Dore, Derbyshire

Pigot's Directory of Derbyshire (1828-9) describes Dore as "...pleasantly situated in a valley, and remarkable for its salubrity, which has occasioned it to be made a place of residence of many respectable inhabitants...the church is a handsome building, having a tower at the west end, terminated by a spire...a great number of edge tools, scythes, sickles, and other agricultural implements are made in this town and neighbourhood."

Based upon the records in the 1861 census there appears to be a Staveley family that resided, at least for a time, in Dore, Derbyshire.  Samuel Staveley, a Stone Mason by trade, appears to have been born July 5 1799 in Blackrod, Lancashire, to parents Francis Staveley and Sarah READ.  This is based upon Samuel's declared place of birth in 1861 as "Black Rod", and a parish register baptism entry located in 1799 at St. Katherine's church in Blackrod.

Derbyshire parish records suggest that Samuel Staveley and his wife Hannah OATES,  married on March 29 1824, and the following children were christened to parents Samuel and Hannah in Dore: 

Sarah Staveley b. September 27, 1818   Dore, Derbyshire
Mary Staveley b. September 23, 1821   Dore, Derbyshire
Thomas Staveley b. April 25, 1824   Dore, Derbyshire
Francis Staveley b. October 5, 1824 c. October 17, 1824 Dore, Derbyshire

John Staveley

b. December 06, 1825

c. March 26, 1826 Dore, Derbyshire
Thomas Staveley b. September 23, 1830 c. February 20, 1831 Dore, Derbyshire
Sarah Staveley b. 1833 (blind)   Dore, Derbyshire
Samuel Staveley b. 1836   Dore, Derbyshire


No birth/baptism record has yet been located for either daughter Sarah or son Samuel.  Samuel's first wife Hannah died at the age of 40 years, and was buried at Christ Church, Dore on December 12, 1839.

Samuel Staveley married his second wife, Mary MULLINS of Holmesfield, at St. John the Baptist, Dronfield, in 1840.  Samuel and Mary had moved to Norton by 1841.

Pigot's description of Dore above, is interesting to note, as Samuel's son Francis eventually became a "Scythe Maker", a trade strongly associated with this region of Derbyshire.  Francis is visiting the SHAW family in 1851 in Sheffield.

In 1861 the majority of this family is found living in Norton, Derbyshire, with the exception of son Francis who is residing in Beighton, and son John found living in Sheffield.


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