Thormanby, Yorkshire

William Staveley and Mary had the following children in this parish:

 Robert Stavely b. January 15, 1732  Thormanby, Yorkshire
 Samuel Stavely b. January 15, 1732  Thormanby, Yorkshire
 Rachel Staveley b. March 23, 1736  Thormanby, Yorkshire
 Elisabeth Stavely b. March 3, 1739  Thormanby, Yorkshire


William apparently also had a son George, but a record of George's birth has not yet been found.  This relationship is inferred based upon information contained in George Staveley's will.  George was living in Scarborough at the time of his death.  In his will he makes a reference to the following two nephews: Christopher Knowlson, and George Knowlson, both of whom are the children of George's sister Elisabeth Staveley who married Christopher Knowlson (Nolson) on November 18, 1758 in Thormanby.

Also in George's will he makes a direct reference to "my sister Rachel Smithson".  Rachel Staveley married Richard SMITHSON on March 1, 1760 in Thormanby.  George also lists his nephews, Rachel's children, as "Richard Smithson, William Smithson, Thomas Smithson, and Samuel Smithson".

There are a few additional references to other Staveley nieces and nephews.  The first two are Ann Sturdy (nee Staveley) who married John Sturdy on June 13, 1784 in Thormanby, and presumably her brother Josiah Staveley, though Ann and Josiah's parentage is not clear, they are perhaps the children of George's brothers Robert or Samuel.  Four other Staveley nephews are mentioned, George, William, Samuel and John Staveley, the last two of whom were appointed as George's sole executors.  As there is no direct reference to any of George's brothers, it is presumed that they may have predeceased him.


Other Staveleys christened in this parish include the following to a William Staveley:

 John Staveley b. June 6, 1754  Thormanby, Yorkshire
 Samuel Staveley b. December 29, 1755  Thormanby, Yorkshire
 John Staveley b. January 22, 1758  Thormanby, Yorkshire
 Ann Staveley b. May 19, 1761  Thormanby, Yorkshire
 Mary Staveley b. July 13, 1763  Thormanby, Yorkshire
 William Staveley b. February 21, 1765  Thormanby, Yorkshire
 George Staveley b. September 17, 1767  Thormanby, Yorkshire
 Jonnas Stavley b. June 14, 1772  Thormanby, Yorkshire
 Margaret Staveley b. October 5, 1774  Thormanby, Yorkshire



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