Leconfield, Yorkshire

It is unknown from where this Staveley line originates as Richard's parentage has yet to be determined.  Richard Staveley married Elizabeth CAMP on November 18, 1741 in Leconfield, and had the following children in the parish:

John Staveley b. December 25, 1742 d. November 23, 1754 Leconfield, Yorkshire
Richard Staveley b. March 2, 1744 d. March 24, 1744 Leconfield, Yorkshire
Mary Staveley b. January 12, 1746   Leconfield, Yorkshire
Elizabeth Staveley b. January 12, 1746   Leconfield, Yorkshire
Helen Staveley b. October 7, 1753   Leconfield, Yorkshire
Sarah Staveley b. May 3, 1756   Leconfield, Yorkshire


The male lineage for this family appears to have been extinguished with the deaths of both sons John and Richard.

Mary Staveley married William HEWARD on April 2, 1770 in Leconfield.

Daughter Helen (Ellen) Staveley married John WARDELL on November 25, 1773 in Etton, Yorkshire.

Sarah Staveley married John WALKER in Leconfield on April 13, 1777.  Sarah died on February 14, 1819 at the age of 62 years.


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