West Derby, Lancashire

S.S. Campagnia

The exact origins of this group of Staveleys have yet to be confirmed. They are the  descendants of William Norrington Staveley of Dover, and Margaret HIGHTON of W. Derby, daughter of John Pawson Highton and Mary Quin. William Norrington Staveley is believed to be a grandson of James Staveley and Ann Norrington of Dover, married November 24, 1769.  Unfortunately the official record of birth for William Norrington does not appear to have recorded his parents!  William's entry in the parish register of St. Mary the Virgin, Dover, simply lists him as b. January 30, 1816. 

William Norrington Staveley and Margaret HIGHTON were married at St. John's Liverpool in 1849, and a number of their children appear in the registers for Woolton. In 1871 we find the family as follows:

1871: 64 Gt. Cross Hall St., Liverpool, England

 John Pawson HIGHTON  Head    


 Male   66  Liverpool   Machinist
 Margaret STAVELEY   Dau  M   Female   40  Liverpool    
 Mary LOWDAY   Dau  M  Female  31  Liverpool    
 Harriet HIGHTON   Dau  U  Female  31   Liverpool    
 Mary Emma STAVELEY   Grand Dau  U  Female   20  Liverpool    
 William John STAVELEY   Grand Son  U  Male  18   Liverpool    
 Henry Pawson STAVELEY  Grand Son  U  Male  13  Liverpool  
 Edward Highton STAVELEY  Grand Son  U  Male  8  Liverpool  
 Ada STAVELEY  Grand Dau  U  Female  10  Liverpool  
 Martha Harriett STAVELEY  Grand Dau  U  Female  2  Liverpool  
 Margret Emma LOWDAY  Grand Dau  U   Female  10 mo  Liverpool  


Mary Emma Highton Staveley married Joseph Lang August 15, 1871.  Mary was Joseph's second wife.  Unfortunately they have not been located in subsequent census records.  Martha Harriet died in 1873 aged 4 years. 

Margaret's son, William Staveley, and Mary Harriet STANLEY were married in Liverpool in 1871.  Their family is placed here as they are found residing in West Derby between 1881-1901.  Some time ago a record was uncovered regarding a Thomas Staveley, his wife, daughter Dorothy, and brother George sailing to Ellis Island, New York in 1903 on board the S.S. Campania (pictured at above).  They arrived at Ellis Island August 15, 1903, where Thomas gave his "last place of residence" as Birkenhead.

Thomas and George were located in the 1881 census as follows:

1881: 44 Upper Baker St House, West Derby, Lancashire, England

 William STAVELY   Head   M   Male   30   Liverpool   Printers Machinist 
 Mary STAVELY   Wife   M   Female   27   Liverpool    
 Thomas STAVELY   Son      Male   9   Liverpool   Scholar 
 George STAVELY   Son      Male   7   Liverpool   Scholar 
 Margaret STAVELY   Daur      Female   3   Liverpool    
 Ada STAVELY   Daur      Female   3 m   Liverpool    


In 1881 William's mother Margaret (nee HIGHTON) is still residing with her father, but now declared as a widow:

1881: 36 Atherton St., Liverpool, England

 Margaret STAVELEY   Head   W  Female  52  Liverpool   
 Henry P. STAVELEY   Son   U   Female   23   Liverpool   Warehouseman
 Ada STAVELEY   Dau   U  Male   21   Liverpool   School Mistress  
 John P. HIGHTON    Father   W  Male   75   Liverpool   Machinist 
 Martha TOMLINSON  Sister  W  Female   44  Liverpool   Seamstress
 Harriet HIGHTON  Sister   U  Female   40   Liverpool   Seamstress


Later the same year Ada married James K. HAMPSON in Everton, but neither have been located in the 1891 census.  By 1891 son Henry Pawson Staveley has moved to Everton.  Margaret's son Edward Highton Staveley was married to Annie Elizabeth JONES September 29, 1886 in West Derby, but died the following year, aged 25 years.  Annie was the daughter of Edward Cartwright Jones.  It is interesting to note that both Martha Tomlinson, and Harriet Highton are residing with their sister Emma KELLY and her family in Everton in 1891.

A record of William Norrington's death has not been located. Margaret died in Liverpool in 1890 at the age of 63.

1891: 19 Romilly St, West Derby, Lancashire, England

 William STAVELY   Head   M   Male   39   Everton, Liverpool   Machinist 
 Mary H. STAVELY   Wife   M   Female   38   Everton, Liverpool    
 Thomas STAVELY   Son   U  Male   19   Everton, Liverpool   Clerk 
 George STAVELY   Son   U   Male   17   Everton, Liverpool   Clerk
 Margaret E. STAVELY   Daur   U  Female   12   Liverpool, West Derby   Scholar
 Ada STAVELY   Daur   U  Female   10   Liverpool, West Derby  Scholar
 Albert H. STAVELY  Son  U  Male  3  Liverpool, West Derby  Scholar
 Elsie STAVELY  Daur  U  Female  11 m  Liverpool, West Derby  


Note: There is also a family of David Stavely aged 37, and wife Elizabeth living a few doors down the street at 15 Romilly St. in 1891.  David gives his place of birth as Liverpool, his occupation as "traveler", and has two children David H., and Sarah B. Staveley also born in Liverpool.  Neither David nor William appear to be present in the 1871 census.

1901: 46 Romer Rd, West Derby, Lancashire, England

 Mary H. STAVELY   Head   W   Female   48   Liverpool, Lancashire  
 Margaret E. STAVELY   Daur   U  Female   22   Liverpool, Lancashire  Baker's Assistant
 Ada STAVELY   Daur   U  Female   20   Liverpool, Lancashire  Bread Maker, Confectioner
 Albert Henry STAVELY  Son  U  Male  13  Liverpool, Lancashire  
 Elsie STAVELY  Daur  U  Female  10  Liverpool, Lancashire  
 Herbert Stanley STAVELY   Son   U  Male   6  Liverpool, Lancashire  ***
 John Hoos  Nephew  U  Male  4  Liverpool, Lancashire  


***Herbert S. Staveley age 35 is found in Dallas, TX in the 1930 US Federal Census.

Thomas Staveley and his brother George (1891 census above) became Cotton Buyers in early 1900's and made numerous trips between Liverpool and New York's Ellis Island between 1903-1923, with a final destination of Dallas, Texas.  By the 1930 United States Federal Census their brother Herbert S. Staveley is found living in Dallas with his wife Gladys.  Herbert gives his year of immigration as 1919, and like his brother was a Cotton Merchant by trade.

Son Albert Henry Staveley enlisted with the Kings Liverpool 10th Scottish Reserve on November 10, 1914.  At the time of his enlistment he gives his occupation as Cotton Salesman and Buyer, residing at 83 Pemberton Road, Liverpool.  His next of kin is listed as:

Thomas E. Staveley, Southlands, Boundary Road, Bidston, Birkenhead.

It is unknown if Thomas had returned to live in England, or continued to split his time between England and Dallas, Texas.

Albert Henry's medical record notes that his vision is good "with glasses".  However, on September 7, 1916 a medical report regarding Albert states that he is suffering from a thickening of the pleura, with a date of origin of the disability given as September 1910 (prior to Albert's enlistment). The statement reads as follows:

Medical Report on an Invalid

On the above date (Sept 1910) he suffered from double pneumonia, and pleurisy, from which he was laid up 8 months in bed.  From that time forward he has suffered from dyspnoea and has not been able to walk far or take any exertion


Thickening of pleura (left)

What is his present condition?

His chest is malformed

Lungs - dullness on percussion all over base of left lung, and crepitation is to be heard in the same area

Heart - the action is tumultuous, the apex beat is very diffused

He suffers markedly from dyspnoea, palpitations and vertigo on the least exertion

Recommendation: Discharge as permanently unfit


There is no wife mentioned in Albert Henry's papers, and an explicit statement of 'nil' children. Albert Henry Staveley was discharged on October 4, 1916.  Not much more is known about Albert, as no record of marriage or death has ever been located for him.  However, in April 1937, at the age of 49, he is found sailing to Galveston, Texas as a Cotton Salesman.

In 1882 Henry Pawson Staveley, son of William Norrington Staveley and Margaret HIGHTON  married Jane MONTGOMERY and they are found living in Everton in 1891. Henry's wife Jane died in 1893 in West Derby.  Henry then married Lucy KENYON (nee HOOPS) on October 15, 1895 at St. Mary, Edge Hill, almost two years after the death of his first wife. 

1901: 72 Edge Lane, West Derby, Lancashire

 Henry P. STAVELEY   Head   M   Male   43   Liverpool, Lancashire, England   Cotton Salesman
 Lucy STAVELEY   Wife   M   Female   41   Mappleton, Derbyshire, England    
 Harold E. STAVELEY   Son  S  Male  13  Liverpool, Lancashire, England   
 James A. STAVELEY   Son  S  Male  11  Liverpool, Lancashire, England   
 Harold R. KENYON  Step Son  S  Male  21  Manchester, Lancashire, England   Cotton Warehouseman
 Reginald P. KENYON  Step Son  S  Male  19  Manchester, Lancashire, England   Commercial Clerk
 Ethel KENYON  Step Daur  S  Female  14  Manchester, Lancashire, England  
 Marion KENYON  Step Daur  S  Female  12  Manchester, Lancashire, England  
George HOOPER  Brother in Law  S  Male  47  Mappleton, Derbyshire, England  Joiner
Maggie WILLIAMS  Serv  S  Female  13  Leegarth, Wales  General Servant



In 1871 a separate Staveley family is residing in West Derby, recently moved here from Everton.  Alfred Eldon Staveley is the son of Francis Clayton Staveley and Mary FEATHERSTONE of Hull:

1871: 33 Dee Street, West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire

 Alfred E. STAVELEY   Head   M   Male   41  Godmanchester, Huntingdon England   Auctioneer's Assistant 
 Mary E. STAVELEY   Wife   M   Female   39   Plymouth, Devon   
 Rose STAVELEY  Daur  U  Female  14  Liverpool, Lancashire, England  Scholar
 Annie STAVELEY   Daur      Female   6   Liverpool, Lancashire, England  Scholar
 Ada STAVELEY   Daur      Female   4  Liverpool, Lancashire, England  
 Francis G. STAVELEY   Son      Male   3 Months   Liverpool, Lancashire, England  


In the March quarter of 1871, Alfred and Mary's eldest daughter Jessie Elizabeth Staveley married Thomas FLEET.  Jessie is found residing across the street from her parents in West Derby in 1871 with her new husband:

1871: 32 Dee Street, West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire

 Thomas FLEET  Head   M   Male   22  Scotland   Messenger & Draper
 Jessie E. FLEET    Wife   M   Female   20  Hull, Yorkshire, England   


Jessie and Thomas have not been located in any other census for England through 1901.  Alfred Eldon and his family has moved back to Everton by 1881.

Alfred and Mary Emily's son Alfred married Emma GRIFFITHS in 1879 and is found residing in Birkenhead, Cheshire in 1881.


Francis Staveley b. July 11, 1819 was born in North Anston, Yorkshire to parents William Staveley and Jane BOWER.  Francis first married Ellen JONES in 1844 in Wrexham, Denbighshire, Wales, and is living in St. Thomas, Liverpool between 1851 and 1861.  Ellen died in 1873 at the age of 55 years.  Francis then married Margaret BARTON in 1877:

1881: 15 Kremlin Drive, West Derby, Lancashire, England

 Francis STAVELEY  Head   M   Male   62  Anston, Yorkshire, England    Chemist
 Margaret STAVELEY  Wife   M   Female   41  Preston, Lancashire, England   
 John STAVELEY  Son  U  Male  23  Liverpool, Lancashire, England  Bookkeeper In Wine & Spirit Merchants 
 Catherine JONES  Serv  U  Female  16  Liverpool, Lancashire, England  Genl Serv Dom


Francis died in 1883 at the age of 64 years, and is buried in St. James' Cemetery, Liverpool.  His second wife Margaret died in 1899 at the age of 59 years, and is also buried in St. James' Cemetery.


Anthony Staveley was born in 1848 in Giggleswick, Yorkshire, the son of George Staveley and Edith.  In 1881 he is residing with his father in Everton, Lancashire.  Anthony is residing with his wife and children in 1891 in West Derby:

1891: 50 Smithdown Lane, West Derby, Lancashire

 Anthony STAVELEY   Head   M   Male   45   Yorkshire England   Coachman (Groom) 
 Anne STAVELEY   Wife  M   Female   45   Denbigh, N. Wales   
 Margreat STAVELEY   Daur   U   Female   13   Toxteth Park, Liverpool, Lancashire, England   
 Eden STAVELEY   Daur   U  Female   10  West Derby, Lancashire, England   Scholar
 George STAVELEY  Son  U  Male  6  West Derby, Lancashire, England   Scholar
 William STAVELEY  Brother  U  Male  54  Yorkshire England   Coachman (Groom) 


By 1901 this family has moved to Laneside in Haslingden, Lancashire.  Anthony's brother William is still unmarried, a farmer, residing at Lower Cheesden Farm, in Norden, Rochdale, Lancashire in 1901.  William died in Haslingden in 1919 at the age of 81 years.

William Staveley was born in Woolton, Liverpool to parents William Staveley and Mary.  In 1840 William married Jane BAKER of Monmouth, Wales:

1841: High Street, Walton on the Hill, West Derby, Lancashire, England

LIPTON  Elizabeth  55  Shop Keeper  Born Outside Census County
STAVELEY  William  24  Coach M  Lancashire
STAVELEY  Jane  24    Born Outside Census County


A daughter Jane Staveley was born December 1, 1841 and christened in Liverpool the following year.  However, Jane died in Liverpool in 1842.  A son William was born in 1843 in Liverpool.  A daughter Mary Ann was born in Liverpool in 1845.  Then daughter Sarah Baker Staveley was born in St. Pancras, London in 1847, and christened at St. Thomas, Over Monnow, Monmouth on February 19, 1852. Thus far there are no other known children born to William and Jane.  William appears to have died sometime prior to the 1851 census.  By 1851 we find his widow Jane, and his two daughters residing in Monmouth, Wales.


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