Kirkburn, Yorkshire

Richard Staveley b. October 4, 1713 was the son of Robert Staveley, and married Frances HUDSON on May 25, 1736 in Kirkburn, Yorkshire.  They had the following children in Kirkburn:

Catherine Staveley b. September 24, 1736 d. November 3, 1736 Kirkburn
Robert Staveley b. December 18, 1737   Kirkburn
John Staveley b. February 12, 1740   Kirkburn
Elizabeth Staveley b. February 10, 1742   Kirkburn
Katherine Staveley b. August 23, 1745   Kirkburn
Ann Staveley b. January 1, 1748   Kirkburn
William Staveley b. March 6, 1753   Kirkburn
Richard Staveley b. March 6, 1753   Kirkburn
Ann Staveley b. July 7, 1759   Kirkburn


Son John appears to have married Elizabeth COVERDALE in Wetwang on August 31, 1771, and settled in Sledmere.

Richard's son Robert married Elizabeth RICHARDSON May 15, 1774 in Kilnwick, and settled there.

Richard died in Kirkburn on September 14, 1760. 

Another Kirkburn Staveley group is that of Isaac Staveley and Ann PEIRCY.  Isaac is the  brother to Richard above.  Isaac and Ann were married in Leven on July 3, 1748 and had the following children in Kirkburn parish:

Elizabeth Staveley b. January 29, 1748 Kirkburn
Michael Staveley b. November 19, 1750 Kirkburn
Dinah Staveley b. May 1, 1753 Kirkburn
Hannah Staveley b. June 24, 1755 Kirkburn
Mace Staveley b. February 19, 1758 Kirkburn
William Staveley b. June 8, 1760 Kirkburn
Isaac Staveley b. December 3, 1761 Kirkburn


Isaac and Ann appear to have moved their family to Nafferton by the time their daughter Anne was christened in 1764.

Isaac Staveley is the son of Isaac Staveley and Ann PORDON of North Dalton.  Isaac and Mary SIMPSON were married in Bainton on February 27, 1813 and had the following children in the parish of Kirkburn:

Hannah Staveley b. February 25, 1814 Kirkburn, Yorkshire
John Staveley b. April 21, 1816 Kirkburn, Yorkshire
Mary Staveley b. March 22, 1821 Kirkburn, Yorkshire


In 1841 we find Isaac and Mary as follows:

1841: Tibthorpe Manor House, Kirkburn, Yorkshire

STAVELEY  Isaac  60 Farmer  Yorkshire
STAVELEY  Mary  50    Yorkshire
STAVELEY  Isaac Jr.  21    Yorkshire
STAVELEY  Simpson  20    Yorkshire
STAVELEY  Mary  18    Yorkshire
KIRBY  William  22  M. S.  Yorkshire
HATHAM  John  20  M. S.  Yorkshire
CRAVEN  Francis  15  M. S.  Yorkshire
BLANCHARD  Thomas  15  M. S.  Yorkshire
DUNNEL  James  15  M. S.  Yorkshire
MCCORMIC  Barnard  18  M. S.  Foreign
PATRICK  Thomas  20  M. S.  Yorkshire
STAVELEY  Richard  60  Ind  Yorkshire
KIRBY  Elizabeth  25  F. S.  Yorkshire
TATE  Sarah  25  F. S.  Yorkshire


Isaac's son Simpson Staveley married Ann HORNBY in 1849, and had the following children in Kirkburn:

John Alfred Staveley b. August 10, 1851 Kirkburn, Yorkshire
Herbert Isaac Staveley b. January 28, 1853 Kirkburn, Yorkshire
Harold Hornby Staveley b. June 4, 1854 Kirkburn, Yorkshire
Charlotte Annie b. February 9, 1856 Kirkburn, Yorkshire
Agnes Mary Staveley b. January 31, 1858 Kirkburn, Yorkshire
Augusta Anna Staveley b. September 11, 1859 Kirkburn, Yorkshire


Simpson's son Herbert Isaac Staveley died in the winter of 1853.  The remainder of this family is then found residing in the neighboring parish of Tibthorpe in 1851.

In 1884 Simpson's son Harold Hornby Staveley married Marion Blanche TOPHAM and is living back in Kirkburn by 1891:

1891: Southburn, Near Kirkburn, Yorkshire, England

 Harold H. STAVELEY   Head   M   Male   36  Tibthorpe, Yorkshire, England   Farmer
 Marion B.  STAVELEY   Wife   M   Female   30   Kirkburn, Yorkshire, England   
 Herbert W. STAVELEY   Son   U   Male   6   Southburn, Yorkshire, England   Farmers Son
 Muriel M. STAVELEY   Daur   U   Female   4   Southburn, Yorkshire, England   Farmers Daur 
 Frederick S. STAVELEY   Son  U   Male  3  Southburn, Yorkshire, England   Farmers Son 
 Claude H. STAVELEY   Son  U   Male  2  Southburn, Yorkshire, England   Farmers Son
 Hannah DENNY  Serv  U   Female   29  Fimber, Yorkshire, England   Nurse (Domestic)
 Sarah THOMPSON   Serv   U   Female   26  Haisthorpe, Yorkshire, England   Cook (Domestic)
 Annie E. WILSON  Serv   U   Female   18   Hutton Cranswick, Yorkshire, England   Housemaid (Domestic) 


Note that Harold's daughter, Muriel Mary Staveley, served in Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service during World War 1 (see Medal Cards).  In 1901 Muriel is a pupil at Clarence House Ladies School in Filey Yorkshire.  By 1901 Harold is residing in North Dalton closer to his brother John Alfred Staveley.

George Staveley was born in Reighton, Yorkshire in 1843, the son of Samuel Staveley and Ann GIBSON. George married Elizabeth FOSTER in 1864 and settled in Southburn, in the parish of Kirkburn.

1871: Southburn, Near Kirkburn, Yorkshire, England

 George STAVELEY   Head   M   Male   28  Reighton, Yorkshire, England   Ag Lab
 Elizabeth STAVELEY   Wife   M   Female   25   Southburn, Yorkshire, England   Ag Lab's Wife
 Mary STAVELEY   Daur   U   Male   5   Southburn, Yorkshire, England   
 Hannah STAVELEY   Daur   U   Female   3   Southburn, Yorkshire, England   
 Thomas FOSTER  Brother in Law  M   Male  30  Southburn, Yorkshire, England   Ag Lab
 Emma FOSTER  Sister in Law  M  Female  31  Driffield, Yorkshire, England   Ag Lab's Wife

Living next door to George and Elizabeth, appears to be Elizabeth's mother, Hannah.  Hannah is a widow, aged 56, and listed as a 'Farmer of 335 acres of land, employing 11 labourers and 4 boys'. She has two son's living with her, John aged 22, and Alfred aged 15.

Sadly, the 1871 census is the last time we see George.  George Staveley died in 1879 at the age of 36 years.  In 1881 we find his widow Elizabeth in Southburn:

1881: Southburn, Near Kirkburn, Yorkshire, England

 Elizabeth STAVELEY   Head   W  Female  36  Southburn, Yorkshire, England   Char Woman
 Eliza STAVELEY   Daur  U   Female   8   Southburn, Yorkshire, England   Scholar
 Ada STAVELEY   Daur   U   Female   6   Southburn, Yorkshire, England   Scholar
 John W. STAVELEY   Son   U   Male   5   Southburn, Yorkshire, England   Scholar
 Sarah J. STAVELEY  Daur  U   Female  3  Southburn, Yorkshire, England   

Elizabeth's mother Hannah and brother Alfred are still living nearby.

Elizabeth's daughter Mary is in Southburn in 1881, working in the household of John Staveley (b. 1816) of Tibthorpe, later of Kirkburn, and his wife Margaret.  It turns out that Elizabeth's daughter Mary, and this John Staveley, are actually second cousins, twice removed!  They share a common ancestor in Isaac Staveley and Ann PIERCY of Kirkburn (above).  John Staveley is descended through Isaac and Ann PIERCY's son  Isaac (b. 1761), whereas Mary descends through Isaac and Ann's son Michael (b. 1750). 

1881: Southburn, Near Kirkburn, Yorkshire, England

 John STAVELEY   Head   M  Male  65  Tibthorpe, Yorkshire, England   Farmer and Grower of 610 Acres employing 10 Ag Lab and 8 Boys
 Margaret STAVELEY   Wife  M   Female   44   Kilham, Yorkshire, England   Farmer's Wife
 Elizabeth ANDERSON  Visitor   U   Female   29  Butterwick, Yorkshire, England   
 Eliza M. JORDON  Visitor  U   Female   15   Elmswell, Yorkshire, England   
 Francis FOSTER  Serv  U   Male  31  North Dalton, Yorkshire, England   Ag Serv (Indoor)
 Aaron WALKER  Serv  U  Male  20  Frodingham, Yorkshire, England   Ag Serv (Indoor)
 George MILNER  Serv  U  Male  19  Molescroft, Yorkshire, England   Ag Serv (Indoor)
 Richard FOSTER  Serv  U  Male  17  Wetwang, Yorkshire, England   Ag Serv (Indoor)
 Christopher SAVAGE  Serv  U  Male  14  Cranswick, Yorkshire, England   Ag Serv (Indoor)
 George MILLER  Serv  U  Male  23  Bainton, Yorkshire, England   Groomsman
 Elizabeth Hodgson  Serv  U  Female  24  Foxholes, Yorkshire, England   Cook (Domestic)
 Mary LEPPINGTON  Serv  U  Female  19  Wetwang, Yorkshire, England   Housemaid (Domestic)
 Mary A. STAVELEY  Serv  U  Female  15  Southburn, Yorkshire, England  Kitchenmaid (Domestic)

Elizabeth's daughter Hannah, aged 13, is staying with her aunt Sarah (nee FOSTER) and her husband George BATCHELOR who are living in Lund, Yorkshire.

In 1883 Elizabeth and George's son, John William Staveley, died at the age of 7 years. Elizabeth seems to have remarried the following year to a Robert MARTIN in 1884.  In 1891 we find this family has moved to Tibthorpe.

George and Elizabeth's daughter Hannah married a Mark BRAYSHAW in 1887 and settled in Scagglethorpe, near Settrington, Yorkshire. A son Staveley Brayshaw was born the same year, and he later married Maude GILL in 1919.

Daughter, Mary Ann, married in 1894 to a George James LANDAMORE of Norwich, Norfolk, and settled in Etton, near Beverley, Yorkshire.

After a brief stay in Tibthorpe, Elizabeth and Robert return to Kirkburn by 1901:

1901: Main Street, Kirkburn and Battleburn, Yorkshire, England

 Robert MARTIN  Head   M   Male   46  Barnham Broom, Norfolk, England   Ord Agricultural Labourer
 Elizabeth MARTIN  Wife   M   Female   54   Southburn, Yorkshire, England   
 Herbert STAVELEY   Grand son  U   Male  11   Scagglethorpe, Yorkshire, England   
 Edith STAVELEY  Grand daur  U   Female  9  Driffield, Yorkshire, England   


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