kendal, Westmorland
James Staveley b. December 24, 1630 Kendal, Westmorland


Allan's son James (b. 1630) married Francis FULCHER of Battersea, Surrey at St. Augustine Watling Street Church, London on September 28, 1657.  This church is located next to St. Paul's Cathedral and was also designed by Christopher Wren.  However the church sustained significant damage during the blitz, and now only the tower spire remains.  James and Frances appear to have four children listed in the St. Augustine registers as follows:

Frances Staveley b. December 13, 1658 St. Augustine, London d. June 28, 1659
James Staveley b. June 1660 St. Augustine, London d. August 18 1661
Male Staveley b. July 27, 1661 St. Augustine, London d. July 28, 1661
John Staveley b. August 28, 1661 St. Augustine, London  


James and Frances are believed to have departed for America around 1664, first settling in New England, but relocating to Maryland by 1675.


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