Staveley Arms

Staveley Arms of Suffolk Staveley Arms of London Staveley Arms of Oxfordshire Staveley Arms of Leicestershire Staveley Arms of Cheshire Staveley/Stevelley Arms of Ireland Staveley Arms of Devonshire Staveley Arms of Stainley, Yorkshire Staveley Arms of Thormanby, Yorkshire Staveley Arms of Thomas Kitchingman Staveley, Sleningford, Yorkshire Arms of Sir Thomas de Stavile c. 1308 Staveley Arms of Cheshire c. 1380 Arms of Adam Staveley c. 1350 heraldicmap

The typical description of most Staveley Coats of Arms tends to refer to a "chevron between three lozenges, and three stags heads cabossed (or erased)".  As shown above the color of the chevron and the lozenges is variable, generally either blue, black, or red.

The chevron symbolizes protection, and the stags head represents peace, and one who will not fight without provocation.  The lozenge is said to signify honesty, and constancy.  The silver shield represents sincerity (generosity if gold), and the blue prevalent in many of the chevrons and lozenges depicted above, in heraldic terms represents honesty and truth.


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