Peter Staveley's Research

I have been writing a book over the last few years which whilst not intended to be a one-name study has ended up incorporation a large number of Staveley family groups. My own main interest is in the East riding of Yorks and all the Staveley farmers deriving from the original inhabitants of North Dalton/Tibthorpe and Kirkburn from 1700. Prior to that the family came from Husthwaite (George Staveley b.abt 1615) and links into the family group of Thormanby and Easingwold that moved to Millington/Pocklington then on to York. However I have also conducted intensive research into the original Ripon Line. Other main groups on which I have large data bases include the Bridlington (later Beverley/York/London), The Oxford/Leicestershire Line, The Cheshire/Derbyshire Line, The North Anston Line, The Devon Line, The Irish Line, The Pocklington line, The Skirlaugh Line, The Pontefract Line, The Maryland USA line. In addition I have done a fair amount of research on the early Staveley origins from pre. 1066 to 1500.

The book, THE STAVELEY CLAN: 1,000 YEARS OF STAVELEY FAMILY HISTORY is now complete, and copies are now available for order!

--Peter Staveley


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