Knaith, Lincolnshire

Knaith is parish just south of Gainsborough, Lincolnshire. Staveleys appear in the Knaith registers around the mid-late 1700's.  William Staveley b. 1749 of Knaith was the son of Joseph Staveley and Sarah SNOWDEN of Saundby, Nottinghamshire.  William married Frances COX in Lea on May 10, 1775 and had the following children in Knaith:

Ann Staveley b. 1776   Knaith, Lincolnshire
Miles Staveley b. Mar 10, 1777   Knaith, Lincolnshire
William Staveley b. 1778   Knaith, Lincolnshire
Frances Staveley b. Jul 10, 1779   Knaith, Lincolnshire
Knathia Staveley b. Sep 14, 1780 d. 1780 Knaith, Lincolnshire
Joseph Staveley b. Apr 1, 1782   Knaith, Lincolnshire
Knathia Sarah Staveley b. Mar 9, 1784   Knaith, Lincolnshire
Christopher Staveley b. Oct 26, 1786   Knaith, Lincolnshire
Hannah Staveley b. Oct 18, 1788   Knaith, Lincolnshire
Jonas Staveley b. May 1, 1791 d. 1797 Knaith, Lincolnshire
Lucy Catherine Staveley b. Mar 24, 1793   Knaith, Lincolnshire
Jonas Staveley b. Jul 14, 1797   Knaith, Lincolnshire

William was the church warden of Knaith church between 1778-1786.  William died March 9, 1809 in Lea, Lincolnshire.  William died intestate, however a Bond of Administration regarding William's estate was made a few weeks after his death.

William's widow Frances died on September 18, 1841, and according to her will, had remained a resident of Knaith until her death.  Frances is found residing with her son Joseph in 1841 (see below).

Daughter Ann b. 1776 married William BAINES on June 18, 1799 in Lea, Lincolnshire.

Son Miles Staveley married Eleanor GOSNEY in Gainsborough on 26th April 1803. Miles is later found living in St. Pancras, occupation pianoforte maker, at the time of his death.

Son William was a Butcher in the City of Lincoln (a date of October 6, 1817 is given for the will of William Staveley). 

Lucy Katherine Staveley married  John BRUCE in Knaith on March 23, 1828.

Hannah Staveley married John WILKINSON October 14, 1814 in Knaith.

Knathia Sarah Staveley married Gervas William MAW on April 2, 1815 in Epworth, Lincolnshire.  They appear to have had four daughters in Epworth, Frances Sarah b. 1816, Knathia Mary b. 1817, Elizabeth b. 1819, Lucy b. 1821.  The family then relocated to nearby Belton where daughter Alice was born in 1826.  Knaithia died a few years later on August 19, 1830 at Church Town, Belton, Lincolshire, and by 1834 Gervas Maw had remarried.

It is interesting to note that the unique name of "Knathia" reappears in a subsequent Formby, Lancashire line of Staveleys in the late 1800's that descends directly from this Knaith line through son Miles b. 1777.

William and Frances' son Christopher is residing in Orston, Nottinghamshire in 1861 and 1871.

William and Frances' son Joseph (b. 1782) left a will that reads as follows:

I Joseph Staveley of Knaith in the county of Lincoln, farmer, do make my last will and  testament as follows I give and bequeath to my nephew Walter Staveley of Knaith aforesaid farmer all and every my farming stock both live and dead of every description which shall be in and upon my farm at Knaith aforesaid at my bequest for his own use and benefit subject to the payment of any rent that may be due for the same at my decease I give unto my two nieces Knathia Mary Maw, and Sarah Taffener Maw now living with me all and every my household furniture plate linen china and all other articles of a household or domestic nature which shall be in my dwelling house at my decease for their own absolute use. All my monies and securities for money whatsoever and wheresoever the same as may be and all other my personal estate and effects not herein before otherwise disposed of.  I give and bequeath the same unto my said nephew Walter Staveley and George Perk of Hayton in the County of Nottingham Farmer, their executors administrators and assigns upon the trusts and for the intents and purposes following, that is to say upon trust in the first place to pay thereout all my debts funeral and testamentary expenses and then to pay to each of my five nieces, the said Knathia Mary Maw, and Sarah Taffinder Maw, and Frances Gibson, Lucy Maw and Alice Maw, being the five daughters of my late sister Mrs Knathia Maw the sum of five hundred pounds and which give several legacies I give to them accordingly and direct the same to be paid to each of them as shall have attained the age of twenty one years at the expiration of six calendar months after my decease, and to each of them as shall not have attained that age and when they respectively shall attain that age with interest in the mean time after the rate of four pounds ten shillings per centum per annum for their maintenance and also to pay unto my nephews and niece being three of the children of my late brother Miles, namely Eastland Staveley, Arthur Staveley and Ellen Saunders the sum of one hundred pounds a piece and which I give to them accordingly and direct the same to be paid the expiration of six calendar months after my decease for their own use and benefit. I give to my brother Christopher the sum of ten pounds as a token of respect he being otherwise well provided for the same to be paid by my executors and as to the residue of the trust monies which shall then remain in their hands upon, trust to invest the same as interest on Government real or other security or securities as they may, said trustees shall think proper or continue the same or any part thereof on any security or securities that may be existing at my decease and upon trust to pay and apply the interest dividends or other annual produce thereof unto my said nephew Walter Staveley and his assigns during his life for his own use and benefit and upon his decease then to call in the principle of such last mentioned trust monies and pay and distribute the same unto and equally among my said five nieces, the said Frances Gibson, Knathia Maw, Lucy Maw, Alice Maw and Sarah Taffinder Maw their executors administrators and assigns for their own use absolutely. I devise all estates which may be vested in me at the time of my decease either as Mortgage or trustee with expressly or by implication unto my said nephew Walter Staveley and the said George Perk their heirs executors administrators and assigns respectively. Upon the equities and trusts affecting the same and I declare that the receipts of my trustees for such monies stocks funds and securities as shall be paid or transferred to them by virtue of my will shall effectually discharge the persons paying or transferring the same from liability to see to the application thereof.  I declare that if my trustees or either of them or any person or persons to be appointed under this trust shall die or disclaim or be unwilling or incompetent to execute the trusts of my will shall be lawful for the competent trustee or trustees for the time being if any whether refusing or retiring from the office of trustee or not or if none for the executors or administrators of the last surviving trustee to substitute by any writing under his act be their hand or hands any fit person or persons in whom about or as the last may be ? with the surviving or continuing trustee my said trust monies and effects shall be vested and thereupon to execute all such assignments and assurances for that purpose as shall be required and the trustees or trustee for the time being of my will shall be competent to exercise the powers and discretions given to the trustees herein named and I exempt every trustee of my will from liability for losses occurring without his willful default and authorise him to retain and allow to his cotrustee all expenses incidental to the trusteeship. Lastly I revoke all former and other wills. I appoint the said Walter Staveley and George Perk joint executors of this will in trust for the purposes aforesaid and testamentary guardians of such of my said nieces as shall be under the age of twenty one years during their respective minorities. In witness whereof I hereunto set my hand on this twenty sixth day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty six -- The mark of X Joseph Staveley -- Signed published and declared by the said testator as and for his last will and testament in the presence of us who where both present at the time of such signing and we subscribed our names hereto in the presence of the said testator and of each other -- S. Bellamy Solicitor Gainsbro' -- John Stephenson Farmer Knaith --

A true copy having been examined with the original will remaining in the registry of the Lord Bishop of Lincoln -- Robert Swan Reg"r

Proved on the 8th day of December 1846 by Walter Staveley one of the executors within named. Effects sworn under ₤7,000"-

Lincoln 22 November 1848.

This official copy of the will extracted from the registry of the Consistorial Court of  Lincoln was proved at London the 8th January 1849 before the judge by the oath of Walter Staveley the nephew and of the executors to whom admon was granted limited so far only as concerns the sum of ₤597"12"4. Now 3 1/4 per cent annuities and the dividends and interest now due and hereafter to grow due thereon and all benefit and advantage to be had received and taken therefrom in order that the trusts of the will of William Staveley late of the City of Lincoln Butcher deceased bearing oath on the 6th October 1817 in respect thereto may be carried into execution but no further or otherwise or in any other manner whatsoever he having been first sworn by Comon. duly to administer


1841: Knaith, Lincolnshire, England

STAVELEY Joseph M 55 Farmer  Lincolnshire
STAVELEY Frances F 89 Ind Lincolnshire
MAW Knaithia F 20   Lincolnshire
MAW Allice F 15   Lincolnshire
MAW Sarah F 12   Lincolnshire
BASHLEY Sopphia F 22 F L Lincolnshire
CAUKSWELL John M 16 M L Lincolnshire
CARTER John M 36 M L Lincolnshire


Walter Staveley b. 1804 mentioned in the above will of Joseph Staveley, was the son of Miles Staveley and Eleanor GOSNEY of Gainsborough.  Walter married Mary Anne COPLING of Chedgrove, Norfolkshire in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire on May 7, 1838, and is found in Knaith in 1841:

1841: Knaith, Lincolnshire, England

STAVELEY Walter M 35 Farmer  Lincolnshire
STAVELEY Mary F 25   Out of County
TAYLOR Jane F 15 F L Lincolnshire
KIRKETTS Thomas M 15 M L Lincolnshire
WALKER William M 15 M L Lincolnshire


He was also mentioned in his father's will as "Walter Staveley, Farmer of Knaith".  Why Walter did not join the rest of his family in St. Pancras, London is not clear, and his father did not bequeath any of his effects to Walter in his will, only to Walter's other three surviving siblings (Eastland, Arthur and Ellen).  These two wills are not the only reference to Walter of Knaith however.  An indenture record dated March 8th 1848 shows an  assignment of mortgage of a cottage, land, windmill, and premises at Messingham between the executors of Richard Wilson with Mrs. Sarah Kirkland to Mr. Walter Staveley.  The agreement is between Robert Borwell of Gainsborough, Lincoln, miller, Joseph Keyworth of Spital, innkeeper and John Holland Wilson, cheese factor of the first part; Sarah Kirkland of Messingham, Lincoln and Walter Staveley of Knaith, Lincoln of the second part, concerning a 500 year mortgage of the post corn wind mill and other properties. This agreement includes a stamped dated receipt for 204 pounds ten shillings.

By 1861 Walter Staveley, aged 57, is founding residing at Spring Gardens, Gainsborough with his wife Mary Anne.  Walter died without issue in 1862.


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