North Riding of Yorkshire

Thus far five primary groups of Staveleys found in the North Riding of Yorkshire.  The Husthwaite, Ripon and Thormanby lines appear to interconnect.  However, the Wensley group is split between two apparently distinct Staveley occupations.  These distinctions are made based upon available recorded evidence.  There is a line that appears to originate in Wensley at least by the early 1500's that established families in West Witton, East Witton and Aysgarth.  A second group originated from the Sedbergh line and arrived in Wensleydale by the mid 1800's establishing families in Askrigg and Hawes.

  Lineage Connections Research Contacts
Askrigg Dent Yorkshire; Coundon, Sedgefield Durham; Burnley Lancashire Gaylord Staveley
Clifton North Cave, Yorkshire  
Danby Wiske Hayton Yorkshire Jackie Wing
Hawes Horton in Ribblesdale, Dent, Ingleton, Chapel le Dale, Giggleswick, Yorkshire; Burnley, Everton Lancashire; Hayfield, Derbyshire Dennis Staveley, Gaylord Staveley, Ken Staveley, Ron Syson, Ann Dinsdale
Husthwaite North Dalton/Tibthorpe and Kirkburn, Thormanby and Easingwold, Millington/Pocklington, and York Peter Staveley
Stainley Ripon, Old Sleningford Christopher Staveley
Stockton on the Forest Bossall, Fixby, Gate Fulford Yorkshire; Oxford Oxfordshire; Lowell Massachusetts, USA John T. Staveley
Thormanby Husthwaite, Scarborough Peter Staveley
Wensley Y-DNA Project West Witton, East Witton, Aysgarth, Richmond North Yorkshire;  Ardwick, Burnley, Chorley, Failsworth, Golborne, Higher Booths, Horwich, New Cross, Salford, St. Helens, Southport, Wigan, Worsley Lancashire; Dorset; Leicestershire; Wales Clare Staveley, Steven Jones, Keith Staveley, John C. Staveley, Joan Staveley, Heather Walker
Whorlton Hayton, Yapham cum Meltonby, Wilberfoss, Newton Upon Derwent, Scrayingham, Wintringham, Scarborough, Headingly cum Burley, East Yorkshire Jackie Wing
Old Map of the North Riding of Yorkshire


Parish map of the North Riding is available from the GENUKI website.


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